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Top 20 must-visit caves in North America

Are you looking for something incredible to explore in North America? Well! Caves are the best solution. 

For travel enthusiasts, nothing can satisfy the urge more than exploring some beautiful places. Caves are one of the most beautiful and incredible creations of nature. From uncut natural rocks, the awestruck pattern formed by them in remarkable shapes is something you cannot miss. North America has some of the most stunning states such as Alaska, Hawai, etc that offers one of its kind experiences. Similarly, there are tons of natural and exotic caves in North America that you can explore. 

Have a look at the list of top 20 caves in North America- 

1. Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Caves located in Brownsville, Kentucky have a series of caves that are known as the longest in the world. One of the most remarkable caves spanning over 400 miles has various ways to explore the most special cave systems on the planet. 

2. Carlsbad Caverns

The beautiful caves in Eddy county, New Mexico are 250 million years old. The caves serve as coastline for the inland sea with Permian reef structures that look exotic. Throughout the year, tourists can explore the sky parties, and bat flying viewing programs organised by parks where caves are located. 

3. Wind Cave

Wind Cave is located in Wind Cave National park, Hot springs in South Dakota. One of the longest caves in the world, the Wind cave is named after barometric winds at the entrance. Tourists can explore the unique and mysterious rock formations, tight passages with incredible rocks. If you are an adventure freak, you can explore caves by traversing up and down. 

4. Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns are by far one of the biggest caverns discovered in the Eastern US located in Virginia. The best features of Luray Caverns popular among tourists to explore are folded stone formations, that too above the lake. The mysterious formations create stunning optical illusions from above. 

5. Jewel Cave

The cave got the name due to its features such as crystals with the cramped passage, glittering bold and beautiful colours. Tourists can explore jewel caves located in Custer, South Dakota and various adventures such as passing through tight passages with Lanterns. The awestruck formations and tight passages offer an adventurous experience. 

6. Meramec Caverns

The magnificent was once served as a hideout for criminal gangs is now a beautiful tourist attraction located in Missouri. The beautiful cave is known for its underground lake and colourful stone formations. The best features of Meramec Caverns include an LED light show, underwater rock formations, and a wine table. 

7. Kartchner Caves

Located in State Park, Benson, Arizona, the Kartchner Caves were discovered 4 years ago. The caves have unusual formation travertine and Calcite that form layers. Tourists can explore various activities of Kartchner Caverns State Park including hiking trails, big rooms, camping, picnic tables, and stunning views of constellations. 

8. Niagara Cave

compared to Niagara falls in Canada and New York, Niagara cave in Harmony, Minnesota exists on a small scale, but it has some impressive highlights that tourists can explore such as echo chamber, 100 feet high ceilings, mysterious limestone formations, 60 feet waterfall, fossils, and wedding chapel. Just in case you want to say “I do” at some gorgeous beauty, now you know where to find it. 

9. Fantastic Caverns

Located in Missouri, Fantastic Caverns are the only drive-through caves available in America. The drive-through cave tour is perfect for family vacations with the elderly where tourists can explore the delicacies of the natural environment and unique rock formations. The drive-through tours usually move around the river. 

10. Lava River Cave

Witness some of the most beautiful creations of mother nature in Deschutes National park, Bend, Oregon. The lava river cave has various arches that can only be toured between May and September as it’s closed for the rest of the year to protect bat populations. It is believed that the cave was discovered by Leander Dillman who was following the wounded deer in the cave. 

11. Caverns of Sonora

Caverns of Sonora are known as the Crystal Kingdom located in between the Chihuahuan desert and Texas hill country. Crystal kingdom was named due to the tons of crystal formations in the cave, you can opt for discovery tours for adventure to exploring the off-trail passages. 

12. Cosmic Cavern

Cosmic Cavern feels like a dream with blue river water, and geologic rock formations. One of the most gorgeous and mysterious rock formations with an abundance of features such as Cave popcorn, Stalactites, Soda straws, flowstone, stalagmites. Cosmic Caverns also have two bottomless lakes. 

13. DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Located in Alabama is part of a family fun park where tourists can explore camping in Caves, balloon competitions, an outdoor maze, water golf, archery, and many other recreational activities. Along with natural beauty, you can spend quality time exploring these activities and spend your day. 

14. Mendenhall Ice caves

One of the beautiful ice caves in Alaska. Alaska is home to some of the best ice caves in the world and Mendenhall ice caves is one of them. The breathtaking ice caves with swelling blue domes look like flash-frozen and rapid fish. Mendenhall ice caves are located in Tongass National Park, where you need an 8-hour hike to reach this cave. The route is slippery and unmarked so you need equipment such as an ice axe, crampons. If you know cold-water padding, you can access caves through the lake. 

15. Craighead Caverns

The home to America’s largest underground lake, Craighead Caverns are located in Tennessee where tourists can explore various highlights including rare cave flowers, a series of rock deposits, cavern rooms, a boat trip across the lake, rock formations, and more. 

16. Marvel Cave

Marvel Cave is found in Silver Dollar City amusement park in Branson, Missouri. The beautiful caves feature some amazing geology feats including the cathedral room which is the largest cave room in the US with 600 stairs that visitors need to climb during their tour. The trek is popularly known as Devil’s den as it’s highly difficult to climb 600 stairs and not everyone can try. 

17. Lost sea Caverns

Nothing can beat these epic and exotic Caves located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. The lost sea has been listed as the largest underwater body in America. The cavern has many geological and historical features that make it one of the most beautiful caves to visit. Their museum is located near caves that showcase the bones of animals that once entered the caves. 

18. Natural Bridge Caverns

If you are one of those who love to explore the depth of caves, Natural Bridge Caverns are the most popular destinations in Texas that you can explore. You would need guided tours such as hidden passages, and adventure tours to explore beautiful formations. 

19. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon caves located in Page, Arizona are one of the most gorgeous caves you will find in the world. The caves are divided into two parts – Upper also called The crack and Lower also called The corkscrew. Summer is the best time to visit Antelope canyon as when sunlight hits caves it forms a beautiful red glow that gives a different kind of experience. It’s one of the best natural treasures that can only be accessed through guided tours. 

20. Ruby falls in Limestone Caves

The stunning Ruby falls caves located in Tennessee is popularly known for their active underground waterfall at 145 feet in height. The waterfall in the cave looks gorgeous flowing from natural rock formations. However, it’s the only possible feature to explore in Limestone caves 

To wrap up – These are some of the most amazing caves to visit in North America, apart from these caves, there are several tourist attractions that offer great experiences. From beautiful wildlife to forests, lakes, etc., you can explore many places. 

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