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Plan your cruise vacation with these simple steps for a lifetime experience

Cruises are a popular yet exotic way to spend your vacations because they appeal to all interests. They offer diverse activities, delicacies, clubs, and entertainment all in one place in the middle of the sea. You can run your dreamy horses for such stunning views and amazing activities. Whether you’re planning a group cruise, family vacation, or honeymoon, a cruise will not disappoint you. You will be able to find cruise lines in your budget according to what you want to experience. This comprehensive guide will help you to book your cruise. Follow these steps and get ready to make some lifelong memories. 

Are you ready for one of the most exotic and astonishing experiences of your life? 

Let’s plan this cruise journey together for some best of memories: 

Plan your destination

First things first, where would you like to visit? What are your preferences for a destination? Cruises are available for several destinations and several activities. Depending on the type of activities you would like to explore, for instance, you want to stroll in towns or cities of the Mediterranean, or you want to explore the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, or you want to explore culture in Asia. There are several options available for your cruise destination. You can even plan for multiple destinations on the cruise. However, balance your cruise vacation with the weather; if you don’t like certain weather conditions, it would be better to avoid destinations with similar climates. From winter in the southern hemisphere to the summer Mediterranean, these are the perfect time for you to explore the world with a cruise. 

Travel agent

Travel experts have experience and have ready-to-buy packages for vacations. They can provide packages right from pick and to drop at home after vacation. Depending on your budget and requirements, they can offer you ready-made packages. Hiring a travel agent is always a good option if you are in a time crunch or do not want to spend much time planning. However, if you wish to save money and have time for planning, do it yourself. 

Choose your itinerary

whether you want to work with a travel agent or plan independently, choosing an itinerary is your next step for planning cruise vacations. But how do you choose them? Before you choose an itinerary, choose what cruise line or brand you want to go for. Visit their website and review itineraries that you might be interested in, check their whole description, see if you would like to explore or not. Keep your options open and compare their no. Of days, destinations, facilities, specialties they offer. Create a list and review each, weigh your options with your group and then plan beforehand. However, there are no bad cruise itineraries except those that don’t provide itineraries.

Choose your stateroom

Your room on a ship or cruise is referred to as a cabin or stateroom. This place is going to be your home for a few days or weeks; you need something that provides comfort yet escapes from your regular room. As simple as it sounds, choosing a stateroom is fun yet challenging at times. The variety of rooms available on a cruise makes it tempting and challenging to choose. Some cruise lines offer as many as 20 or more stateroom categories. What conditions do you need to check before finalizing your stateroom? They are as follows:

Location: Oceanview or balcony or regular room? What do you want to look at when you wake up? Rooms on a cruise with ocean views and balconies are hotspots. Either you book earlier, or you will have to look for another room. 

Stability: if you’re one of those to get seasick, go for cabins at a lower level, they are more stable, have less noise, and have less roll compared to upper-level staterooms.

Distance: Do you prefer to stay away from most people? Some people prefer their cabins far away while some prefer near entertainment areas. 

Size: Typical suites, lofts, and duplexes are offered by cruise lines. You can find some outside with a balcony and some inside. 

Although these factors are majorly outweighed by the cost, finding a perfectly comfortable room on a cruise can cost you a lot.

Book your airfare

If you’re planning everything yourself and live at a distance from the port, you might be required to book your flights. Some cruises offer airfare in packages and charge extra fees. Some cruise lines offer facilities for transportation to port if you ask them. In comparison, some don’t offer such facilities. If you plan on hiring a travel agent, they will include everything in your package. However, book as early as possible to get the opportunity of best rates. If you’re planning to book yourself, explore different airlines, their available flights, how you can reduce cost, etc.

Book shore excursions

Now your destination has been selected and a reservation has been made, there are several shore excursions or activities that you can explore on the beach or adventurous hikes or strolling in town or water sports. From spending lazy and relaxing days to exploring exciting activities on the shore, you need to plan what you want to do. If your planned activity requires reservations or not. Check shore excursions provided by cruise or based on itinerary research: exciting shore excursions at different ports you’re going to travel. Check whether you require a reservation. If yes, book beforehand. Popular activities include water sports, whale watching, cultural outings, gondola rides in Venice, etc. Reserve your spot and relax on your holiday. 

Book specialty restaurants and hotels

You might need to make hotel reservations if you have a stay between connecting flights. Similarly, if your cruise itinerary consists of strolling in a port town or city, you need to make reservations for restaurants. To explore their specialty cuisine, their popular delicacies, or food you want to try; Research the places you can explore, check their menu and reviews and make reservations. 

Choose beverage package

If you would like to drink at least once a day, by the pool or dinner, the beverage package offered by cruise lines is a great way to save. With various beverages from classic wines to cocktails to frozen drinks, you can have access to beverages anytime you want. If you select their premium packages, you will have access to unlimited beverages on your entire vacation. However, for nondrinkers, various non-alcoholic beverage packages are offered, and if you’ve kids, you can opt for kid’s special fun drink packages. 

Reviews! Reviews!

One of the most important factors that are going to help you plan your cruise vacation effectively. Like any other reservation or purchase online, cruise reviews are important. Do some research reviews of a cruise, shore excursions you’re planning to pre-book, and hotel reservations. It’s better to check early than to experience disappointment later.

Plan but don’t go overboard

Cruise lines are a world in itself; there’s so much to explore that you might exhaust yourself. Sometimes the best vacations are unplanned, but well! That doesn’t mean you don’t plan at all. Plan what’s necessary, and see where it goes. You may have planned to go dancing or spend a relaxing time under the stars, and when you reach there, your mind will be tempted to explore other activities. Don’t plan rigidly; there are so many activities to explore on the port, you practically can not experience everything. So, look at what you feel like doing at that time. 

Utilize cruise planner

Many cruise lines now request restaurant reservations or show tickets to manage the crowd. Take advantage of cruise planners, check what they have planned, and pre-book. You can always make changes on reservations, but if they requested you for pre-booking, chances are you might miss it if you don’t. However, if you plan early, you’re going to get better deals and discounts. So, you can grab that offer right now and see what happens later. 

Ready to plan

Now that you know what steps you need to follow, ensure that you follow each with research. List down everything you want to do, check those required reservations. You’re ready to go.

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