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Top 10 Places to Visit in South America

South America is said to be the continent that has the driest, highest, and the largest places wherein we can just have a gala time with our loved ones. For all the travelers it is suggested that if you want to enjoy the places of fun with adventure go for it. Right from one part to the other, South America is a place where you can find all the things right in one place. 

In Brazil, the environmentalists will be able to enjoy the best with the well-conserved Pantanal. On the other hand, the place offers a great shopping store for the ones who would just love to shop for the things they wish for in a short time. Even one can take up to explore and exposure to the cities that are small and rare to locate. Avail the support from small cities to give a look at the colorful markets, you can make the best according to the requirement. At the right time, from the ancient civilization to the most amazing and stunning scenery, it can come out as the one-stop destination for all time. 

Food and South America have a great bond of trust and support, wherein you can look for various restaurants to enjoy the best food of different tastes.


Being one of the most incredible cities in South America, Cartagena is well-known for its Caribbean coast. This place was found in Spain around 1533. Cartagena was named after the city. It was a city that had politics along with the inflow of the economy altogether. But keeping the scenario of today, this city has become quite modern. But if you want, then keeping detail about the history is not difficult at all. This place has rich culture along with many museums that will help in giving up the detail about the place in the right way.


It is one of the famous places where people can visit if planning to go to South America. It was founded in the year 1548. It is one of the oldest colonial places in this region. From gathering the rich past in Pelourinho, you will get to know a lot about the slaves. It is the third-largest city in Brazil, which is much to go. Right from the rich culture to greater details of the history, you can find it all.

Los Glaciares National Park

If you are the one who just does not like to gather the details or want to know the history, but is even interested in the animals and plants, then this is your one-stop destination. It is with no doubt a big place to gather information on various animals. It is the home of Lake Argentina, which is the biggest in this city.  This is the biggest park located in Argentina.


It is one of the best cities wherein travelers can enjoy and have the best time for themselves. It is located in Brazil, where you can enjoy the culture at its best. It has a tropical wetland that is bigger than Washington’s state. Although it is not as famous as the Amazon wetland, still it can be the best place to enjoy and have the best time.


It is the capital of Ecuador. Being one of the most amazing and unique capitals in the world, it can be your destination for entertainment and fun. It was founded in the year 1534. The city is painted with all the colors which make the town look more incredible and better. The city is completely surrounded by volcanoes along with a clear sky look which is worth watching.

Colca Canyon

It is the best and the third destination for all travelers who would love to enjoy the place. It has a stunning view that is going to each individual right on the eye’s sight. The canyon is the deepest in the complete world. In case you are not having the right view of the city, Colca canyon can give the best of all without any hassle. 


Bring the best with the colorful and the historical past, Cusco can be your best stop. Getting on with the better in capacity and support is the place that is astounding to be in. 

Salar de Uyuni

This place is the largest salt flat where one can have a gala time with their loved ones. It is located in the Andes which is around 3700 meters, right above sea level. This place is as flat as it appears. It has the harsh look that gives up the giant look of the mirror all the time. It is an unusual place in the location of South America. 

Easter Island

This place is best for the visitors to come and pay a visit to the finest places possible. It is placed right near to the Chilean territory, which is why it has major eye attractions. There are many amazing statues which are even known as moai that have been craving for around 1000 years. It can be the best eye attraction for the ones who would like to get eyes on the place.

Amazon Rainforest

Being one of the most incredible places for visitors, these forests are best to give an eye at. They carry out the most incredible and classy pieces of different real estate wherein a person can give on the eyes. It helps in covering the Amazon River along with its basin. Being the most breathtaking along with the largest rainforest, you must try and give your eyes here. It is rightly located in Brazil and has small shares in it. Carrying out the best flora and fauna, it can be an impressive forest of all time.

Try to visit the above-mentioned places and give your trip the best adventure all the time. Look for the best ways in which you can bring on the best support this time.

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