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Things to know about Kafni Glacier Trek

Kafni Glacier Trek is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand. The trek is moderate and that takes you to some of the most amazing views in Garhwal.

Kafni glacier is situated in the upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas at an altitude of 3853 meters above sea level.

The Kafni Glacier Trek is located on the left bank of the Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand. It can be reached from Gauri Kund (Kafni) from where you can see the beautiful view of the Bhagirathi river. The distance between these two places is about 5 km and it takes about an hour to reach there by walking.

This trek considers Dehradun and goes to various villages including Dhanoli, Umaria, and Tamoli before reaching Gauri Kund (Kafni). The trekking route passes through dense forests interspersed with huge boulders, streams, and small waterfalls which make it an ideal destination for nature lovers looking for a peaceful getaway.

Kafni Glacier Trek Route

This trek starts in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand and ends at Kafni Glacier, which is 3 km away from Khati village. It is a non-technical and non-trekking route and hence can be done by anyone who has a moderate fitness level.

The total distance covered in this trek is 15 to 24 km one way with an elevation gain of 1600 meters and 1000 meters descent. There are many villages on this route that you will have to cross before reaching the destination but they are safe as they’re inhabited by locals only.

Kafni Glacier Trek Difficulty

Kafni Glacier Trek is a moderately difficult trek. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate to difficult, depending on the trails selected, and how well you are acclimated to high altitudes.

It is possible to reach Kafni Glacier base camp in 5 days by taking the longer route via Kafni village and then return back by trekking straight down through the valley into Poonhill Base Camp, where you can stay at Poonhill Tea House or tents available thereabouts.

Kafni Glacier Trek Distance

The Kafni Glacier Trek Distance is 24 km. This trek lets you explore the pristine beauty of the Himalayan mountains, and experience their serenity first-hand. The best time to go for this trek is during the months of July to September when you can expect clear skies and optimum rainfall conditions. 

The trek takes about 10 days to complete, with an average altitude range of approx 4000 m above sea level at its highest point (Mandakini River). The trek is a strenuous one with a lot of ups and downs. You will have to climb several hills and pass through forests, and cross streams while trekking through this region. 

Kafni Glacier Trek How to reach?

Kafni Glacier Trek is located in the North Sikkim district of Uttarakhand, India. It’s an amazing place to visit as it will give you a chance to enjoy trekking and also get a glimpse of the beautiful landscapes around you.

Kafni Glacier Trek can be reached by different modes of transport:

  • By car
  • By bus
  • By train

The best way to reach Kafni Glacier is via Rishikesh or Haridwar. From here, you can take a bus or taxi to Mussoorie where you need to catch another bus for Nainital (around 70 kilometers away). From Nainital, you can get another bus or taxi that will take you up towards Kafni Glacier at a distance of around 65 kilometers from here.

Kafni Glacier Trek Camping

  • You will need a tent and sleeping bag, as well as an emergency kit. The emergency kit should include a first aid kit and any medication you may require during your trek.
  • Bring freeze-dried food such as noodles and pasta, which are easy to prepare with boiling water on your gas stove. You can also bring some fresh food that you would like to cook over the campfire in the evening (chicken satay or other grilled meat).
  • Bring a torch for each person, as well as extra batteries for both torches and cameras (you might not have enough time during daylight hours). It is also important to carry adequate clothing because temperatures can change rapidly at night.
  • It is best if each person brings their own map of the region they are trekking through so that they know where they are going at all times. In addition to this, it is important that each person carries their own compass so that they know how far away from base camp (or any other place) they are at any given moment in time.
  • The trail passes through beautiful forests and meadows during the trek along with snow-capped mountains on both sides of the trail. The region has diverse flora and fauna including various species of birds, insects, and animals such as leopards, bears, etc., which makes it a heaven for nature lovers as well as adventure seekers.

Final words

In short, if you are thinking about going on a glacier trek, do your research. Get in touch with your guide to find the best location for you. Ask them a million questions about why they chose where they did to go trekking and what else is there to do. Take glacier safety seriously, but make sure not to let it deter you from experiencing some of the most amazing sights you will see in your life. Have fun!

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