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Intimidating Roller Coasters in the world, every thrill lover must add to the bucket list.

The world is full of adrenaline thrills, and man-made thrills are no less. Whether you love adventure or not, we all have a special place for the roller coaster. Initially, roller coasters were more like slides but later turned into a whole freaking lot of adrenaline experience. Currently, several roller coaster rides are capable of going faster over a series of twists and turns in various amusement parks. But some of them have extraordinary features that make your heart not only race but will give an experience like never before. These daring and intimidating rides attract thousands of adrenaline junkies every year. However, some of the rides give an experience that you will never want to experience twice. Did this blow your mind? Irrespective of your answer, add these top roller coaster rides to your bucket to experience at least one in life. 

Full Throttle

The Well Known Roller coaster is located in a theme park Called Titan, six flags Plaza. Full Throttle is 160 feet (49m) high, claimed to have the world’s second-largest Vertical Loop. The ride was first opened in 2013, which takes riders from 0 to 70 miles ( 110km/h); however, the impact from 0 to 70 miles is comfortably subtle. The riders experience a series of loops and dives; then, the ride takes an abrupt halt before it takes riders shockingly by thrusting backward and backup the dive loop. Its vertical loop makes riders’ hearts thump loudly. 

Formula Rossa

The Thriller ride is located in the Ferrari world at Abu Dhabi, is the world’s fifth-fastest roller coaster you will ever experience. The ride first opened in 2010, offering adrenaline junkies one hell of an experience. The ride at its prominent point reaches G forces of1.7g and goes as high as 4.8g during the rest of the ride. Due to its magnificent speed, the riders have to wear skydiving gears and goggles to get protection from insects and winds. 

Steel Dragon 2000

The roller coaster Ride located at Mie Prefecture, Japan, has a monstrous steel structure that is placed inside Nagashima Spa Land Amusement Park. Its giant structure will give you chills. They take a daring drop at the peak of 307 feet and reach a prominent speed of 95 mph. This roller coaster was built to withstand the earthquakes making the entire momentum go upwards. The giant ride was made with a whopping $50 million. 

Sky Scream

The roller coaster ride is located in Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. If you’re wondering how they gave its name sky screaming, the answer lies in the climax of the ride, and if you’re thinking it’s almost 150 feet high drop causes blood screaming from its riders, then it’s not, it’s most intimidating and daring feature happen at a quarter of the ride when the ride is Shockingly yanked backward, upwards and upside down, that will bring your heart in your mouth. Yes! It’s that thrilling. The thrilling roller coaster is famous for its unpredictability as riders will only be able to see what’s in front of them, and half of the time is spent traveling in loops and drops, backward and upwards and upside down without any indication of what’s coming next.


The ultimate OG ride located in Valencia, California, another roller coaster from Six Flag magic mountain is the world’s first four dimension roller coaster. The four dimension roller coaster is something you would not experience twice ever; it’s the scariest of all that spins the riders individually on their own. The seats can take a 360-degree spin, rotating in all directions in all motions. Moreover, the six flags took this on another level by launching special flame effects in between your ride. Almost all its riders never like to experience such a thing again, which makes your life upside down. However, for all the travelers looking for some thrill, don’t forget to experience X2 Once in life. 

Top Thrill Dragster

The roller coaster ride located in Sandusky, Ohio, is placed in Cedar point, another well-known amusement park particularly known for its exciting roller coaster rides that look intimidating at 400 feet in height. Riders are warned to keep their head back while waiting for liftoff. The cart has a capacity of 120 mph in 3.8 seconds, followed by 90-degree loops and twists. The roller coaster earned its name by offering one of the thrilling experiences to adventure enthusiasts.

Nitro Imagica  

Located in Outskirts of Mumbai, the ride is India’s first dark roller coaster with a track running over 2800 feet at a maximum height of 132 feet. With several spins, twists, and turns on its way, the ride takes adventure enthusiasts for an amazing. 


These are the topmost intimidating roller coaster rides that you might faint. However, for thrill lovers, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss such an experience.

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