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Why these places should be added to your list while visiting Vijayawada?

A tour of Vijayawada- visit the commercial capital and explore the top 15 places here

Located on the banks of River Krishna, this beautiful city is surrounded by Indrakeeladri Hills and is considered to be one of the most scared lands on Andhra Pradesh. The city is not only famous for having some of the top institutes and educational sectors but is also very well renowned among tourists especially devotees because of the presence of Kanaka Durga Temple. There are also much more amazing places to visit here and to make a note of Vijayawada’s speciality is artworks and wood works. Also, if you ever want to explore the place do not forget to try the yummiest Rava Dosa available here. With that let’s get a detailed look on the top amazing tourist places in Vijayawada.

  1. The Kanaka Durga Temple– Well as mentioned before too, if you ever visit Andhra Pradesh it is a must to visit this ancient temple. The Hindu temple is dedicated for Goddess Durga and it is located on the Indrakeeladri hill. The temple is mentioned in several sacred texts and as per the belief the temple was constructed by Arjuna when he obtained the Pasupatha astra from Lord Shiva. The deity in the temple is considered as Swayambhu which means to be very powerful. As a result, the place is considered to be very sacred and many devotees visit this place.
  2. Gandhi Hill– The elevation of this hill is around 500ft and the Gandhi Memorial constructed here is very famous. It consists of 7 stupas and the stone slab here do consist of several quotations by Mahatma Gandhi. Tourists can also visit the library and planetarium present here. The peaceful atmosphere here along with good scenery for sight-seeing is a great source to spend your vacation awesomely.
  3. The Bapu Musuem– Also famously known as Victoria Jubilee Museum, this place is rich in some ancient artworks and sculptures that the Archaeological department of Andhra Pradesh has found. Several Buddhist artifacts which trace back to 2nd and 3rd centuries are present here and the entire Indo-European structure of the building is indeed remarkable. Created on 1887 this museum should be surely present on your list if you plan to visit Vijayawada ever.
  4. Hazratbal Mosque– The dazzling holy site is a place where thousands of people irrespective of their religion or caste visit to enjoy its beauty. The Prophet Mohammad’s relic here is only displayed once in the entire year and many devotees never forget to visit it. As per the belief the relic has the power to help you through all the stubborn problems in your life. Along with it, the beautiful architecture of the mosque and picturesque view attracts many visitors.
  5. Akkana Madanna cave temple– The temples present in this cave are very famous and are known for its attractive sculptures. They were carved in the 17th century but talking about the caves they trace back to 6th and 7th centuries. There is also one more cave present it which dates back to 2nd century and the best time to visit his place is between morning or late afternoon hours.
  6. Gunadala Matha Shrine– This is the St Mary’s Church and tourists will find an iron cross on the top of the hill. During the time of Gunadala Matha Festival the place gets very much crowded by the devotees and many Catholics as well people of other religion visit this holy place. There is also a museum present inside this church and many Holy relics from the ancient times are present here which describes the rich history of the church. Outside the church there are several stalls having artistic work pieces and ornaments along with food stalls.
  7. Besant road- The liveliest place of the city with some best restaurants with the yummiest food specially found in Andhra Pradesh is found in Besant road. Filled with fun this place has many food stalls and movie theatres and this place is also considered as the main source for entertainment. The street speaks the spirit of the city and you will find many attractive shops here to go shopping. From traditional clothing to all the modern wears and accessories anything and everything can be found here. So do visit the Besant road if you like busy trading centres with much liveliness in it.
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Park– Well for nature and animal lovers this would be a perfect place to visit in Vijayawada. There is a mini zoo created inside the park and the park is well maintained with full greenery in the surroundings. Also, there is a music show hosted by the park itself which you can enjoy if you visit this place. There will be realistic sculptures of pre-historic animals, mini-train service and beautiful fountain in the park so it’s a complete package of fun.
  9. Kondapalli Fort– Near Vijayawada this historical fort was built back in 14th century and was also used as military training base by the British. The fort has witnessed some big dynasties ruling the place and the rich history of the fort makes it more attractive. There is a Tanisha Mahal or Palace present here along with a deep reservoir near it. There is also an English cemetery here and many water tanks which were built in the ancient period. The main entrance to the fort is said to be made of single granite stone and is called as Dargha Darwaja. It is because of the dargah (tomb) of Gulab Shah who got killed here.
  10. Hinkar Thirtha– This Jain temple is one of the most famous ones and the entire Jain style architecture of the temple is very pleasant to watch. This temple is located in Mangalagiri Mountains and not only the temple but also, its surroundings is very beautiful. The worshippers from all around the world visit this sacred place and it is the largest place of Jian pilgrimage in the city. It is a perfect place to know about Jainism in Andhra Pradesh and it is also considered as the biggest Jain temple in Andhra Pradesh.
  11. The Moghalrajpuram caves– Located in Vijayawada these caves consist of 3 very well renowned temples. There are also 5 rock cut sanctuaries found here which traces back to 5th century AD. Tourists and devotees come here to worship Lord Ganesha, Nataraja and Ardanarisvara idols found here. Though the cave’s many parts are a bit ruined and some sculptures and structures are ruined too the religious significance of the caves are so rich that people get easily attracted to the place. Also, the carving of Ardhanariswara found here is said to be the earliest one found in Southern part of India.
  12. Mangalagiri– It is actually situated between Vijayawada and Guntur and is famous for the Laxmi Narsimha temple present here. It is said that the town is present since 225 B.C. and there are around 3 Narsimha Swamy temples here and along with that the Hinkar Thirtha Jain Temple is very close to this place. The Udavalli caves are also present here and these are primary source of tourists’ attraction to Mangalagiri. The rock architecture dates back to 4th-5th century and is located at the top of hills making it more attractive with the beautiful scenery surrounding it.
  13.  The Subramanya Swamy Temple– Dedicated to the Lord Kartikeya the temple is located on the foot of Indrakiladari Hills. Idols of Sri Dandayudhapani Swamy, Sri Valli Devayanai are all worshipped here. Devotees also find here a silver-coloured Garuda and an anthill where snakes lives and the worshippers worship them too faithfully. Surrounded by mountains, river and greenery there is a river named Kumaradhara at the temple gates. People usually take a dip in it before entering the temple. The temple is gaining much fame on the daily basis and the rich traditional architecture of the temple is the main reason behind it.
  14. The Amravati Archaeological Museum– The museum is near to Vijayawada and is famous for the modal of Amaravathi Mahachaitya present here. If you are interested in knowing abut the rich history if the city then do visit the museum as it consists of some of the greatest excavations ever made in the state of Andhra Pradesh. As there have been many sculptures and statues of Lord Buddha found in the nearby cities, you will get to see them in this museum. Along with that statues of Goddess Tara and Bodhisattva Padmapani is also found. The museum will be closed on Fridays and it remains opened on other days from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  15. VMC Disney land– A perfect place to have fun if you visit Vijayawada during summer. The water park is visited highly by tourists and it has so many rides perfectly suiting the kids as well as the adults. The wave pool, big slides, water rides for kids, and snacks served make this water park one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in the town. There are also separate swimming pools for kids and adults suiting the respective age groups remarkably.

These were some of the highly visited tourists spots in Vijayawada and to be honest Vijayawada serves the best to its tourists. So, if you plan to visit the beautiful city then do not miss these amazing places having its own significance and richness.

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