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Explore the capital china of China, Beijing on a Budget

When you travel on a budget it does not mean you are not going to enjoy the trip or it is a low-standard trip or you are going to miss out on things. With a trip budget, you are exploring Beijing and have a variety of experiences. All you are going to remember after returning home are the memories and would have the souvenirs in your pocket. 

1. Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square has a big plaza that has a dimension of 880 meters long and 500m wide. You are in the capital city of china and can enjoy visiting the popular attraction of the place. You will never find a place with less crowd or empty as it is often busy as there are large crowds available at the dawn and the dusk for raising and lowering the national flag of China. People enjoy watching it. 

2. National Museum of China

If you have valid ID proof then nobody can stop you to explore the popular attraction in China. It is the place that brings five thousand years of Chinese history under one roof. For exploring the place you do not have to spend a single penny instead just need a legal ID. if you are a historian or interested in art then after visiting Tiananmen Square you can visit the national museum of china which is situated at the eastern edge of the Square. The place of a huge collection of art, sculptures, ancient art, weapons, currency, bronze work, and much more. It has many floors with 48 rooms in it. It is built in an area of approximately 2.2 million square feet. Other than this museum you can also visit the Beijing Museum of Natural History and the China National Film Museum. 

3. Wangfujing Snack Street

Are you a foodie? Do you love trying foods at different places? Then Wangfujing Snack Street is the perfect spot for you. It is a touristy street where you can release Chinese street food at the most budget-friendly prices. You can go through the menu and notice some of the unique items like silkworms, scorpions on a stick, rabbit heads, boiled tripe,  donkey meat, wasp larvae, the fermented ‘stinky tofu’ and lamb spine, and much more. Similar to Wangfujing snack street there are other markets as well like Donghuamen Night Market which is near the Forbidden City where you will find similar kinds of snacks. 

4. Beijing Olympic Park

You might know the history of the Beijing 2008 Olympic games as it was very controversial and therefore you will find many venues are crumbled and abandoned around the city but there are still two amazing centerpiece stadiums to explore. Namely, the two architectural marvels are The Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. it has greatly symbolized the 2008 Olympic games. in 2022 also it is going to feature in the winter Olympic games. 

If you are a sports fan then it is a must-visit place which is on the northern outskirts of Beijing. It is connected with the subway stops and if you are on a budget trip then you will love exploring this place. 

5. Ritan Park

If you are willing to relax then Ritan park is best for you. You can spend several hours in this huge park exploring the ornate temple of the sun and another quaint pavilion around it. It is located in east Beijing where you can stroll through the beautiful gardens, make it a good picnic spot, watch the locals performing tai chi and you could play games of 

mahjong. If you are looking for similar places to visit in the smoggy city to grab some fresh air then you can explore popular picnic spots Chaoyang Park and Jingshan Park. 

6. Historic hutongs

Hutongs – the thin back streets that mismatch siheyuan patios – are an image of conventional Beijing society, and there’s no confirmation charge to investigate these pleasant laneways. A large portion of the 1,000-odd leftover hutongs are found on the upper east shoulder of the Forbidden City, between Jingshan Park and the Bell Tower and Drum Tower, for example, the extensive Nanluoguxiang and the beautiful Guozijian Street, in which has held its genuine entrances. You can meander through Old Beijing by walking or shell out for a cart visit and let another person accomplish everything.

7. Visit the street art in the 798 Art District to snap the photos

You are on a budget trip where you can explore one of the amazing places that are street art in the 798 art district. It is a scenic corner where you can snap your photos. It is also known as 

Dashanzi. In the 1950s it was a military factory complex but in the 1990s the soldiers moved out and the contemporary artist moved in. thy transformed the place from Bauhaus-style warehouses to Beijing’s hottest cultural destination. There are eye-catching murals, sculptures, and lots of galleries to explore. 

8. Panjiayuan Antique Market

Covering 26,000sq m and with around 4,000 slows down, Panjiayuan Antique Market is the greatest market in Beijing selling Chinese collectibles and craftsmanship. You’ll track down jades, works of art, calligraphy, and tea kettles here, and it is the best spot to look for trinkets. Regardless of whether you can’t stand to purchase anything, it’s as yet a beautiful region to ‘window-shop’. If you do choose to make a buy, try to carry cash with you. It’s standard to wrangle the cost down, so don’t be modest!

9. Shichahai

Do you love swimming? Would to like to dive into the Urban lake? Yes, you can do it all by joining the crew of intrepid swimmers. If you do not want to swim then still you can stroll around and enjoy the scenic waterfront. Houhai Lake sits inside the Shichahai region extending down the Forbidden City, with bars, shops, eateries, and old-school hutongs encompassing the region.

10. The Great Wall

Venturing out to China without seeing the Great Wall is a waste of time and an excursion. Put resources into the Great Wall, it won’t cost a lot assuming guests prep a knapsack loaded up with bites and a lot of fluid. The food sources and beverages there are preposterously overrated. Try not to purchase Great Wall gifts and never take the first cost for the ride there and back and guests can partake in the magnificence of the Great Wall at an insignificant cost.

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