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My name is Dev and I run a travel blog with the name of Footloose Dev ( I started my corporate career as a documentary film-maker in Birmingham, England. But soon, I realised that I wasn’t meant to live a corporate life.

In 2015, I finally quit my corporate career to travel around the world. Almost one year later, in January 2016, this travel blog happened, as a means to find a reason to keep travelling and as a source of income. And since then, I’ve been blogging and travelling full-time.

I have worked with brands like Germany Tourism, Singapore Airlines, Incredible India, Nissan Motors, Samsung, GoPro, Cathay Pacific Airlines and more. Publications like The Economic Times, The Statesman, Times of India, and others have also featured and written about me (

Other than my blog, I have nearly 50k followers on Youtube and nearly 70k organically grown followers on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter combined. I can be found everywhere with the same name: FOOTLOOSE DEV.

I also run a camping site and a backpacker hostel in Manali with the name of FootlooseCamps. Please check

I happened to travel on one of the luxury trains in India called the Golden Chariot during a blog trip with the Ministry of Tourism in India. As a team of 15 bloggers, representing 6 continents, we travelled from Karnataka to Goa. We visited some of the highlighted gems in the region.

Before the start of our journey, I was quite unsure about what to expect from it.
Being a frequent train-traveller in India, the entire idea of luxury train-travel felt a bit strange. But it turned out that travelling in The Golden Chariot was not just about experiencing luxury or exploring a few highlighted places, but experiencing a way of life — all with a touch of royalty.

This 7 day trip across Karnataka and Goa with a few fellow travel bloggers, respresting the entire world remains one of the most memorable trips for me.

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