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Top 8 National Parks in Oregon

Oregon is a state in the US that is located in the Pacific northwest. It is bordered by Washington in the North, California in the South and Idaho in the east with the Pacific Ocean in the west. It is famous for its landscapes that are found in a wide range, which includes. Coast line, Mountain peaks, fertile valleys and dense forest. The National park in Oregon is one of the best parks that one can visit and enjoy the views of those parks.

Oregon proves to be the best place for any tourist or individual to visit. It offers sightseeing, scenic views, mountains and hills, and diverse landscapes. Here one can enjoy the outdoor activities like fishing, camping, skiing, etc. Oregano is also known for its economy that includes education, health facilities and technology. Below mentioned are the top 10 best National Parks in Oregon that one must visit to enjoy the beautiful scenic view-

1. Crater Lake national park

Crater Lake national park

Although Oregon has only one national park, it does not lack any beauty.The Oregon national park provides the best scenic view that everybody would love to see. Crater lake national park is known for having the deepest and clearest Lake in the world. Here you will be amazed by the cloudless sky, mountains and lakes, islands and forests as well. Also to see how much the lake seems clear, you must try boating. One of the best places one should stop by.

2. Valley of the rogue river state park

Valley of the rogue river state park

This river is well known for its beauty and flowing water, located in the southwest corner of the state. This valley is famous for its bumpy and rocky scenic view that leaves everyone awe-struck. For your amazement, People have been living along the river for almost 8,500 years but the most famous thing about it comes from Author Zane Grey’s book about the westlife frontier. This place will give you the insights of the history of the place. To get the full experience of the rogue river is to go rafting.

3. Marys peak scenic botanical area

Marys peak scenic botanical area

This place was once a home to the huge trees but decreased due to the lots of logging. To enjoy the scenic view of the botanical area go for the East Ridge train to Meadow edge trail and from there to Summit trail where you will get to see the most beautiful wildflowers and cloves. You will also find that more than 200 species of flowers have been identified in the Marys Peak. The flower lovers will absolutely love the view and scenic view of this area.

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4. Ecola State park

Ecola State park

The moment you enter the park, you will be amazed by the beauty that it has to deliver to its tourists. From the entrance to the middle, you will find the grassy type forest making it look very bushy and a scenic view point., you may also get to see the pacific ocean view point as well. Ecola State Park is one of the highlights of the coastal park.

5. Oregon Dunes national recreational park

Oregon Dunes national recreational park

Oregon dunes is one of the special places that anyone can visit. This place can be one of your adventurous places that you might have ever been to. From tree islands to open dunes and wetlands and beaches, you may also find a place which is off highway, where you can go for picnic, hiking, paddling or even wildlife viewing. This place is wholesome for all the tourists to enjoy the outdoor activity and scenic view, both in the same place.

6. Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park

Although the place is famous for its greenery, the colorful shade of red,orange and yellow hues makes it more wonderful and serves as a most beautiful scenic view to the Smith Rock State Park. This place is also famous among the climbers and people who love to climb the rocks. Also smith rocks have hundreds of routes which are easy and difficult based on the path the person chooses, here you can also go with the tourist guide to explore the place and enjoy the scenery.

7. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

This place is famous for the record of perseverance of the plants and animals evolution and the climate change. Though the place is very colorful to the eyes, it is hidden beneath the landscape. It is one of the richest fossil monuments that you can visit and learn about history.

8. Hells canyon national recreation area

Hells canyon national recreation area

If you enjoy rafting then this place might be the stop for you but make sure to go with the river guide as this river is the deepest river in Canyon. Though this place ought to be avoided , recreation has made it somewhat easy to go for white- river rafting, boating or fishing also.

There are many places that you can visit in Oregon like Silver Falls State Park or Wallowa Lake State Park but the above mentioned places are worth the try to enjoy the scenic views and enjoy the wildlife or forest life as well.

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