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Top 9 Interesting Things To Do In Matira Beach

There is nothing quite like the fascinating beauty of Bora Bora, located in French Polynesia. It lies in the northwest of Tahiti. It has shiny white sand and a blue bay next to coral relief. It is turning it into a dream spot for travellers, mainly couples. 

You can do many things in Matira Beach besides seeing a natural beauty. This place attracts visitors of all ages, groups, and interests here. Furthermore, it is a famous honeymoon terminus. Let’s find 9 interesting things to do in Matira Beach in this blog.

Matira Beach

Matira beach is one of the world’s most famous and beautiful beaches. At Bora Bora’s southern tip lies this mile-long stretch of fine white sand beach.

And Matira beach is the only public beach on the island that is valuable to visit and is free for everyone. Fine white sand slopes gently into a shallow, warm lagoon ideal for swimming and snorkelling. 

No sharp corals are on the bottom, so the sea is flat and sandy. It is an ideal place to bring the children for a romp in the quiet and warm water. It can also be waived from Matira point to barrier relief during the low tide. This is because the water is very shallow in Matira beach.

Experience the off-road thrill in a 4×4 Jeep

Jeep safari

Jeep tours are perfect if you love adventure and wish to meet unique nature and abundant wildlife.

A Jeep safari offers a day or two of exploration in some of the world’s most beautiful terrains off the beaten track (and often in the mountains). 

The island offers everything from a half-day tour offering a quick recap of the best spots across the island to all-inclusive adventures. A few hours on a jet ski or a boat are also included, so there’s something for everyone.

Get a chance toTaste Poisson Cru

Taste Poisson Cru

This is one of the most popular classic Tahitian dishes in Bora Bora. It is raw fish marinated in fresh coconut milk and lime juice. It tastes exotic and will take your trip to the next level. Therefore, it is one of the things you can do in Tahiti Bora Bora.

Vaitape’s black pearls

According to legends, travellers will fall ill with black fever. Their quest was to acquire the famous buffed black pearls from these waters. The lagoons of French Polynesia are home to indigenous pearl farmers who have cultivated these mystical gemstones for centuries. You can buy these black beauties at local stores in Vaitape, the central town of Bora Bora.

When you carry these bewitched stones back, watch out for any beset spirits. This is one of the favourite things you can do in Matira beach.

An underwater safari awaits you

underwater safari awaits

This two-to-three-hour tour includes 30 minutes spent wearing a state-of-the-art underwater helmet. If you are visiting Matira beach in Bora Bora, then you must enjoy the underwater safari. This is especially for those who wish to get up personal and claws with the beautiful sea life.

In the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon, you’ll find rays, (friendly) sharks, schools of fish, and other marine life on this safari led by expert guides. In addition, you will also get to learn about the unique local ecology in Matira Beach.

This Aqua Safari is ideal for visitors of all ages. It is a unique and special way to enjoy the magic of Bora Bora.

Drive about the unique circle of Island Road

Drive about the unique circle of Island Road

The Circle Island Road takes you on a scenic journey around Bora Bora. This 20-mile (32 km) driving trip coils around the island’s border, offering lovely lagoon and ocean views. Remember to watch roadside stops where you can marvel at the view and snap some beautiful clicks. And, make sure to halt in the towns of Farepiti, Faanui, and Anau along the path.

Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu

Located in the centre of Bora Bora, Mount Otemanu stands majestically with its steep slopes painted with volcanic ash.

A boat ride around the surrounding waters offers great views of Mount Otemanu.

In addition, you can enjoy the vast spaces of the cliff by going on a challenging hike. It is always a good idea to take an experienced guide for these treks since they are difficult.

Get a chance to watch whales

Get a chance to watch whales

Suppose you are planning to visit Bora Bora between July and November, then it is a great idea. Because there is a good chance you will be able to see humpback whales since they shift via the area during that time of the year.

It is a truly unique side these gentle giants are joined to observe as they play and breach in the water. You can go whale watching while visiting Bora Bora in several different ways. You can watch them from the coast, on a public or private boat, or even on a copter ride. It does not matter how you do it but make sure to add this list of mother spirit looks to your list of things to do in Matira Beach in Bora Bora.

Bungalow over the water

The trip is not completed without visiting the world-famous overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora. The homes are hard-crafted from pandanus palm and other hardwoods.

This hotel has balconies tending the underlying lagoon, giving you a great ocean view. And, nothing is more exciting than diving straight into the royal blue waters below your terrace.

Moreover, with glass floors in the overwater bungalows, you can marvel at the beautiful marks on the fish below.

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