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Jagdalpur- Administrative headquarters of Bastar district blessed with ancient tourists spots

Here are the best 4 places attracting thousands to the amazing city of Jagdalpur

Jagdalpur has been contributing highly for the tourism and the reason behind it is the varieties of tourists spots here which attracts people of all age groups from around the world. There are ancient temples, Wildlife and nature’s beauty to enjoy, Waterfalls, Historical caves, Museums having some of the great masterpiece from the ancient period, Monuments and much more to visit that it gets hard to choose from. So here we are presenting the top from our list that should not be missed if you ever visit the beautiful city of Jagdalpur.

  1. The Chitrakote Falls– This natural waterfall that originates on the river Indravati is located 38 kms away from the main city. The waterfall has the height of 29 m and is considered to be the widest falls in India. This waterfall is also famous for being called as the Niagara Falls of India and is widely visited by many tourists during the monsoon season.  There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva present near the falls and also boating facilities are available here. Tourists can also visit the Parvati caves near the falls and the waterfalls can be seen throughout the year but monsoon season is the best.
  2. Kotumsar cave– Present near the village Kotumsar the caves are formed by Limestone and is located near the bank of Kanger river. The caves are primary attraction for the tourists and after entering the main tunnel you can walk 200 m long to enjoy the surroundings of the cave. The caves have multiple passages and varieties of speleothems to view. There are also many water pools found here and during the monsoon season the caves mostly gets flooded so tourists would be not allowed in that period. These caves are considered to be very holy by the Hindu devotees as they worship the huge speleothem formation in one of the chambers and the remarkable place is a must to watch.
  3. Kanger Ghati National Park– The national park is one of the dense national parks found in India and is famous for the caves, waterfalls and biodiversity. The picturesque view of the park in the hilly region is very beautiful and it supports many habitats for varieties of flora and fauna.  If you like hiking and wildlife then this is the right stop to make. Tiger, leopard, mouse deer, jackal, eagles, parrots, peacocks and much more animals and birds are found here.
  4. Danteshwari Temple– Dedicated to Goddess Danteshwari, this holy temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas which was built in 14th century. As per the belief this is the place where the tooth of Sati fell and many devotees visit the sacred place for worshipping. The temple is highly crowded during the time of the Indian festival Dussehra and the main idol of the temple is taken out around the city for giving blessings. The temple has a beautiful architecture with the main idol which is chiselled in black stone and a majestic Shikhara. There is a big Garuda pillar found in the entrance of the temple.

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