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Discover thrilling fat biking in Finland

Finland is the world’s most northern country located in Northern Europe. Nearly two-thirds of Finland is occupied in the woodland, making it one of the most beautiful countries to explore nature in the world.

Have you ever heard about fat biking?

As the name suggests, fat biking is a bicycle with large and heavily patterned tires designed for all types of terrain and different conditions. It’s used for biking in challenging conditions such as snow, soft sand, forests, etc. You can ride a fat bike anywhere in Finland, but there are few restrictions on the road. 

Finland is covered with frosty snow blankets half of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover up with a helmet to restrict your activities. Lapland gives you amazing opportunities to enjoy fat biking on snow-covered trails in wintry landscapes. Various guides provide tourists with special guided tours in forests. However, you can enjoy your time away from the group and discover the breathtaking views during winter on fat biking. Fat biking in Lapland is a winter staple; you can find it on all holiday destinations in Finland. 

Explore Ylläs

Pack your stuff, wear your guards and gloves for protection. Most fat biking experience starts at a frozen lake in Ylläs. Following the snow-covered trails that lead to the forest in breathtaking mountains. Explore with your group or get lost in the beauty of the woods by yourself and discover various natural views, forest elements. Fat biking in Ylläs is one of Finland’s most famous mountain biking, particularly renowned for off-road biking. Explore bare nature at its best. The trails followed during fat biking here have different range levels. Depending on what you want to experience, you can choose your starting point. If you’re one of those, who love downhill mountain biking, head to the Ylläs Bike Park at the Sport Resort Ylläs. The place is open with a gondola lift, take your bike and you on the top of the fell where the routes start during summer. 

Discover lavish nature through fells at Inari-Saariselkä 

The region offers one of the most breathtaking views that tourists imagine about northern landscapes. From northern lights to fells to Sämi culture to reindeer, the area has everything to fall in love with. It has one of the most thrilling, well maintained fat biking trails to enjoy. Those who love adventures and thrill discover this region. Several cycling races take place every year in the region, which adds to another biking adventure you might love. If you love downhill biking, visit Bike Park in Saariselkä, where downhill fat biking routes start. Moreover, if you visit this region, make sure to explore national parks in the area for amazing wildlife. 

Lake Saimaa and Southern Karelia

Saimaa, one of the largest lakes in Europe, is part of the Finnish landscape popular for its hundreds of lakes. Lake Saimaa offers tourists picturesque scenery for cycling. Puumala Archipelago Route is one of the most popular lakeside biking in Finland. You can explore various Islands, bridges etc., while Fat Biking. There are huge ferry services to explore the lake. Karelia is one of the most enchanting regions to experience the Finnish culture and traditions. Karelia is the eastern part of the country and has some great places for fat biking; you can take easy to difficult trails and theme-based trails for fat biking. 

Explore Tampere 

Tampere is the biggest city in Finland, rich in majestic lakes; the most famous of all is Lake Näsi and Lake Pyhä, which gives tourists a great scenic place to explore on fat biking. Tampere is fascinating for the bikers who love to explore cultures, food and traditions of different places. The Pyhänäsi routes in Tampere allow bikers to visit farms, explore various local cuisine and try a glass of wine from vineyards. However, for the best experience, try both biking and boat routes Truly in the Finnish way: Sauna and biking. The best way to explore Finland during summer is in a cool lake. 

Explore coastal routes 

Another thing you cannot miss exploring with fat biking in Finland is the coastal routes. The Rannikkoreitti Route passes through forests, coastal beaches, lakes, and small idyllic villages with majestic Mathildedal ironworks. Moreover, tourists can explore various national parks along with their ways, such as Teijo National Park, Ekenäs Archipelago National and Park. Archipelago National Park.

Facts about fat biking in Finland 

  • Fat biking is easy to learn that it looks like
  • It’s recommended to rent a bike before you start your tour. 
  • First, follow your guide’s instructions to avoid getting lost in the forest.
  • Fat biking is suitable in any trails, weather and season for both adults and juniors. 
  • Protective gears such as a helmet are a must.
  • Electric fat bikes to fat bikes are available to rent throughout the year.

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