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Top 5 guaranteed entertaining places in the city of Gandhinagar

Why these places make Gandhinagar more surprising to the tourists?

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River the remarkable city of Gandhinagar is famous for some of the greatest visited tourists places in Gujarat. The city is a planned city and is famous for the Akshardham temple located here. As Gujarat is the birth place of father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat wanted to always plan a city and this city was built to dedicate to Mahatma Gandhi. So here are some of the mostly visited amazing tourists spot which increases the beauty of Gandhinagar in total.

  1. The Akshardham temple– As mentioned before the city is famous for the presence of the temple here and the temple is a Hindu shrine which was constructed by BAPS. They are one of the renowned Swaminarayan Sanstha and the temple is built for dedicating it to Lord Swaminarayan. The temple’s huge construction was completed in October 30th, 1992. Sandstone from Rajasthan was imported for its construction to make the massive pink structure with beautiful architecture more unique and indeed it is pleasant to eyes. The temple is located in lush greenery make the surroundings a perfect spot for picnic and to enjoy nature’s beauty.
  2. Children’s Park– Well as the name goes the park is made for children to have fun and also perfect suits the adults too. There is a mini train, lush greenery and many food stalls with boating available. The park is visited by many people in mornings and evenings for strolls and bike rides and it’s a beautiful place to sit comfortably and relax and to enjoy the nature’s beauty.
  3. The Puneet Van– The forest is considered to be very sacred and indeed the botanical garden should be added to your list. Tourists find here more than 3500 trees and plants each having its own use and beauty. Each and every plant here plays a significant role in the Hindu mythology and are considered to be very religious. Every plant here is given its own name tag and the names are taken from stars and zodiac signs. They all have their unique astrological importance which is believed and followed by many who visit the place.
  4. The Trimandir– The massive spectacular temple covers the area of around 40000 sq ft and this place in Gandhinagar is very much famous among people who follow Jainism, Shaivism and Vaishnavism. Several idols of God and Goddesses of Hindu mythology are worshipped here by many devotees who visit this sacred land. There is a beautify garden with a small fountain surrounding it and in the premises of the temple there are museums and theatres present here.
  5. Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park– The 400-hectare amazing park which is considered to be the second largest dinosaur-egg hatchery in the entire globe is famous for having skeletons many huge animals. There is a botanical garden here and several equipments for camping can be found here easily too. So, if you are a wildlife lover and loves to know about animals in detail then do not forget to visit this place in Gujarat.

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