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10 Amazing Things To Do At Lakshadweep in 2024

Lakshadweep is a scenic archipelago of 36 coral islands in the Laccadive Sea off the coast of Kerala. With its turquoise blue lagoons, swaying coconut palms, and pristine beaches, Lakshadweep is a tropical paradise. If you’re planning a trip to Lakshadweep, here are 10 amazing things to do at Lakshadweep you should add to your itinerary.

1. Snorkel or dive the coral reefs

Snorkel or dive the coral reefs

One of the most wonderful and adventurous things to do in this list of 10 amazing things to do at Lakshadweep is to enjoy the coral reefs. Lakshadweep is home to some of India’s most spectacular coral reefs. The clear waters allow excellent visibility to observe the dazzling array of marine life. Spot colorful fish like clownfish, angelfish, and parrotfish as you snorkel or scuba dive. You can also see larger creatures like turtles, rays, and even sharks. Some popular diving spots are Bangaram, Kadmat, Kavaratti, and Agatti islands.

2. Relax on Bangaram Beach

Bangaram Beach

Bangaram Beach on Bangaram Island is often rated one of India’s best beaches. The beach has fine white sand lined with coconut trees. During the day, you can swim, sunbathe, or play beach games like volleyball. In the evening, enjoy a relaxed stroll along the shore and take in the sunset views. The beach is also ideal for turtle-watching. Moreover, the beach has beach hut accommodations right on the sand, allowing you to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves.

3. Visit the Marine Aquarium

Located on Kavaratti Island, the Marine Aquarium provides a glimpse into Lakshadweep’s underwater diversity. Here you can see many fish species up close, including butterflyfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, and oriental sweetlips. The aquarium also rescues and rehabilitates turtles. An informative museum educates visitors about the region’s ecology.

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4. Cruise to Bangaram Island

Cruise to Bangaram Island

A great way to experience Lakshadweep’s beauty is by taking a cruise to Bangaram Island. As your boat weaves through calm turquoise waters, admire the views of swaying palms, white sand beaches, and tiny uninhabited islets. Most cruises allow time for swimming, snorkeling, or beach activities at Bangaram. Cruises are available from Agatti, Kadmat, and Kavaratti islands.

5. Kayak in the lagoons

Kayak in the lagoons

Paddle a kayak through the shallow lagoons enclosed by coral reefs for a peaceful perspective of the islands. Glide along taking in views of the sea bed and marine life below. Kayaking is available in the lagoons of Kavaratti, Agatti, and Bangaram islands. For an added thrill, try kayak snorkeling or kayak fishing.

6. Spot sea turtles nesting

Spot sea turtles nesting

Between October and February, green sea turtles emerge from the sea at night to lay their eggs along Lakshadweep’s beaches. Agatti, Kavaratti, and Bangaram islands are important nesting grounds. If you time your visit right, you may be able to witness the fascinating nesting process under guidance by authorities. You can also volunteer with conservation programs working to protect turtles.

7. Watch a spectacular sunset

Watch a spectacular sunset

Sunsets over the Arabian Sea are incredible from Lakshadweep’s west-facing beaches. For a front-row seat, head to Kadmat Beach where you can sink your feet into the soft sand and watch the golden sun sink into the horizon. The popular sun-downer point near Coconut Grove Beach Resort on Kadmat is another prized spot among tourists.

8. Visit Kavaratti and its marine aquarium

Kavaratti and its marine aquarium

Kavaratti is the administrative capital and most developed island in Lakshadweep. Attractions include the noteworthy Marine Aquarium, the religiously significant Ujra Mosque, and a picturesque beach near the jetty. You can also see shipbuilding activities and enjoy water sports like sailing, glass-bottom boat rides, and kayaking.

9. Scuba dive at Pitti Island

Experienced divers should schedule a scuba trip to Pitti Island, where spectacular coral, crystal clear waters, and chance of spotting pelagic fishes await. The island has three dive sites – Anemone Reef, Coral Garden, and Shark Reef. Dive depths range from 10-40 meters. Trips can be booked from Agatti Island.

10. Experience traditional culture

Not but not least on our list of 10 amazing things to do at Lakshadweep is to experience the traditional culture. Lakshadweep locals lead a simple life largely untouched by modernization. On most islands, there are opportunities to experience indigenous culture. Watch locals spinning coir, taste home-cooked local cuisine, or attend cultural shows. The Ladai dance depicting boxing moves is a popular traditional performance. Visiting fishing villages allows glimpsing the islanders’ daily routines.

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