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10 Amazing Solo Female Travel Destinations In India to Find Your Bliss

India is one place on your list that you always wanted to visit on your own since you were a kid. The attractive colors, spicy aromas, old temples, and beautiful scenery have been enticing you all this time.Not only is India a destination where a Solo Female Travel Destinations can have the most amazing experiences, but it is also a place that will stimulate you in a way you have never felt before.

So the first question is, where to start your grand adventure?

Here are the 10 solo female travel destinations in India that are safe, welcoming, and magical.

1. Rishikesh


Make this spiritual sanctuary near the sacred Ganges River the beginning of your everlasting love affair with India’s enchanting magic. It is stunning to watch the sunrise on the riverbanks where Hindu pilgrims conduct their ancient rituals and prayers.

Try a yoga or meditation class to rediscover yourself amidst months of preparations for such a long journey. While not in the ashram, the circular trails and suspension bridges surrounded by the wonderful Himalayan views will help clear your mind.

2. Amritsar


Head northwest to Punjab to truly experience the religious and hospitable Sikh community. Nothing can prepare you for the awe-inspiring white and devoted calmness of the Golden Temple.

Cover your hair, take off your shoes, and be prepared to receive a vegetarian meal offered by the community kitchen, which serves about 100,000 pilgrims every day. It will make you appreciate the goodness and kindness of humanity.

3. Udaipur


This romantic “City of Lakes” in Rajasthan, with its white havelis, fairy tale palaces, and winding ancient streets, feels plucked straight from a folk tale. Cruise across the tranquil waters on a boat tour as you listen to stories about the Rajput warrior heritage and classic views that inspired the poets and painters of bygone eras.

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4. Hampi


The rugged, ravine-slashed ruins of the medieval Vijayanagar Empire in Karnataka are a solo traveler’s dream. Rent a motorbike and spend days lost amidst the intricately carved temples, moss-covered sculptures of gods and goddesses, and giant boulders strewn across islands on the poetic Tungabhadra River basin. Camp under the starry desert skies for a memory you will never forget.

5. Leh


Ever dreamed of traversing the highest motorable pass in the world at over 18,000 feet? You’ll feel like you’re on Top of the World when you make the epic journey to Leh, the beautifully preserved former Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. Hike through lunar landscapes, ancient monasteries, and communities of resilient Tibetan nomads for a powerful lesson in humility and wonder.

6. Varkala


Need to dip your toes in the Arabian Sea and let Kerala’s relaxing coastal vibes wash over you? You have found the perfect spot in Varkala. The yoga capital of India, this laid-back beach town allows you to reconnect with your spiritual centers while also indulging in fresh seafood, boutique shopping, and blissful spa massages. Don’t miss the views from the soaring red cliffs.

7. Kolkata

Your soul will be awakened and senses overwhelmed in this passionate, artistic, and progressive West Bengali city. Let the bustling chaos, bright artists’ enclaves, powerful activism, and vibrant street foods of Kolkata seep into your bones. The crumbling colonial mansions, flower markets, and Mother Teresa sites are sure to linger in your memory forever.

8. Khajuraho


These famous erotic temples from the Chandela dynasty have been inspiring fantasies and artistic appreciation for centuries. But the carved deities depicted in intimate acts of passion are just the beginning. The sheer architectural majesty and detailed craftsmanship of these 10th-century marvels demonstrating life’s most primal act is simply jaw-dropping to witness in person.

9. Goa


One of my favorites in this list of 10 unforgettable solo female travel destinations in India is Goa. You have probably heard way too many stories about the infamous beach havens along the Arabian Sea. But you will quickly discover there’s so much more to this Portuguese-tinged territory than Full Moon Party hedonism. Wander through the pastel-hued Latin quarters, revel in the flavors of shrimp curry vindaloo, and sea kayak through mangroves in coastal waters.

10. Darjeeling


What better way to end your journey than with a hot “chai, chai” served amidst the wispy clouds, lush green terraces, and snow-capped Himalayan immortality of Darjeeling? The memories come rushing back as you gaze across this classic hill station’s mist-shrouded colonial bungalows and winding toy train tracks now inscribed as a World Heritage railway. You feel reborn.

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