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Embrace the Winter Magic: Best Places to Visit Around the World During Winters

As we all love to travel during the weekends or holidays, one of the favorite seasons that most people love is winter. And in winter, everyone likes to travel to new places and explore new destinations. Winter is one of the most viable seasons as it provides stunning viewpoints and beautiful scenes plus you can enjoy sunny days in winters. While thinking about what place to choose, below are the top 10 Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters.

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters

This place is one the best places to enjoy the snow as this place is 10,000 above the sea level and offers a lot of white snow. In winters you can visit the place to admire the beauty and go for the Ski drive, or you can also enjoy the view sitting on your porch while having a cup of your coffee or a hot chocolate.

2. Svalbard, Norway


So you must have heard about the southern light, but do you want to see it too? Then you might end up seeing the southern lights in this very place, and what place is better to view such a beautiful creation than in winters. This place is also known where for 6 months there is no sunlight and for another six months sun does not set. If you are someone who loves to stay cozy in winters lying in their bed, watching movies and having coffee, then you must visit this place.

3. Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal

Although this place is known for the bone chilling or bone freeze winters, if you visit the place during the snowy winter, you might end up enjoying the weather and the place both. Lakes like Sacred lake or lake baikal are the deepest lakes in the world giving your eyes the treat. During the winters the lake completely freezes causing the locals and the tourists to sled or skate. This place seems to be the perfect place to visit in the winters.

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4. Vienna, Austria


Vienna looks the same during winters as any European country because of the winters. But this place becomes more pleasing and sightseeing when Christmas arrives or is in the corner. The beautiful lights, shining balls and fairy lights, sparkly socks colored with green and red makes the area look astonishing and treat to the eyes. From skating to having the warm sweet potato, Vienna will make your chills run away in the winters by giving you the warmth of celebration and beauty.

5. Rovaniemi, Finland


This place is best known for the house of Santa claus. If you are someone who loves to enjoy the christmas treat, and ride the sleigh with Santa Express then you will love the place and enjoy the winter with hot chocolate and family. This place turns out to be the Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters.

6. Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji

Visit the place during winters and the time when it’s snowing as well, you will stay awe-struck. As this place becomes a beauty in itself. Snow somehow covers the peak making it look like a white snowy spoonful cone. The air of this place is very clear, making Mt.fuji more visible and attractive. While you Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters you can enjoy the snowball fight white with your family and friends.

7. Alaska, USA


Visiting this place during winters will make you do the most adventurous things. Like going for snowmobiling (machines used to ride on snow) or going for guided ice climbing. Tourista here can do anything they would like to enjoy in winters. In Alaska, the helicopter tour is done for the whole winter. In this place also you can get the opportunity to see the northern lights. This place can be your top destinations to visit during winters.

8. Perito, Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Perito, Moreno Glacier, Argentina

If you are looking for the glaciers that never melt, then come to Argentina. Here you can go boating, witnessing the beautiful blue ice that never melts and is growing in size as well making itself famous amongst all the other places. You can take a closer look at it by taking the boat ride.This is Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters

9. Bolu, Turkey


Located somewhere in between Ankara and Istanbul, this mountainous place is all about the best spots and winter getaway. The tourists can enjoy the place for its beauty as well they can enjoy visiting places like its famous monuments, national parks and historic mosques as well making your journey worthwhile.

Winter is one of the best seasons to enjoy the scenic view of any place or get a warm feeling by staying in a resort, while the sun is shining upon you, in winter you can enjoy sports, skiing, skating and what not. While there are many places to visit during winters like Thailand, Maldives, Dubai and many more, you can enjoy the winter magic by visiting Best Places to Visit Around World During Winters mentioned above to experience everything new.

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