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Traveling advice all solo female travelers need to know

Solo traveling is like every traveler’s dream; often, females contemplate solo traveling due to safety. The most common question comes out to be what places are safe and what aren’t, and how do you keep yourself away from stranger danger when in another city. Safety issues for solo travelers are natural, but it is a lot more necessary when it comes to females. We have listed a few tips that female solo travelers can follow for safe and smooth traveling. 

Are you traveling solo? You need to watch out this space for your next holiday planning. 

Here few tips that will help you travel safe and make the most out of it: 

Research! Research! Research:

It’s easy to get inspired by books, movies, or songs to travel somewhere solo, but without any research, it might be dangerous, especially if it’s your first time. Wherever you want to travel, make sure you research about your destination thoroughly, know all the dos and don’ts. It will help you plan easily and travel safely. Read books, real accounts, ask on open discussion forums about the place or get feedback from someone who traveled there recently. As a female solo traveler, it is better to ask a solo female traveler; that will help you understand what precautions you need to take.

Pay attention to your surroundings:

No! It doesn’t mean you have to be stiff and cautious and not enjoy yourself; just some awareness will help you. Many solo travelers are often seen saying don’t look at fellow strangers or don’t pay attention to others, just be yourself, but this can’t be said for female solo travelers. Little awareness about your surroundings will help you protect yourself if you catch any strange things. If you see someone walking behind you for a few minutes, walk into a nearby store and see what they do. Noticing these things will stay safe from stranger danger.

Leave your passport behind:

If you have a habit of carrying your passport or another essential travel document with you, then you need to change this. Make a copy of everything and leave original ones in your backpack in the room. It will help you in case you get robbed or your purse gets stolen or lost. You will have your originals back in the room. 

Talk! Talk! Talk!:

The more people you will talk with, the more you’ll feel safe and comfortable with your environment. Talk to someone at your hotel; it can be a receptionist, the person serving you food or guard, or anyone. The more people you know, the more they will look out for you. However, talking doesn’t mean you’ll not keep an eye on them or watch their behavior; awareness will always help. 

Don’t Overshare:

When we talk to strangers, they say it’s easy to let out your emotions of things you usually don’t say. What we don’t realize is that sharing some crucial information might lead to dangerous turns. Always be aware of what you’re sharing when you travel solo. 

Join female solo travelers groups:

Several groups across social media where solo female travelers share experiences; join these groups on any platform you feel like. Read their experience and share your queries; it might help you with what you don’t know. Moreover, if you’re traveling to a place where one of the members lives, it will be even more helpful. 

Use taxis and road shares safely:

When using taxis or other transportation during solo traveling, always send your taxi number to someone, keep your navigation system on, watch out where you want to go and where your driver is taking you. You can also be on call with someone; it will prevent anything wrong coming. 

Use your phone appropriately:

your phone has tons of pictures, you cannot lose it in another known city. There, take care of your mobile phone, keep it hidden or safe. You can put it inside your jacket or jeans instead of a handbag, so in case your bag gets stolen, you’ll have your phone.

Final Thoughts:

Travelling solo is an amazing detox therapy, but one needs to be cautious, aware of surroundings, and take care of small things. It will help you travel without hassle and worries.

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