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It’s now or never, so plan your Travel to California

The Golden State is a nation in its own right. California Tourism occupies a very large area and is home to some of the most memorable historical cities starting from the HOLLYWOOD Hills in Las Vegas to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, and as a result “The Golden State” is an invaluable testament to the country’s vast history.

The cityscape includes Los Angeles full of cultural sources with all the popular media in existence, and the most famous neighborhood in the world is Hollywood. The Golden State is also home to the first-ever Disneyland to be constructed in Anaheim. In terms of technology and education, it is the hub and California alone has one of the largest economies in the world. In historical affiliation with Silicon Valley, California is also home to five Big Companies.

California tourism offers its visitors many ultimate places. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most visible landmark in the state of San Francisco. The Redwood trees, which are said to be over 4000 years old are the oldest along with some organisms living there. The Redwood trees are sheltered between Yosemite and Redwood National Park which are also the most well-known parks in the world.

  • The ideal duration of the trip is 10-15 days
  • The best time to visit is in the Spring during April and the fall during September-October.
  • The nearest airport is –
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport

Myth or a fact:  It is said that the name “California” comes from a Spanish Novel that reflects the story of a warrior queen named Calafia, Calafia rules over an island called- Yeahhhhh! You guess that- California. While some suspect the word comes from the Latin or Spanish phrases for “hot furnace”.

California tourism has a lot of world-famous attractions and landscapes; this is the reason why California attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. From a forest of the World’s tallest trees, magical theme parks and shows stopper whales. Here is a brief of the top places to travel in California.

1. Los Angeles: Hollywood and Glamorous

Los Angeles

Located on the west coast of the United States, Los Angeles is the home to all the activities. HOLLYWOOD one of the best toppings for the state located there is also home to the world-famous entertainment industry, apart from this California beaches are amazing to get a tan on during the day, and enjoy the best ever nightlife in the world!

2. San Diego: Sand and Sunshine

San Diego

Popularly known as America’s Finest City, is the second-largest city in California. The weather here is incredible with more than 60 beaches, which makes it the perfect destination to travel throughout the year. The most visited locations in the city are Cabrillo National Park, San Diego Zoo, Gaslamp Quarter, and many more.

3. San Francisco: City of the Golden Gate

San Francisco

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge gives a fantastic view of San Francisco Bay and brilliant summer weather. San Francisco holds a plethora of activities and vibrant attractions which will help you keep busy throughout your visit. Summers have warm and pleasant weather. As soon as the sun sets there, the city wakes up again to offer its visitors brilliant nightclubs and bars.

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4. Santa Cruz: Postcard Californian Beach Town

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the great laidback destinations filled with sandy beaches. The mystery spot there defies the gravity on the hills which was actually demonstrated. To explore the Santa Cruz mountains, take a train ride from Roaring Camp in Felton through the redwood forests. There are many wineries located on the hillsides that should be checked out once.

5. Silicon Valley: Global Headquarters of Technology

Silicon Valley

The valley is home to some of the largest companies in the World. Even the startups like Yahoo and Google started from here and visit the Google-themed goodies from their Merchandise Stores. The haunted Winchester Mystery House is also located in San Jose with around 160 rooms in there. After that, if you still get some time, head into the Santa Cruz Mountains.

6. Sacramento: Hipster City


Sacramento is the capital city and is located between two huge rivers. The old town is preserved to be a historic district with Sacramento History Museum and the state Railroad museum. The Fairytale Town with oversized sets where children can act out their favorite fairytales. The town is also the epicenter of many eccentric art and music venues.

7. Big Sur: The most Scenic Stretch of the US

It was earlier known as the Big Country of the south which was shortened to Big Sur by the Spanish settlers. The mountains are known for their drastic views. Great writers such as Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac are inspired by the visuals of the mountains. The purple-tinged sand found in Pfeiffer Beach is one of the famous beaches.

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