Best Language Learning Courses With Certifications

Quarantine has taken a toll on us. Staying indoors may look like an easy task, but it is not. What better way to make your stay-in productive than learning a new language?

But are you unaware of how to start your new language learning journey? We will guide you through it.

Here are the best courses that we could find.

Rosetta Stone

Number of languages: 28

Rosetta Stone has long been considered one of the best options for new language learners. The service offers courses in up to 28 languages. They have lessons that you can complete each day. The easy-to-use interface and its classes incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening in one study.

Rosetta Stone boasts over 25 years of language learning experience. It has shown that everyone possesses the ability to read, write and speak a new language fluently with confidence. Rosetta Stone’s language learning program helps language learners thrive in real-world conversations.

It offers contextualized practices and feedback that encourages learners to speak the language from the first lesson. Rosetta Stone has designed their language learning via dynamic immersion that helps you to build your vocabulary and phrases that can be used in an everyday context.

Learn to speak any language with confidence by knowing common conversational phrases. Just knowing the words is not enough; you must be able to decipher and talk about the language in informal and everyday interactions. Pronunciation is key as well, so pronounce the right words at the right moment.

The first lesson comes with a patented speech recognition engine known as the TruAccent. You get to compare your voice with thousands of native speakers. You get real-time feedback from TruAccent® to fine-tune your accent.


Number of languages: 36

Duolingo offers its users a variety of lessons like listening exercises, multiple-choice questions, and flashcards that will help you to pick up and learn new words and phrases, and sentences. Most of the questions on the app have a common thread, and the users get to discuss these questions in detail. The service also comes with community features so you can connect with other people who are also learning the same language as you.

Duolingo is a language learning app that is great for kinesthetic learners. It may also be effective for reading/writing learners as many of the tasks involve translating sentences.

This has been the most sought-after language learning app in the market for the past few years. It has proven to be a serious competitor to other language learning apps. This service is supported both on Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, you can also sign up for Duolingo Plus as it removes ads and offers offline courses, amongst other perks. Duolingo is good for practising a language rather than learning, as per many experts.


Number of languages: 14

Want to challenge your language learning skills? Babbel will help you. Explore a new language and learn everything you need to be adept in a real-world conversation. The app has lessons on vocabulary to words to culture. All you need to do is give 10 minutes of your time every day.

A team of language learning experts created this app-based lesson. Hence is designed for learners of all levels. It has a relatively cheap and low subscription price.


Number of languages: 16 

If you can learn a language better with flashcards and repetitions, Memrise is the perfect app for you. It is not for those who want to learn a language from scratch but can be great for those who already have a foundation in language learning.


Number of languages: 12

Busuu does not offer a vast selection of courses like the other language learning apps, but the ones available are in-depth and informative. You can learn a new language from scratch for free. You receive official certificates and also get the opportunity to practice with native speakers and more.

Learning a language can take some time to invest in it if and when you have time to spare and are ready to learn it dedicatedly.

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