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Friendship Peak Trek

Are you an amateur climber looking for a worthwhile trekking experience on a cheap budget? Or are you looking to switch from trekking to mountaineering? A Trek to what is popularly known as Friendship Peak or Mount Friendship is what you need.

Everyone loves trekking if that is within their reach. The snowy mountains and the cold climate are capable of attracting any sleepyhead to its summit. The beautiful view accorded to you at the end of the trek makes your whole journey a divine and refreshing experience. And it will forever remain inside your head. 

The Trekker’s Heaven

The Friendship Peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 5287 kilometers in Himachal Pradesh, this is a famous destination for many trekking enthusiasts. Everyone loves snow-covered mountains and the view they offer but are often constrained by lack of experience and money. These problems are effectively solved by a trekking experience at Friendship Peak. It is popularly known as the trekker’s heaven as it goes through the beautiful Solang valley. The name is justified by the facilities the peak offers.

You get a profound view of the Solang Valley from the summit. It is replete with thick forests, alpine meadows, and beautiful orchards. You get to see a lot of streams originating from the mountain range. The mesmerizing view itself is enough to make you remember the journey all through your life.

How to get there?

There are multiple ways to get to Friendship Peak. Delhi becomes the first stop for travelers from within the country. There are trains available from Delhi to Kalka. This is where your railroad journey ends. Once you get to Kalka, there are buses available at regular intervals which take you to Manali. The trip from Delhi to Manali can also be made on road and this will take somewhere between 10 to 12 hours. Once you are in Manali, you can take a taxi to Solang. Solang is from where the trekking starts. 

How hard is the climb?

Situated in the Kallu district of Himachal Pradesh, Mount Friendship is considered a moderate climb. The Trekking often starts from nearby Solang and can take between 5 to 7 days to finish. Solang is located close to Manali and is just 18 kilometers away. Trekkers can rely on road transport to reach Solang from Manali. The Climb at Friendship Peak is moderate in the initial phase but gets progressively harder and more strenuous with the altitude.

When should you do the trekking?

Since you are supposed to trek through snowy peaks and glacial paths, the time you choose for trekking on Mountain Friendship becomes significant. Be aware of the fact that traveling after sunset is not allowed in the path. So make your plans accordingly. 

When it comes to the best season, you can either visit anytime between May-June or September-October. This is when the snow subsides a little bit to make the trekking less dangerous.

Major Attractions in the area

  • Hot water Springs, Vasisht
  • Hadimba Temple, Manali
  • Naggar Roerich Art Gallery

Five tips which you should follow 

Here are some tips to make your Friendship Peak Trek better.

  1. Learn about Mount Friendship.

The first step in visiting any famous destination is studying about it. Find information regarding the weather patterns, the tourist attractions, the climbing difficulty, etc about the peak. This will make your journey much easier. Find the best travel solutions to Solang and make the necessary arrangements. Ask around and make sure that this is the best choice for you as a trekker. 

  1.  Do thorough research on the nearby tourist attractions. 

Studying about the locality that you are visiting is crucial whenever you make any trips. If you have decided on trekking the Friendship Peak, look for other tourist destinations which are located close by. List them down and analyze whether you will be able to visit any of them. If you have time left after the trek, do not forget to make use of your spare time by visiting those attractions. Since Solang, from where begins the trek is close to Manali, do not forget to explore places in Manali.

  1.  Budgeting 

Be aware of the strength of your pockets and plan accordingly. Research on the average expenditures of trekking the Friendship Peak. For this, you can employ multiple methods. The most simple method is to google the rates. You can also ask people who have been there or contact any tour guides regarding the economic cost of the visit. Do not forget to ask them about the most economically feasible hotels and restaurants nearby.

  1. Do not forget your winter clothes.

This is a crucial step if you are to make your trekking experience comfortable. Not that anyone would forget it when planning to go to the Himalayas, but ensure that you have all essential apparel with you. Ensure that you have the right jackets, boots, and coats. This will keep you safe and protected. Be very specific about the boots you use as the trekking gets dangerous at higher altitudes. Keep the necessary clothes with you.

  1. Draw an elaborate plan.

Spontaneity is not feasible when climbing a mountain, and especially not when climbing a dangerous one. Make plans about literally everything you are supposed to do, to the very last details. Plan where you are going to stay, the mode of transportation you are supposed to, and the starting time of your trek. Be punctual about the starting time and stick to the plan. Take care of the food you carry and ensure that you eat it according to the plan. Planning and sticking to those plans are crucial steps in any trekking experience. 

Friendship Peak Trek will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. Do not hesitate to employ trekking guides as and when you need them. There are multiple trekking companies available that will provide you with resourceful guides. Make your trekking experience worthwhile by following all the tips that we have provided.

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