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Listed below are five Mississippi islands that should not be missed at any cost.

Sipping fruity beverages while lounging on a tropical Mississippi islands sounds like an absolutely incredible experience. It’s really bad that a vacation like that would set you back a fortune, but does that really hold true?

It turns out that it is not necessary to do so because our state is home to a number of islands. This summer, you should make it a point to visit these five islands in Mississippi. They are ideal for a wide variety of activities, from camping to simply basking in the sun.
This summer, you should make it a point to visit these five Mississippi islands. They are ideal for a wide variety of activities, from camping to simply basking in the sun.

1. Ship Island

Mississippi islands

East Ship Island and West Ship Island are both considered to be part of the larger island known as Ship Island. Hurricane Camille in 1969 severed the connection between the two islands, which had at one point been joined together. There are certain distinctions between the two halves of the island, despite the fact that they both have gorgeous stretches of white sand beach and clear blue ocean. Primitive camping is permitted on East Ship Island, which can only be reached by boat (for more information, check out Ship Island Excursions). Although there is a ferry that travels to West Ship Island, camping is not permitted on this island. Access to the island is slightly simplified as a result. In addition, West Ship Island is home to Fort Massachusetts, which offers guided tours to visitors that come to the island. There are lots of things to view around the island regardless of which part of the island you go to, including dolphins, who have been known to make an appearance in the area around the island. A visit to Ship Island should be on everyone’s agenda for the summer because it is the ideal way to cool off during the heat of the day.

2. Horn Island

Horn Island

Ship Island may be the most well-known of the Mississippi barrier islands, but that does not mean that this tropical gem should be overlooked simply because it is not the most well-known. Walter Anderson, a local artist, considered Horn Island to be one of his favorite destinations and a source of inspiration. The excellent painter traveled to the island a great number of times and was inspired to make a great number of works by the island’s breathtaking scenery. As of right now, there is neither a bridge nor a ferry that runs to the island (if you want to go, check out Horn Island Charters), which means that crowds are not typical, and peace and quiet are the norms on the island. Horn Island is the place to go whether you want to spend the day on the sea or you are trying to discover a camping area in the middle of nowhere.

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3. Cat Island

Cat Island

Cat Island, which is located at the most westerly point of the Mississippi islands, was privately held up until the year 2002 when it was incorporated into the Gulf Island National Seashore. Those who are seeking a place to get away from it all will find that the island is the ideal destination today. Cat Island Excursions makes it easy to go to the island by providing services such as sightseeing boat tours, fishing charters that include wading and kayaking, and private fishing charters.

4. Petit-Bois Island

Petit-Bois Island

Petit Bois Island is a barrier island that is a component of the Gulf Island National Seashore. It may be found in the vicinity of Pascagoula. Due to the fact that the island is home to both the white plover and the largest colony of laughing gulls in the state, it has been classified as both a Wilderness Area and a Mississippi Coastal Preserve. Camping, hiking, and swimming are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed on the immaculate beaches of the island, which are also excellent for watching the local fauna.

5. Deer Island

Deer Island

This tropical jewel is the closest island to Mississippi’s shoreline and is located approximately a quarter mile from Biloxi. However, many inhabitants are ignorant of its existence despite the fact that it is the closest island to the state. Because there is not much else on the 400-acre island, it is a perfect location for getting away from it all because it is home to 10 different sorts of endangered wildlife. The most exciting part? Due to its proximity, Deer Island may be reached by anyone who possesses a small boat, such as a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard.

Which of the Mississippi islands are you planning to explore this coming summer?
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