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Hop on to the 10 Unforgettable Road Trips in Europe

With wheels, wanderlust, and a little time, you can take road trips across Europe at a slower pace. 

Here are 10 of the best road trips in Europe to combine, shorten or adjust to your tastes. They range from the sunny shores of Portugal to the dungeons of Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

1. From Paris to the glorious grit of Berlin

The quaint capital of Luxembourg City, with its many fairy-tale castles, lies a short drive to the northwest of Paris. Trier, Germany’s oldest city, sits just northeast, where ancient Roman baths and basilicas still stand intact.

Get a taste of Riesling wine country in Bacharach, before exploring Heidelberg’s riverside streets. Continue to Nuremberg before going to Leipzig for cake, classical music, and Cold War history.

After a detour to Dresden, restored after the WWII bombings, you’ll stop in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities: Berlin. Taking the ferry or Channel Tunnel to France will turn this journey into a pilgrimage between Europe’s three artistic centres.

2.  Basque Country

From Bilbao, which offers some of the best surfing in the world, the journey travels along the Atlantic to San Sebastián. This place is watersports and foodie dreamland. Continue to Pamplona through the rugged countryside of the Pyrenees. 

The route back down the Roncesvalles Pass or the route along the Bay of Biscay will take you to St-Jean-de-Luz, a charming seaside town. Biarritz’s boho beaches will appeal to anyone with extra cash, and Hossegor’s surf spots are perfect for those who are seeking gargantuan waves. Upon reaching Bordeaux, enjoy a café-strewn boulevard and world-class wine as your trophies.

3. From Bergen to Trondheim

Experience Norway’s southwest coast, from Bergen and Voss to Tvindefossen. This beautiful place stands at a whopping 24.5 km high in the mountains. Then take the world’s longest road tunnel, a cavernous conduit on a cavernous route under the mountains.

Pass through the Sognefjord on the ferry and continue on to the Fjaler valleys, a land of glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Here you can visit riverside towns like Stryn or mountain villages like Videster. Follow the death-defying hairpin turns of Trollstigen north to the well-known town of Geiranger.

As you descend, take the Eresfjord ferry across to Molde and Kristiansund. Then, continue on the iconic Atlantic Road to Trondheim. Let some time pass upon the still waters and stilted houses of Trondheim before you end your journey.

4. The unexplored east: Bucharest to Vienna

Take the Carpathian Mountains north to Transylvania, stopping at Bran Castle along the way. 

Experience the beauty of Transfagarasan mountain road. This is one of the most scenic routes in the world, on your way to Sibu, Brasov, and Sighisoara. Then, travel further to see the spectacular architectural treasures of Timişoara.

Take a taxi to Budapest’s tranquil hot springs and hip ruin pubs. There you can prepare to stay for a few days before taking the train to Bratislava, where you can enjoy the coffeehouses and eclectic architecture of Vienna in just an hour.

5. To Portugal and then some

Start in Braga, prior to driving south to the archaic town of Guimarães, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, at that point, it’s forward to the amazing “second-city” of Porto, however, it’s nothing not exactly top-notch.

Drive east to the grape plantations and steep valleys of Penafiel and Amarante prior to hitting the waterfront street of Figueira da Foz. From here it’s on to Peniche, Ericeira, and afterwards Lisbon: the country’s energetic capital that is on course to prevail over Berlin for Europe’s coolest city. Drive south to Sagres, Arrifana and Carrapateira. After absorbing the sun on the pleasant shores of the Algarve, wrap this excursion up in the Mediterranean Neverland also called Faro.

Assuming you’ve actually got bothersome feet when you arrive at Faro, take the ship from neighbouring Algeciras in Spain to Morocco. Envision the fulfilment of stopping your ride in the desert town of Merzouga, prior to investigating the Sahara – believe it or not, it would feel wonderful.

6. Germany’s Alpine Road

Taking the Alpenstrasse will lead you on a true Bavarian journey. It will take you on a safe journey through the equally unforgettable sights of Germany’s high-altitude meadows, mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and quaint villages. 

Visit Oberstaufen’s “Capital of Wellness” for a therapeutic beauty treatment after enjoying the lakeside setting at Lindau. Continue your journey to Füssen, famed for its violin makers, stopping along the way in any quaint Alpine village. Disney also built a version of Neuschwanstein Castle for Cinderella that was inspired by the iconic structure.

Stop at Benediktbeuern on the way to Bad Tölz, then continue on through the Chiemgau Alps for outstanding views before ending your journey in Munich. Keep going to Salzburg, and stop in Werfen’s ice caves en route if you are already missing the mountain roads.

7. beaches and ancient highways in Greece

From Athens, drive along the coastal road to the tip of the Attic peninsula, Sounion, via the Athenian Riviera. Then drive northward to the mythical city of Mycenae, stopping at the Temple of Poseidon and the fortress of Kórinthos.

If you’re in the mood for a luxurious seaside retreat, you cannot go wrong with Náfplio. If not, continue onto Mystra, the cultural and political capital of Byzantium. After Olympia, the ancients’ sporting grounds, we travel to Delphi, the mystic ruins of Athens. We end our tour heading back to Athens.

8. London to Edinburgh and the Highlands

Be inspired by historic pubs where the likes of J.R.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll regularly wet their whistles and leave the bustle behind in England’s capital, Oxford.

There’s a quick drive to the Cotswolds if you have time; otherwise, cruise up to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, or watch a football match in Manchester, two-and-a-half hours away. Continue north to the Lake District National Park. 

Explore the Yorkshire dales, then cross the medieval lanes of York, founded nearly 2000 years ago by the Romans, to experience the scenery that inspired England’s most romantic writers. Afterward, it’s north again past tiny hamlets to the magical majesty of Edinburgh. For a dose of rugged highlands comfort, travel to Stirling, Inverness, or the Western Isles — a drive well worth it.

9. Sicily and Calabria

You can visit the Sicilian capital of Palermo which is one of the biggest historic centres in Italy after Rome. Also, you will find that the place is the country’s most chaotic metropolis. You can have an adventure along the Tyrrhenian coast to the golden sands of Cefalu. Next, you can go to the ancient city of Enna which is the island’s heartland. It is surrounded by beautiful and breathtaking cliffs from all sides. 

The trip to Messina, or cross over to Calabria to explore rustic mountain villages, friendly locals, and idyllic stretches of beach – refreshingly free from foreign tourists.

10. Coastal Croatia & Montenegro

A Croatian road trip along Croatia’s coast can take you through the stunning Adriatic Coast dotted with small fishing villages, which stretches over 500 km (300 miles). Travel from Zagreb through the Velebit Mountain range to emerge at the Adriatic coast dotted with small islands.

The city of Split, Zadar, and the picturesque towns of Omi* and *Ibenik can all be included on your itinerary along with other typical landmarks in Croatia. You can also take ferries and bridges to some Adriatic islands, such as the vowel-free Krk. Further more inland, don’t forget about the gorgeous waterfalls of Plitvice.

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