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Your A-Z guide for Patalsu Peak Trek

Are you a mountain enthusiast? Love adventures? Trek fanatic? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Himachal Pradesh is not less than heaven for you. The gorgeous state has plenty of trekking trails and routes with stunning views. One such popular trek is the Patalsu Peak trek located in Manali. You can explore various breathtaking views and enjoy trekking in one of the most popular places. 

Let’s find out more details about Patalsu Peak Trek

Location and introduction: Patalsu Peak Trek is located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh is 4200 meters tall peak for trekking considered an easy to moderate trek. It is located 20 km from Manali and 8 km from Solang valley. Tourists can witness stunning views of Hanuman Tibba peak, Kullu valley, and friendship peaks in the middle of snow-clad mountains. It’s a perfect Trek to explore during summer for beginners and moderate trekkers. The trekking starts from Rumus passing through Solang Nallah, the trail gets you through alpine forests of lush green atmosphere, birds chirping. You will explore nature in raw form at Patalsu Peak Trek. The trek will take through forests, mountains, rivers, steep inclines, moraines, and narrow ridges with a backdrop of breathtaking mountain views. 

Patalsu Peak Trek itinerary: 

Day 1 – You will arrive in Manali and take a drive to Solang valley. Spend your night here, relax, embracing the calming and fresh atmosphere. 

Day 2 –  Solang to Patalsu Summit camp or basecamp: Next day wake up with a fresh mind, have your breakfast or morning rituals, and get ready to trek around 6 km from Solang to Patalsu Summit camp at 10768 ft. Rest and enjoy the views, take pictures. You will begin your trek by crossing the Beas river, you need a pulley bridge as there is no bridge to cross the river. However, the concrete bridge is under construction which might be completed in some time. The trek from Solang to Patalsu summit will take 3-6 hours depending on the weather. After crossing the river, you will pass through a village alongside apple orchards. After 5 or 10 minutes, you will reach alpine forest trails. After 4 km of trekking, you will reach a clear space for 2 km, followed by other forest trails to reach the base camp.  You will not find water here, so make sure you carry enough water. 

Day 3 – Start early for 2kms of the trek with a steep incline on alpine meadows. After some time if trek you will reach Patalsu peak providing panoramic views of breathtaking mountains. One thing you need to know is here oxygen levels are low and no availability of water, so carry enough water. 

Day 4 –  Next day you will trek back from Patalsu to Solang.  You can either come back, rest, and start back to Manali the next day, or you can travel back to Manali the same day. Although, the moderate challenges of trekking might make you feel tired, so people prefer  Manali via Solang valley. 

Best time to visit Patalsu Peak Trek

The best time when you can trek for the Patalsu peak is from April to June and September to October, as the weather here is pleasant. Moreover, avoid the monsoon as much as possible because of heavy downpours. Summer is perfect for the Patalsu peak trek as oxygen levels are low on the final destination, during winters it will be a little difficult for you to trek. However, Some people plan to trek during winters to enjoy snow-clad mountains. 

The cost of the Patalsu peak trek 

The cost for the Patalsu peak trek might vary according to season. During peak season, the right might be high since a limited number of people are taken in group treks. On average, the cost per person may range between 4500 and 8500 INR. Depending on your tour organizer and guide, your trek facilities might vary. Quality of food, facilities, trek guide, experience, etc. can differentiate the price range. 

Essentials you need to carry for Patalsu peak trek 

The Patalsu peak trek is an easy to moderate difficulty trek, so you don’t need to carry hardcore trekking equipment. However, some basics are essential, as follows: 

  • The peak has a lack of water, so make sure you carry enough water. 
  • Moderate difficulty in peak might exhaust you, so carry a packet of glucose. 
  • Make sure you wear good quality trekking shoes. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing like t-shirts and comfortable bottom wear like trek pants or joggers. 
  • Carry some dry snacks such as dry fruits or chocolate bars for instant energy. 
  • Carry some essentials like a torch, battery, sunblock, cap, goggles, etc. 
  • Do not carry unnecessary items in your backpack, keep it as light as possible to ease your trekking. 

These are some basics you need to know, rest your trek organizer or guide will let you know if something you specifically need to carry for the Patalsu peak trek. 

To wrap up: the Patalsu Peak trek is one of the most sought after and popular treks in Himachal Pradesh. The above-stated guide can give deep insight into everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trek to Patalsu. Enjoy and make memories.

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