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Top-Notch Unusual Hotels Around The World

The decision on where to stay clearly directs where you need to go. The competition is growing at a pacing rate & it gets harder with the passing time. There are other types of hotels that are turning out to be more audacious, unconventional and are found to be in more unrealistic areas. 

There isn’t any deficiency of travellers to these hotels. Some even prefer to see them in order to gain trust in them. No matter if it’s Sri Lankan eco-stop or Berlin’s Propeller Island, these unusual hotels are found at any place you want. 

The intriguing part about these hotels is the creativity that many usual hotels seem to lack. While others are focusing on amplifying the look and feel of mortar blocks, these hotels are the crafts of an architect that can bring the next level of innovation. You can find them starting from up in the trees and submerged deep into the water. The mere design of the architect’s work and creative approach is what makes them attractive for travellers. 

Below mentioned is the list of top-class hotels that are preferred by voyagers: 

1. Crane Hotel In Amsterdam

You can find this hotel at the beginning of the Amsterdam Noord, having marvellous city views. This three-suite property is designed in a converted crane, and its creativity is enough to leave you in awe. It’s great in case you’re searching for something elective. However, we recommend you to skip this inn if there is some problem of dizziness. Still, the property has a lot to explore and enjoy the stay all along. 

2. Palacio De Sal In Bolivia 

Also referred to as a salt place, this hotel is on the salt flats of Uyuni. Going by the name, the hotel is built from salt. You can see the salt being used in most of the exterior as well as interior furnishing. A bag hall, bar, rooms, washrooms, heating devices, electricity, etc., are huge amenities accompanying the place. Do not forget to try salt chicken during your stay there. 

3. Ariau Amazon Towers In Brazil 

It is a climate-friendly retreat encircled by astonishing birds and shrieking primates. It is created on high Amazon treetops. Rooms have private balconies to wonder about the world’s biggest tropical timberland forest. Explore treetop pools, eateries, bars, and five miles of covering skimming walkways. 

4. The Caves In Jamaica 

It is situated in a dazzling cliffside area in Negril. There are 12 differently designed lodges set in the wilderness at the highest point of the cliffs. The actual caves are preferred for private candle-lit feasting, and you’re going to love the mesmerizing appeal the place offers. 

5. Hurawalhi, Maldives 

Hurawalhi is encompassed with delicate sand seashores bordered by sea blue waters. It is the astounding underwater cafe that separates this one. We bet you won’t avoid getting a snap here during your stay here. 

6. Nonconformist Spheres In Canada 

It is located among the forest of the west-coast rainforest on Vancouver Island. These are UFO-like circles created using cedar manually. Along with cedar, Sitka Spruce, and fiberglass are some other materials used in the construction of these cabins. Highly preferred by youth, the place can be found having heavy/tight ropes carrying these cabins. Enjoy an awesome sleep with the breeze and a restful atmosphere. 

7. Giraffe Manor In Kenya 

The Giraffe Manor is one of the most notable structures of Nairobi. It was created in 1930 while European visitors came here to explore and appreciate safaris. The most entrancing thing about the rich property is the group of well-disposed occupant Rothschild giraffes that live here. You can find the Giraffe popping your neck in the window while having a meal. It is a must-visit place for everyone who wants to explore something unexpected during their stay. 

8. Kakslauttanen Hotel In Finland 

Hotel Kakslauttanen can be considered as a home to mind-boggling igloos along with the northern lights and brilliant sky. The inn is open during the Aurora Borealis season, from August until April end. 

9. The Lifeguard Hotel In Israel

Created using a large colorful tower, the Lifeguard hotel is located on Frishman Beach. The hotel is transformed into a luxury suite. You will be greeted with a decorated room, a bathtub, a relaxing atmosphere, and sea views. Explore the scenic beauty concept in Jerusalem’s Old City. 

10. Invalid Stern Hotel In Switzerland

These are outdoor lodgings with open-air experience and do not restrict to any walls. Explore the extravagance while camping in the lap of nature. It is located in the Swiss Alps, having an alone bed with linens. Although it opens seasonally for travelers, it provides a whole camping experience and is a must-visit place for every traveler out there. 

We hope our suggested hotels allow you to explore creative beauty with a natural touch. Happy and safe traveling!!

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