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Want to go on an amazing vacation? Here’s why Balasinor is a perfect spot for you!

The land of dinosaurs is rich in these 5 places that you should know about

This city which is considered to be the land of dinosaurs has been renowned worldwide for several well-preserved Dinosaurs remainings, bones and eggs are found here. This region of Gujarat has the well suitable moist sand which makes the hatching of eggs as well as protecting them easy so almost 13 different species of Dinosaurs bones were found here. Many of them have been transferred to the museum in Kolkata and you can find some here along with other amazing tourist places here to visit.

  1. Balasinor Dinosaur museum– Palaeontologists found several Dinosaur remaining especially bones of different species and the as per the records there were more than 13 species of Dinosaurs living at the place 65 million years. Most of them were carnivorous and the fossil park tells everything about them with their lively statues. The museum consists of 10 galleries in the basement and there is also a 3D film on Rajasaurus Narmadensis, a dinosaur specie found here. There are around 40 sculptures that takes us back to 65 million years back where these Dinosaurs used to rule the lands of Balasinor.
  2. The Garden Palace– It’s the residence of the Royal family of Balasinor and was constructed in 1883. The beautiful palace was built by HH Nawab Mohammad Munnawar Khanji Babi and is surrounded with lush greenery. Now the place is converted into Heritage Hotel and it is run by the royal princess Aliya Sultana Babi. The hotel is famous for its unique royal service, finest cuisines, gorgeous rooms to stay and relax, and is a perfect place to spend your vacation in a most comfortable way.
  3. Sudershan Lake– A major tourist attracting spot and this historical spot has been famous for the rock edict of Rudradaman at Junagadh. As per the belief this was inscribed in 150 CE and provides all the details of the beautiful Sudershan Lake. It was constructed by Mauryan emperors but later the place was repaired by Mahakshtrap Rudradaman as per the Sanskrit inscriptions found on the Sudershan Lake. Well, the place is also blessed with beautiful picturesque view. Surrounded with filled greenery the clear water of the lake is indeed candy to eyes.
  4. Kedareshwar Mahadev temple– The ancient temple which is also a famous Hindu shrine is located in the hilly region of Balasinor town. If you visit the Dinosaur museum mentioned before, then the place of Kedareshwar Mahadev Temple is only 15 km away so you can easily reach the place. The architecture of the temple is very much outstanding and the intricate carvings on the temple is just breath-taking. Located in a beautiful neighbourhood this place is visited by many devotees and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.  If you visit the place in the month of Shravan then the place will be very crowded by the worshippers.
  5. Timba Tuva– The hot spring is famous for having medicinal properties in it and as per the belief the Pandavas stayed her for some time. This is the place where Bhima got married to Hadimba and here is a wedding Mandap too. There are footprints of Bhima found here. 

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