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8 Fun Things to Do in Bangalore With Family

Bangalore is one of the big and famous city in the country of India. It has a warm climate and lots of interesting places to visit. If you go to Bangalore, here are 8 really fun things to do in Bangalore.

1. Visit the ISKCON Temple

Things to Do in Bangalore

The ISKCON Temple is a colorful and beautifully decorated Hindu temple. It has shrines for several different deities like Radha Krishna, Krishna Balarama, and Hanuman the monkey god. You can see the intricately carved statues and altars. The temple complex is very big, with multiple buildings and gardens. Make sure to look for the peaceful lake area. Visitors are welcome to attend prayer ceremonies and eat yummy vegetarian food. Going to the ISKCON Temple is a great way to learn about the Hindu religion and Indian culture.

2. Go to Wonderla Amusement Park  

Go to Wonderla Amusement Park  

Wonderla is the best amusement park in all of India and one of the fun things to do in Bangalore. It has three different parks – one in Bangalore and two others in different cities. The Bangalore park is absolutely huge at 82 acres big. It has a mind-blowing 61 different rides and attractions! You can go on thrilling roller coasters, gentle rides for smaller kids, water rides to get soaked, and much more. After a long day of fun, you can even stay at the attached Wonderla Resort with its own swimming pool. Going to Wonderla is the perfect choice for an exciting family outing.

3. Explore Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Explore Lalbagh Botanical Garden

If you love plants, trees, and flowers, you’ll really enjoy Lalbagh Botanical Garden. It first opened over 200 years ago! The enormous garden is 240 acres in size. You’ll see beautiful plants, bushes, and trees from all over India and the world as you walk along the many paths. Some of the most popular sections are the rose garden, lotus ponds, and giant glass greenhouse full of flowers. You can even take an electric cart tour to see the whole park easily. Lalbagh feels like a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is one of best Things to Do in Bangalore.

4. Shop at UB City

Shop at UB City

If you are looking for amazing things to do in Bangalore, then shop at UB City. UB City is a huge luxury mall and shopping area in the heart of Bangalore. It has tons of high-end stores selling fancy clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home goods from top international brands. You’ll find designer boutiques from Europe and other parts of the world that are very rare to find in India. UB City also has some of the city’s nicest restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s considered one of the trendiest and most glamorous places in all of Bangalore to shop, eat, and be seen.

5. Relax in Cubbon Park

Relax in Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a wonderful, lush green park right in the center of Bangalore. It covers 300 acres and has beautiful gardens, big grassy areas for picnics, and around 6,000 trees and plants! The park even has little attractions inside like a tiny library, museums, an aquarium, and a little toy train for kids. Many people enjoy walking, jogging, or doing yoga in a peaceful environment. Springtime is an especially pretty time when all the flowering trees are in bloom with bright colors. Cubbon Park provides a nice escape from the city without having to go far. It is one of best Things to Do in Bangalore

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6. See the Animals at Bannerghatta National Park

See the Animals at Bannerghatta National Park

At Bannerghatta National Park, you can see lots of different wildlife animals up close! The park offers jeep and van safari tours that take you into enclosed areas inhabited by different species. On the herbivore safari, you may see deer, antelope, and elephants roaming around. The bear safari lets you view sloth bears. And the lion/tiger safari gets you incredibly close to the big cats! The park also has a regular zoo, a butterfly garden, and some boating options. Bannerghatta makes for a fun and educational day learning about the animal kingdom.

7. Walk down MG Road

Walk down MG Road

MG Road is one of the most popular streets in central Bangalore. It’s a long road lined with shops, restaurants, churches, theaters, and other businesses. You’ll see locals and tourists walking around, shopping, eating street food, or just enjoying being outside. MG Road has been an important place for a long time, and some of the old historic buildings are still there today. While it’s not as beautiful as the past due to construction, it’s still an energetic area with lots to see and experience.

8. Go Shopping on Commercial Street 

 Go Shopping on Commercial Street

If you want the ultimate shopping experience, you have to go to Commercial Street! This long street and the surrounding area are jam-packed with stores and vendors selling all kinds of goods. You can find great deals on clothes, fabrics, jewelry, antiques, fresh produce and flowers, furniture, and more. It’s fun to explore all the little shops and market stalls while navigating the lively crowds. Make sure to stop for some delicious street food like masala chai tea or kebab skewers. Shopping at Commercial Street is an exciting adventure!

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