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Kullu Travel Guide

Kullu valley is one of the most attracting broad valleys in Himachal Pradesh which is formed by the Beas River and is bloomed with pine trees and deodar forests. The place is gifted with abundant nature’s beauty and many rock regions which make it more challenging yet interesting for trekkers.

As the great Himalayan region is very close to this place, it is does not only has been attracting trekkers but also many historians and devotees visit this place for its religious significance. So, here are some of the best places to visit the beautiful region of Kullu.

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best tourists places in Kullu

  • The Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • The Great Himalayan National Park
  • The Raghunath Temple
  • The Bhrigu Lake

The Bijli Mahadev Temple

Located at a hilltop with Beas river surrounding it, the breath-taking religious land where this temple of Bijli Mahadev is located is very popular among several tourists and especially if you like trekking then do make a stop right here. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Shiva Linga here was once broken into pieces by the lighting. It is said that the temple’s priest brought everything together by joining pieces with butter and thus it is very much renowned. The pleasant weather here with the lush greenery surrounding the temple makes this religious place more remarkable.

The Great Himalayan National Park

The national park is surrounded by the great Himalayan Hills and attractive scenic views which in the first place makes this place a must to visit region. Secondly the varieties of species found here is like a dream come true for all the wildlife lovers. The park houses more than 30 species of mammals and around 200 migratory birds are found here. Also, the region is rich in flora and fauna with massive oak trees and all the nature’s lovers out there will surely love this place.

The Raghunath Temple

The temple is famous for the historical belief of Lord Rama being connected to it and as it houses the powerful deity of Lord Raghunath and it is one of the main attractions here. The unique design of the beautiful temple traces to the Pahari style and the Pyramidal styles and all the unique carvings are found here. It is believed that the idol which is present here is the same one which was used by lord Rama and thus many Hindu pilgrims visit the holy shrine. Also, it has a great religious importance so know about the temples in detail by visiting the famous Hindu shrine.

The Bhrigu Lake

The lake is famous for the clear water and surrounding lush trees which make the atmosphere here absolutely pleasant and fresh. The unique feature of the lake is that you can visit it in any time of the year as it does not freeze even in the winters. Escape from the polluted air of the city and you can also camp near this lake in a perfect sunny day. Also, trekkers can enjoy trekking nearby the place and enjoy the true beauty of the nature.