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Travel And Mental Health In 2021

Unravel with Travel

Indisputably one of the favorites, forms of relaxing and rejuvenating is by going on a vacation.

From children to adults, who don’t love to go to the beaches with its lusty rippling waves, gorges with lush green pastures, or a place of historical significance or the snow-capped mountains inviting you to their virgin peaks.

Now in our generation of a booming population and dooming mental constitution, the world’s attention has been drawn to the importance of looking after our psychological health.

However, out of all prevailing treatments such as  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT ), Prescription medicines such as SSRI ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ),  or what we popularly refer to as antidepressants, the most primitive form of sovereign remedy for an illness was regarded as traveling. 

A change of environment leaving our hectic everyday routine has been proven beneficial for mental well-being.

Let’s dive into a bit of Mental Health Awareness and some of the common disorders.


It is one of the most common psychological issues found in teens to adults all over the world. Its symptoms include feeling hopeless, unworthy, melancholic on a chronic basis, and suicidal ideations which can result in suicide itself.

It is divided into several categories such as Major Depressive disorder, Persistent depressive disorder, seasonal depressive disorder, etc. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ( OCD ) 

Trust me when I say this is perhaps the most vastly misunderstood mental health condition.

It is not about being a “clean freak,” or “too organised,” and “ extra cautious.” 

People who live with it are fighting an uphill battle with their consciousness, continuously imposing obsessions and compulsions on them.

It is an anxiety-ridden cycle of intrusive thoughts stymieing our daily tasks and thought processes until we give in to our compulsions, which evanescently relieve our anxiety.

Acting on a compulsion reinforces itself as a relieving method and fortifies itself into our minds with passing time.

Obsessions can range from thoughts of harm, agitating ideas,  fear of contamination, etc

Compulsions can range from the excessive seeking of reassurance, constantly checking, cleaning, washing, mental rituals, etc.

And the stigma of being a “clean freak” is very disquieting when OCD is far worse and different from the mainstream belief.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) 

Suffering from this disorder is a nightmare, quite literally in this case. The individual tends to evade any potential trigger which reminds them of a physically or emotionally traumatic situation. 

Talking about it can be triggering in itself, hence the reluctance to seek help for these conditions.

Upon .visual, auditory, tactile, or olfactory stimulation, the person may be catapulted to an emotional breakdown which manifests as physical symptoms such as excessive tremors, sweating, rapid heartbeat breathlessness.


It is characterized by extreme agitation and tension. It often appears as a by-product of other psychological disorders. 

Side note

If you have or are suffering from these or any other psychological issues, please know that you’re a valid individual irrespective of your standing and differences in life. You deserve to have a good life, and you’re a very good person. Don’t inculpate yourself even when you know deep down that it isn’t your fault. Let go of fear, get your desires, and finally, love yourself.

With the covid pandemic heavily impacting our lives, the rate of mental health issues has exacerbated a lot; hence it is even more critical for you to look after yourself and your loved ones. 

How Travel Helps The Mind – Benefits 

Travelling is conducive to Creativity

 Ever felt at a loss for words before a deadline? 

Or has the lack of inspiration drained your artistic self? Leaving you with a melancholy canvas and a fuzzy mind. Then one of the schemes to attend to this disorder is to take a few days off.

And I mean off the comfort of your home, far into an unexplored new foreign place to rejuvenate your senses. 

Provides you with clarity and peace

 What’s more pacifying than the warm beaches with their rippling waves, the fleeting shades of the sky, the lush, lusty verdure, the snow-capped mountains are inviting you to their virgin peaks. 

Just a cup of coffee with such a heavenly spectacle from your hotel room feels ethereal, doesn’t it? 

Unclog your mind filled with everyday clutter with a trip to your favourite destination waiting on your bucket list.

It is empowering and builds your sense of self. 

In an unknown place, you can relish your anonymity to the fullest. Not only can you adorn yourself the way you want, but also live precisely how you will choose to. 

The reins of your life are in your hands only, and the freedom of exploring a new place all by yourself is thrilling as well as enriching. 

Widens the horizon of your knowledge and experience, which gives a boost to your self-confidence- 

You ever bragged of your intimate knowledge of Haute Couture when you returned from your recent trip to France? 

The hype you receive after returning from such a trip and disclosing the details of your adventure indeed makes you feel no less than a red carpet celebrity. 

With a new destination comes the opportunity of garnering knowledge about a formerly unfamiliar culture, historical significance, music, and native delicacies of the region. 

Your day-to-day interaction with the locals helps you to be cognizant of their traditional values. 

After all, as Hans Christian Andersen rightly said 

To roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.” 

We should all experience the joy of exploring the world around us.

Prepares you to deal with your life with full strength and determination 

After a luxurious sojourn, your will to work is replenished, your outlook towards life’s challenges is positive, and your attitude towards yourself is more loving. It feels like a rebirth.

With your newfound wisdom and happiness, you can get a head start in your career and your personal life with full vigor and vitality.

Precautions to take 

Most of the travel and tourism groups and hotels have implemented covid 19 safety measures. However, it is imperative to survey every lodging and its safety measures to ensure a healthy and prudent trip for yourself.

Always wear a surgical mask and carry a sanitizer.


So, if you want the chance to spend quality time with yourself or others away from the conundrum of routine lifestyle, then pack your bags and get set go! 

All you need to do is book a ticket, a hotel, stash in some money, take your bags and, of course, masks and let the adventure ahead heal your health!

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