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8 Best Things to Do in Wroclaw, Poland 2024

Wroclaw is an old and bustling city in southwest Poland. Wroclaw is the historical capital of Silesia and is an incredibly diverse city that blends Polish, German, Bohemian, and Austrian elements.

Wroclaw’s cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, and old bridges over the Oder River give the city an abundance of charm. Apart from its picturesque Old Town, Wroclaw has many of the best things to do in Wroclaw, Poland.

1. Visit Rynek and Stare Miasto Old Town Market Square

Things to Do in Wroclaw

In the center of Wroclaw, there is the stunning 13th-century Market Square or Rynek. Cobblestone Plaza is surrounded by pastel-colored townhouses and is filled with restaurants, shops, and street artists.

The main attraction on the square is the Gothic Old Town Hall, whose large facade is adorned with carved figures of historical leaders. One should not forget the view from the top of the 91-meter-high tower.

Other points of interest are the Salt Square of the 17th century, the Flower Market, and the church of St. Elizabeth with its 14th-century altar. Drown yourself in the nooks and crannies of Old Town and study the buildings and the dynamic vibes.

2. Visit Panorama of Racławice and See a 19th Century Battle Come to Life

Panorama of Racławice

One of the best things to do in Wroclaw, Poland is the Panorama of Racławice, an enormous 360-degree panoramic painting housed in a circular building. The 15 x 120-meter canvas depicts the 1794 Battle of Racławice during the Kościuszko Uprising against Russia.

Visitors stand on a viewing platform in the middle of the cylindrical room, making them feel as if they are on the battlefield itself. With its painstaking realism and immense scale, the panorama is an incredible sight that seems to come to life. An exhibit below explains the history behind the painting and battle.

3. Learn at the City Museum and Discovery Center

One of things to do in Wroclaw best museums for visitors of all ages is the City Museum, located within the historic Royal Palace. Interactive exhibits take you through Wroclaw’s eventful history and the daily life of its past inhabitants using multimedia displays.

See an impressive model of Old Town, explore an alchemist’s laboratory, and visit an air raid shelter left from WWII. The Discovery Center lets kids try their hand at being a blacksmith, operate a historic printing press, and perform chemistry experiments in a replica lab. Visitors gain a hands-on understanding of the city’s past and present.

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4. Tour Wroclaw’s Universities and See Foucault’s Pendulum

Foucault's Pendulum

As a university town, Wroclaw has a youthful vibe and creative energy. The historic campuses of the University of Wroclaw and Wroclaw University of Technology feature stunning architecture spanning centuries of changing styles.

At the University of Wroclaw, don’t miss seeing Foucault’s Pendulum in the grand Aula Leopoldina auditorium. Foucault demonstrated Earth’s rotation using this simple device in 1851, and this pendulum model still swings flawlessly.

Time your visit to attend an organ concert within the impressive Baroque hall. Architecture buffs will also appreciate the modernist buildings of the Technology University campus.

5. Enjoy Slavic Food and Vodka Tastings

Polish and Slavic comfort foods like pierogi dumplings, hearty borscht soup, schnitzel, and sausage reign supreme in Wroclaw’s restaurants. Try pierogi stuffed with meat, cheese, or fruit at Pierogarnia Stary Mlyn.

For an upscale twist, book a table at trendy bistros like Bernard or Spices. Don’t leave without trying a local craft beer like Lech or Piast at one of Wroclaw’s brewpubs.

The city also has several excellent vodka tasting rooms where you can sample various flavored vodkas, from traditional to more exotic fruit infusions. Naive is a top spot for vodka flights and tasty bar food in a cozy brick cellar. Żurawina offers tastings in a cellar dating to 1273.

6. Visit the Dwarves of Wroclaw

Dwarves of Wroclaw

Scattered throughout the streets and plazas of Wroclaw are over 300 dwarf statues, each with an individual personality and charming name. These small bronze figurines, reaching 20 cm tall, pay homage to the symbol of the Orange Alternative movement against communism.

Search out quirky dwarves like the Paparazzi Dwarf, sleeping on a pillow, or pushing a wheelbarrow. Use a dwarf map to track them down, turning it into a fun scavenger hunt. Seeing how many dwarves you can spot makes walking around Wroclaw much more entertaining. This of one of best things to do in Wroclaw.

7. Take in Colorful Street Art and Murals

Colorful Street Art and Murals

Like many rejuvenated urban areas, Wroclaw has embraced street art, with colorful murals and graffiti tags covering once-drab walls. The city has even commissioned many works, such as massive murals by Etam Cru.

Get your camera ready for the huge mural of a teddy bear’s face, towering urban portraits, and surreal daydreams. Graffiti fills the underground tunnels and passages with urban flair. Street art tours are available to learn more about the art flourishing throughout the city.

8. Pay Respects at the Centennial Hall

Built-in 1913, the massive Centennial Hall is a landmark of Wroclaw. The distinctive Max Berg dome was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architectural innovations. Though originally built for exhibitions and events, the Nazis confiscated the hall during WWII for mass gatherings. In the postwar period, the hall became a poignant memorial site.

The surrounding grounds feature the moving Grave of the Unknown Soldier, the Iron Curtain Monument, and a memorial to Polish victims of the Nazis. Centennial Hall remains an active events venue alongside its contemplative memorial spaces.This of one of best things to do in Wroclaw.

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