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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Cape Town on Budget

When you’re planning a vacation to a city as big and beautiful as Cape Town, the one term that may preoccupy your mind is the budget. Boasting scenic driveways to diverse landscapes that accommodate the beaches for water lovers and the mountains for nature lovers, you may assume that once you start adding things to do in Cape Town to your bucket list, your expenses may gradually start piling up. However, the good news is that Cape Town is filled with beautiful sceneries and outdoor spots with every step you take so this means that there are a plethora of ways in which you can enjoy this South African city on a budget. You can indulge in the splashes of varied colors offered by Bo-Kaap’s pretty houses, go hiking in the Table mountain National Park if you want some adrenaline rush, or you can simply choose to relax by the beach at Camp Bay. Rest assured, with or without a budget, the fun will be laid at your feet in Cape Town. 

10 Best Places And Activities To Help You Enjoy Cape Town On Budget

From scenic sights to delicious dishes, even when you have a tight budget, Cape Town ensures that you get a vacation that is worth treasuring for a lifetime and you will see that this is true when you take some ideas from the following list that introduces you to the top 10 best ways in which you can enjoy Cape Town on budget.

  1. Go on a walking tour 

You will be amazed and impressed by the things you get to see and explore when you go out for a walk. From the city’s history to their lifestyle, their culture to their cuisine, you can witness the beauty of the city in slow motion. Cape Town has several companies that offer free 90-minute tours and you only need to tip your guide this means that you can get a walking tour of the city and visit many renowned and famous spots such as the Bo-Kaap houses, a historic tour of the city, and more. Best of all, walking is free and it is also good for your health so this tip has only positive things in it which means you should certainly give it a try.

  1. Visit museums and galleries 

Regardless of whether you love art or not, you cannot deny that there is something about art pieces that fill your heart with life and make you see the world from a fresh perspective. The good news is that Cape Town is a treasure trove of historic museums and galleries that let you channel your inner explorer and be enlightened about many things. The South African Museum, the National Gallery, and the Bo-Kaap Museum are a few spots you should visit and if you happen to be there on commemorative days of the year, you will even be able to enjoy free entry. They are some lovely places for a beautiful afternoon. Hence, watch out for the same. 

  1. Hike on Table Mountain

If you want to get away from the city for a while but also want to enjoy its enthralling view, you certainly should not miss out on visiting Table Mountain. The place is just as intriguing as its name and makes a great spot for a free hiking adventure. You can be amidst the picturesque landscape of mountains and enjoy some mountain climbing as well. You can engage in the cable car ride too. One thing’s for sure, the city view from this spot will leave you mesmerized. 

  1. Go for sightseeing

There is no better way to save up some money while touring a new place than sightseeing. Cape Town is a city that boasts of diversity in terms of both nature and culture and this means that you can witness a richness of beautiful sights even within a budget.

  1. Go for wine tasting 

If you are a little bit outside of Cape Town, 15 minutes away from the city lies Constantia which is one of the best destinations for wine tasting. You can immerse yourself in the local culture of the place with wine tastings from the best wineries present in the place. Keep in mind that you can do this even with a tight budget.

  1. Eat on a budget 

Speaking of wine, there is no denying that one of the things that may increase your expenditure is food because if you’re traveling and touring the city, you will not be able to enjoy it with a full stomach. However, you can save some cash by buying supermarket items and convenience store foods and preparing them in the place where you’re staying. Various places offer eateries on a budget so check them out.

  1.  Visit Green Market Square 

You would probably agree that no vacation is complete without some shopping. After all, you need to buy a few items that will remind you of the place you have visited when you return home. This is when Green Market Square falls into the picture. It is an outdoor market where you can shop from a wide collection of inexpensive souvenirs. You can also find some affordable eateries in this area and indulge in the delicacies of the Eastern Food Bazaar. 

  1. Clifton Beaches 

If you’re going to Cape Town and not visiting Clifton beaches, you may end up returning home with a pile of regret so if you want to avoid this, you need to visit the Clifton Beaches. The soft and warm sand of the beach amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Lion’s Head makes this spot a must-visit.

  1. Two Oceans Aquarium 

As fascinating as its name is the place itself. Two Oceans Aquarium is a place where you can get an enriching experience within a budget as you get to witness and explore the rich aquatic wildlife.

  1. Visit the Gardens 

Alongside picturesque mountains and calming beaches, Cape Town also has many gardens like the Company’s Gardens which is free for all and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which only has a small fee. Hence, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the garden on a small budget.

Final Thoughts 

If you are planning to visit Cape Town anytime soon and want to make sure you can get the most out of the budget you have set, make sure to check out the places and activities mentioned in this guide.

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