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A Local’s Guide to Relaxing in The Natural Hot Springs Near Me

The United States is home to some incredible natural wonders, from towering mountains to sprawling canyons.

Among these natural treasures are hundreds of natural hot springs scattered across the country. These geothermal pools provide the perfect opportunity to soak in the beauty and therapeutic benefits of nature.

If you’re searching for the “natural hot springs near me” for relaxing and rejuvenating experience, consider visiting one of these places listed below.

Best Natural Hot Springs Near me

The United States has hundreds of natural hot springs spread across the country. Here are some of the best natural hot springs to visit on your next trip,

1. Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas)

Hot Springs Near me

Looking for the hot springs near me, then don’t forget to vist this hot springs in Arhansas. Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas protects 47 natural hot springs that have been attracting visitors for centuries. You can soak in the historic Fordyce Bathhouse or the more modern Quapaw Baths & Spa. The park also contains hiking trails along the thermal waters. The springs emerge from the western slope of Hot Springs Mountain at a temperature of 143°F (62°C) and flow downhill at over a million gallons per day.

2. Travertine Hot Springs (California)

Travertine Hot Springs (California)

Next on our list of natural hot springs near me is Travertine Hot Springs. It is also known as Bridgeport Hot Springs, are located near Bridgeport, California. For thousands of years, these springs on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada provided healing and comfort for Native American tribes. Today there are three main pools carved into stunning white calcium carbonate rock formations. Remember to stay on the trails and practice low-impact use when visiting this pristine wilderness area.

3. Pagosa Hot Springs (Colorado)

Pagosa Hot Springs (Colorado)

The world’s deepest geothermal hot spring flows in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Experience the healing waters that the Native Americans believed had sacred healing powers. Take a dip in the Mother Spring itself or visit one of many soaking spots in town, like the Springs Resort and Spa’s 23 therapeutic mineral pools. Pagosa Hot Springs offer both natural charm and modern amenities.

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4. Boiling River (Wyoming)

Boiling River (Wyoming)

Boiling River is a unique hot springs located in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. It’s a spot where a large hot spring converges with the cold Gardiner River, creating a natural “hot-tub” experience. Since it’s located in the national park, soaking hours are limited to protect the ecosystem. Plan ahead and be prepared to soak in nature alongside other visitors during opening hours. This natural wonder is the perfect place to unwind after exploring Yellowstone.

5. Austin Hot Springs (Nevada)

Austin Hot Springs (Nevada)

Near Austin, Nevada you’ll find a series of geothermal pools ranging from 98 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Visitors can soak in three main pools surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills. Austin Hot Springs has a rustic, remote feel while still offering amenities like composting toilets, changing rooms, and campfire pits. Camping is allowed on-site, making it easy to spend multiple days relaxing in these healing waters under Nevada’s wide open skies.

6. Chena Hot Springs (Alaska)

Chena Hot Springs (Alaska)

Visitors to Chena Hot Springs in central Alaska can soak in the soothing mineral waters amidst a landscape of fire and ice. The springs stay at a constant 106oF while surrounded by snow in winter. Facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, and even a freshwater lake to cool off in. At night guests can view the aurora borealis dancing across the sky above this remote oasis.

7. Hot Water Beach (Washington)

Hot Water Beach (Washington)

At low tide, dig your own natural hot tub right on the beach at Hot Water Beach in Washington! Located on a strip of shoreline in the Olympic Peninsula’s Mosquito Creek Valley, groundwater heated deep below the mountainous surface gets uncovered by the receding tide. Visitors bring shovels and wait for the tide to go out to create temporary pools warmed by the 140-degree Fahrenheit waters below.

8. Strawberry Park Hot Springs (Colorado)

Strawberry Park Hot Springs (Colorado)

Last but not least, on our list of hot springs near me is this Colorado natural springs. High in the Colorado Rockies lies Strawberry Park Hot Springs, named for the wild strawberries that surround the mineral-rich pools. Soakers can enjoy stunning views of the mountains and starry nights from this creekside haven. Relax in the 104-degree Fahrenheit soaking pools, get your blood flowing in the cooler pool, or take an exhilarating plunge in the 42-degree Fahrenheit creek! With rustic lodging and camping on-site, you may never want to leave this natural hot springs retreat.

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