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Top 5 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Arkansas

Arkansas is a vastly underrated state when it comes to natural beauty. Nestled in the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, The Natural State is home to over 9,700 miles of rushing rivers and streams that cascade over bluffs and pour through hollows. This intricate web of waterways features hundreds of spectacular waterfalls in Arkansas just waiting to be discovered. 

If you’re ready to explore the beauty of Arkansas waterfalls,

These five picks of waterfalls in Arkansas are some of the very best the state has to offer.

1. Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls

Waterfalls in Arkansas

The star of the Arkansas waterfalls scene is undoubtedly Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls. At 209 feet tall, it is by far the tallest waterfall between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. The sheer size and power of this plume is jaw-dropping!

Located within the Hemmed-In-Hollow recreation area deep in the Ozark National Forest, a hike along the winding Falls Branch Trail leads right to the base of this monster waterfall. 

Standing below as the cascade drops the length of two football fields right in front of you will leave a lasting impression. 

Bring a tent and sleeping bags to experience camping in Arkansas with waterfalls at its finest. 17 campsites dot the recreation area for an unforgettable night in the hollow sleeping to the soothing sounds of nature’s water feature.  

Glory Hole Falls

Glory Hole Falls

Tucked away on Leatherwood Creek within the lush Ozark National Forest, Glory Hole Falls is coined for its unique “plughole” formation that’s created as the creek pours through a small opening eroded in the rocky overhang.

A moderate 1.2-mile hike along the Ozark Highlands Trail leads through young hardwood forest flush with spring wildflowers before reaching the falls and a small plunge pool at its base – perfect for taking a brisk swim! 

Nearby Steel Creek campground has 20 primitive campsites for pitching a tent after a day spent waterfalling at Glory Hole.

3. Falling Water Falls

Falling Water Falls

Multiple cascades collectively known as Falling Water Creek Falls make up one of the tallest and most remote waterfalls in Arkansas, dropping over 100 feet combined in a slender series of ribbons through the Ozark National Forest. Reaching the falls requires dedication – an 8-mile roundtrip backpacking trek along the Ozark Highlands Trail leads to where Falling Water Creek tumbles gloriously over the bluffline.

Since their remote location prohibits easy access for day trips, plan on backpacking in and camping at The Narrows campsite strategically located right at the base of the falls. Spend a night immersed in the true solitude of nature highlighted by the mesmerizing cascade just steps from your tent.

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4. Lost Valley Trail

Situated within Buffalo National River, Lost Valley Falls has fascinated visitors for over a century since its rediscovery in the 1870s. This wide 60-foot plunge marks where Clark Creek spills over a bluff line and cuts through the valley floor below. 

A moderately strenuous 2.2-mile out-and-back hike from the Lost Valley trailhead leads through wild cave passages before reaching the powerful cascade. 

With a permit, hiking tents can be set up to experience Arkansas waterfall camping surrounded by lush ferns with Lost Valley’s roaring waters lulling you to sleep. Or opt to post up at one of Buffalo Point’s 13 campsites complete with picnic tables, fire grates, and vault toilets.

5. Big Bluff Falls 

Big Bluff Falls 

Rounding out our picks for the best waterfalls in Arkansas is the remote and rugged Big Bluff Falls. 

Nestled deep within the Irish Wilderness of Ozark National Forest, few who venture down the Goat Trail to the Current River ever make it to this hidden 550-foot fall. 

Checking Big Bluff Falls off your bucket list requires dedication – an 8-mile roundtrip hike leads from the Ozark Trailhead with stream crossings along the winding path. But those up for the challenge are rewarded with million-dollar views and a true sense of solitude.  

Backcountry camping is allowed in the area, just be sure to pack out everything you bring in to preserve the pristine wilderness surrounding marvelous Big Bluff Falls.

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