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Best places to visit in Spain for first-timers: It’s a stunning nation known for its music and wine

Spain just has so much history here, much of which can be explored in any city. The country is fascinating due to the different cultures of its distinct regions. It is said that there are many Spanish cities that still have Islamic architecture and ancient Roman ruins from the Moorish period and fortifications along with Castilian- and Hapsburg-era palaces and mansions.

Spain offers such a dazzling array of places and tourists to visit. Spain: The European country is full of natural attractions and beautiful scenery. There is a variety of places one can visit, from the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountain range to the white sand and blue lagoon of its Mediterranean islands like Ibiza.If you are looking for places to be visited in Spain for young adults then your search ends up here with these amazing options Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Ibiza. Also, it should be considered that Spring: March to May, or Fall: September to November, is considered to be the best time to visit Spain.

Spain in itself represents the pinnacle in all things related to the sheer enjoyment of life such as delicious food, friendly people, lively dances, great art, and amazing music. In this article, you will get to know the best time to visit Spain.

Spain is full of adventures and here we provide you with the best places to explore the country.



This is countries capital city and also showcases Spain’s incredible history. Because of its royal palaces, changing of the guards, royal palaces, and hundreds of museums, it is one of the perfect destinations to be visited.

Visiting Madrid is incomplete if you do not visit the three major museums. The Prado Museum, also known to be the MUSEO NACIONAL DEL PRADO showcases the Spanish Royal Collection of Art. Also, there is nearby Reina Sofia Museum showing modern masterpieces like Picasso’s moving Guernica.  There is again one nearby museum said to be Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum which combines Old masters with the best contemporary art.

Madrid is a European strolling city and is classical in its own way, filled with many green areas, and wide and broad pedestrian like Gran Via. The food culture here has a variety of tasting areas. It’s a lot of fun in travelling from place to place where ever you wish.

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Barcelona is said to be the second largest city in the country and it offers itsvisitors a very different travel experience as compared to any other place. Because of its coastal location, it is preferredas it gives more of a resort feel, warm and cozy, and sunny weather. It is situated on the northeast coast by the Mediterranean Sea.

It is said that due to its immense Sagrada Familia modern cathedral, made and architectured by the iconic artist, it is the best place to be visited in Spain for couples.

There is a must-visit Summit of Tibidabo, a local mountain with a beautiful church and amusement park up to which you have to take the funicular (incline railway). From the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the city and surrounding area.



San Sebastian is also known to be a Resort city situated on the North Coast of Spain, in the Basque region. San Sebastian is nearby to the scenic Bay of Biscay which opens to the Atlantic Ocean. It is known to be a surfing town. The visit to the place will give you the opportunity to experience the unique Basque culture.

There are many things that will help you spend your time on the sandy beach of La Concha and also hiking up Monte Orgull. It’s also fun to spend time in that cobblestone old town, known to be Parte Vieja. There are many local shops where you can go shopping and places to sit and enjoy pintxos, which is the Basque version of tapas.



Valencia has a long connection with the sea and with Spain’s Trade with the world. It is known to be the port city of the country. As a coastal city, there are some amazing beaches where tourists are welcome and there are a lot of activities which can be done. There is a nearby wetland reserve near the beach called Albufera Park, it has a lot of hiking trails along with some good beaches.

Valencia city has many museums. The most famous of all is the Museum of Fine Arts. It has an excellent collection of Spanish masters by artists like Goya and El Greco. There is one must-visit prison which is said to be 300 years old and a standing gate to the walled city known to be Torres de Serranos.



Granada is also one of the amazing destinations to be visited in Spain. Here you can experience ancient as well as modern Spain in the same place. It is the home to the spectacular Alhambra Moorish Hilltop Palace and Fortress. It depicts excellent examples of Islamic architecture, and the best example is Alhambra Palace. There is a preserved Moorish town named The Albaicin, it has narrow streets, and most of the buildings there have engraved dates thatstate that these buildings must have been made in the 8th, 9th, and 10th centuries.

Sierra Nevada, one of the ski resort areas stands nearby Granada. It is around 42 kilometers from there, and the resort has over 100 runs, served with 17 lifts and 2 cable cars. Here one can experience Royal Spain with an ornate, 16th-century cathedral, which houses the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle, who made their efforts in uniting the country.

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