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Explore the Top ten haunted tourist attractions in the World

Villisca Axe Murder House

Approximately two weeks before the heinous murders of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their four children, and two young girls who were overnight guests, 508 E Second Street was the scene of a horrific crime. Over time, residents of the house reported seeing a man with an ax, children crying, and experiencing paranormal activity. During the 1994 restoration, there was no electricity or indoor plumbing in the house. In addition to the lamplight tours available from April to November, you can also reserve an overnight experience for groups of a similar scale.

Moundsville Penitentiary

Almost 1,000 criminals lived in cramped conditions at the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia for more than 100 years. The prison’s environment inspired riots in its cramped quarters. Some villagers claim that tortured spirits still inhabit the prison despite it shutting down in 1995. Some say that they may still be seen or heard if they take a tour of the prison.

The Whaley House in San Diego, California

A granary, city courthouse, theater, and a general store were just some of the functions of the Whaley House, built in the mid-nineteenth century in San Diego’s Old Town neighborhood. The home is now a historic house museum that attracts tourists from all over the country hoping to admire the Greek Revival architecture or experience the hauntings long rumored to occur at this century-old San Diego residence.

In 1857, the Whaley family moved into the brick house built on top of the execution site of the thief Yankee Jim Robinson. The Whaley family claims he has haunted them ever since. As well as the loss of their 18-month-old son, Thomas, to scarlet fever and the suicide of their younger daughter Violet, after her conman husband dumped her, the Whaleys’ family suffered other tragedies as well.

In the Whaley House, residents and visitors have reported hearing strange sounds, including footsteps and a baby crying, while others say they saw a young woman walking around the third floor. As the most haunted house in the United States, The Whaley House has been described twice as “haunted.”

Alcatraz in San Francisco, California

The prison is located about a few miles off the coast of San Francisco. For years, Alcatraz was known as the fortress where no one in its prison could ever escape alive. In the early 1930s, the fort evolved into a federal prison, where the nation’s harshest offenders were held.

Before Alcatraz closed in 1963, guards reported hearing strange sounds and seeing supernatural sights late at night. Since then, visitors and rangers have continued to claim that former inmates, like Al Capone, have been seen in the shower where he used to sing, playing the banjo. Even if you only have one day to spend in San Francisco, you should consider visiting the prison and touring its facilities. Outside the prison, visitors can walk through some of the prison’s solitary confinement cells, which inexplicably remain icy cold, even during the summer.

New Orleans, Louisiana

A rich history of voodoo queens, vampires, pirates, and witches has earned New Orleans its title as the most haunted city in America.

Some travelers might indeed prefer to take in a jazz show or sample the city’s beignets, but there are plenty of haunted places and tours to keep those who enjoy ghost hunting entertained for days.

Visit famous haunted houses during your walking tour of the French Quarter, including the Lafitte Guest House, where the spirit of a young girl who died of yellow fever is said to haunt; and Old Absinthe House, where the ghost of Andrew Jackson occasionally appears. Visit the LaLaurie mansion, a grand residence with a horrible history of torture, or the St. Louis Cemetery, a 250-year-old graveyard where Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, was buried.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Found only 100 miles southwest of Delhi, the lavish remnants of Bhangarh Fort make for a curious juxtaposition against the desert scene of Rajasthan right up ’til today. The desert garden remains to a great extent uninhabited because of a supposed revile cast by a displeased alchemist after a neighborhood princess rebuked his advances. Assuming that you incline toward your excursions to slant more profound than tormented, Traveler’s previous proofreader at-large, Hanya Yanagihara, proposes showing respect to the sun during a meeting of pre-sunset yoga at the site.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is visited by almost 225,000 individuals every year, except it’s similarly too known for its supernatural guests. A few sad occasions that happened at the now-memorable site have added to the supposed paranormal action. The apparition of a beacon manager who tumbled to his demise while painting the pinnacle has been spotted looking after the grounds. What’s more, since the time of the awful death of three little youngsters, who suffocated when the truck they were playing in broke and fell into the sea, guests have professed to hear the hints of kids playing in and around the beacon.

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China 

No excursion to Beijing is finished without visiting the Forbidden City, China’s previous royal residence that currently fills in as a gallery. Still, you probably won’t realize that the well-known vacationer location has an incredible standing among extraordinary devotees. During its 600-year residency as a castle, the complex had its reasonable number of murders, regardless of whether it was from envious mistresses harming each other or executions performed at the ruler’s command. There have been many reports of odd peculiarities since the castle opened to the general population during the 1940s. The most widely recognized story includes a lady wearing white walking around the grounds and crying.

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Underlying the seventeenth century by the Dutch East India Company, the Castle of Good Hope in South Africa’s most seasoned structure. The principal phantom was seen in 1915 when the nebulous vision of a tall respectable man was seen bouncing off the side of one of the palace dividers and afterward strolling between the strongholds Leerdam and Oranje. One more renowned phantom, the Lady dressed in Gray, was frequently seen going through the palace holding her face and crying madly, yet has not been seen since a lady’s body was found during unearthings. Other unexplained occasions remember the ringer for the chime tower ringing willingly and the phantom of a dark canine that jumps on clueless guests, then, at that point, evaporates immediately and inexplicably.

The Separate Prison, Port Arthur, Australia

The Separate Prison worked a ‘quiet framework,’ where detainees were hooded, set in isolation, and illegal to address anybody. Conditions were insufferable to the point that valuable detainees would kill their kindred detainees. They’d prefer to face capital punishment than go through one more moment there. Many hooded prisoners are said to meander the lobbies around evening time, a modest bunch of the thousand individuals covered in the plain cemetery. Port Arthur is presently a noteworthy site gallery open to people in general. Daily apparition visits assume that you’re feeling fearless.

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