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Top 20 must-visit caves in Africa

Are you planning your tour to Africa? Well, then do not miss the magnificent Caves. 

Caves are of the best and most amusing creation of nature that defines how hard and strong rock formations can look beautiful. There are several Caves with stunning rock formations around the world, and some of the best can be found in Africa. These gorgeous rock formations will take you to another world. Moreover, you can learn about early human history, fossil fuels, etc. Want to know more about Caves in Africa? Let’s find out: 

Cango caves

Staggering around 5.3 km, the Cango Caves are the longest in the world. Wanderaround in illuminating Caves where you will find various dripping formations of stones, stalagmites, crystals, and more. If you like exploring thrilling adventures, you can opt for tours that will let you experience climbing, moving through narrow caves, small passages, and more. 

Sudwala Caves

The 240 million years old dolomite cave system is known for its mineral rock formations. You will find stunning art formed naturally with rocks. The stunning cave takes you on an adventurous journey of natural wonders. You can experience more thrilling by taking tours that will allow you to crawl in narrow spaces, climb, pass through passages, and you can witness the rock formations more closely. 

Hercules Cave

You can learn myths and history related to the Hercules Caves. The grotto of caves was formed by erosion while humans cut off chunks to create milestones. Therefore, you can learn how an ancient Greek demigod took a rest before 11 labor and many such stores. You can enjoy guided tours with adventure and history. 

Pinnacle point caves

It was one of the main points for scientists to learn the evolution of Homo sapiens. The site has been declared as provincial heritage and is an important cave system where human fossils were found. You can explore guided tours and learn about the early history of humans. The spectacular caves overlook the gorgeous views of Mossel Bay. 

Sterkfontein caves

A must-visit cave if you are a keen archeologist, as Sterkfontein caves are world known for their fossil finds. They are so rich that their fossil fuels that local universities study with the hope to discover more. You can take tours to understand the interesting history and places where the most important fossil fuels were discovered through walkways. 

Cradle of humankind

As the name suggests, Caves are related to human history. You can take guided tours that will help you explore the caves where the evolution of human and rock formations are discovered. Cradles of humankind include caves such as Wonder cave, Plover’s lake Cave, Cooper’s Cave. You will find fascinating formations and places where stone tools were discovered. 

Elephant’s Eye cave

You don’t need a guided tour to explore the elephant’s eye cave as it does not have a magnificent history. Tourists can easily hike to the cave, it’s one of the fun caves to visit in South Africa located in Silver Mine Nature Reserve of Cape Town. You can enjoy a picnic and witness the beauty of rock formations. 

Echo caves

Unlike other caves, the cave tours are suitable for young as well as old. They were accidentally discovered by a farmer and got their name due to the echo sound they produce when rocks are tapped. Located 15 km away from Strydom Tunnel, you can view the interesting rock formations in the Caves. 

Makapansgat Caves

One of the important archeological sites due to several fossils found, Makapansgat Caves are located in Limpopo. You can explore three sites of the caves where fossils were found, along with evidence of the use of fire in Caves. They are one of the must-visit caves in Africa. 

Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Caves

One of the best Caves you will find in Africa If you are an adventure enthusiast. These caves are located in UNESCO World Heritage Site Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. It is said that san people lived here 4000 years ago, you can find more than 600 caves to explore with thousands of paintings in them. The best part about these caves is you can stay overnight as camping is allowed.  

Cathedral Caves

The beautiful Caves formed by water and wind over a million years ago. The popular Sand caves will let you explore some of the best sandstone creations. Cathedral Caves are found in Golden Gate Highlands National Park. You can learn about Basotho culture through the living museum. 

Wonderwerk caves

These Caves are easy to access, so you can bring children and elderly people. They are popularly known for stone tools findings located in the South of Kuruman. One of the known archaeological sites where humans took shelter a million years ago. You can learn about human history and explore interesting formations along with the beautiful view. 

Blombos Cave

The Blombos cave is located in the southern coastline of Cape Town, known for 75000 years old beads found in the Caves. These beads were intricately decorated with designs that showcase the early artworks of human history. You will not only find interesting stone formations, designs, etc, but also a beautiful view of the coastline. 

Kuza Cave

The gorgeous jungle Cave where you can find crystal clear blue freshwater. You can swim in a mineral water pool with breathtaking views. Tourists can see various artifacts created by early humans. Walk for some time, and you will find a wildlife Sanctuary and explore birds, monkeys, butterflies, and more. You can take guided tours and enjoy cultural music and other activities near the caves. 

Waenhuiskrans caves

The most gorgeous sea Caves of South Africa that are only accessible during low tide. A few kilometers away from the beach, tourists can witness the breathtaking and one of the best ocean views through the open mount of caves. You will have to cross a few rock cliffs before reaching the caves. 

Sof Omar caves

The longest cave found in Ethiopia and Africa. These caves are phenomenal and spectacular, the beauty of nature. The underground caves found near Bale mountains have beautiful and intricate rock formations. You might come across some living creatures like fish and bats in the Caves. Caves have passageways formed by rivers flood, as Caves pass through a small river where several creatures can be found such as Crocodiles. 

Kiwengwa Caves

These Caves are located in forest reserves, perfect for adventure lovers. If you love thrilling, adrenaline, and scary adventures, Kiwengwa Caves are for you. You can dive deep into the underground and experience Cave tours more naturally. You will only find some stairs and concrete paths, you need to carry your own light as there is night available. Moreover, you might come across some spiders, bats, and wildlife like snakes, owls, etc so don’t be scared. 

Klipgat Caves

They have a gorgeous window-like opening towards the sea that provides spectacular views. You will learn about human history, these caves were underwater but opened along the coast due to erosive underwater actions. You can enjoy beautiful rock formations and later breathtaking views. 

Stadsaal caves

These caves are located in Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve in the Western Cape, offering unique and amazing rock structures formed million years ago. You will find caves on the dirt road, so you can explore caves and later visit the reserve. Various rock arts can be found in the cave, but not all are rock art, as some are graffiti created recently. 

Bothongo Wonder Caves

Discovered in the 19th century, are 5 million years old Caves. You can descend through stairs to explore the third-longest Caves in South Africa. As you wander around you will see a magical rimstone pool, unusual Cave pears, more. 

To wrap up – These are some must-visit and beautiful Caves in South Africa to enjoy nature and learn about human history. If you are planning your tour to Africa, make sure you explore some of these.

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