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Vadodara- The Sanskari Nagar (cultural city) of India with many religious spots to explore

Discover the richness of Vadodara by discovering the top 4 best places found here

As the name goes Vadodara is indeed a culturally rich region with some of the finest artworks and handmade things found here. It is also known as Baroda and is the 3rd hugest city of Gujarat and as the city is located on the banks of Vishwa Mitri river which for sure makes the city more beautiful. Also, one more thing famous here is the huge Banyan tree which massively covers the region of Vadodara. Here are some of the amazing tourists spot to visit here.

  1. The Laxmi Vilas Palace– The remarkable architecture was constructed in 1890 and was used to be a private house of the King Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III and the palace stands massively covering an area of 700 acres of land. The Laxmi Vilas Palace is built in Indo-Saracenic style and presently the royal family of Vadodara reside here. Also, some parts of the palace are constructed in a style of Gothic, Mughal and a bit of Hindu style with huge domes and arches carved here. Now the museum present here has a huge collection of paintings of Maharajas who ruled the region along with other things.
  2. The Champaner– The city is a very renowned as a historical city and is also one of the declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites from the others in the list. The beautiful archaeological park is covered with pleasant atmosphere as the region is surrounded by the Pavagadh hills. The Archaeological Park is known for the mythological significance and the majestic architecture of the place is indeed remarkable. The notable structure is constructed by combining the style of both the Islamic and Hindu styles. Well talking about the historical significance of the region it is believed that the Pavagadh hill was carried by Lord Hanuman from Himalayas to here.  
  3. The Sursagar lake– The beautiful lake which gives a clear view of the nature’s spectacular beauty is indeed something favourable for eyes and to enjoy. Well, you can also enjoy the boating facilities here especially during the sunset time is for sure candy to eyes. Also, many devotees are simply in love with the place as there is huge 120-foot statue which is constructed in dedication of Lord Shiva nearby the lake. A perfect place for relaxing and for enjoying the sunrise and sunset here and also kids to love this place so do try visiting the place.

Sardar Patel Planetarium– The awesome planetarium which shows some of the best video clips of stars and planets which also is very much helpful to gain a deep knowledge of it is right here in Vadodara. Also, the pleasant sound running in background is so much real that it makes you feel that as if you are in real traveling in the space. Also, if you are interested in astronomy then do visit the place as you can know about it in English and Guajarati in depth. So, know about outer space, solar system and much more that you want to know right here in the Sardar Patel Planetarium.

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