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Best places to experience winter outdoors in India

Talking about winters, What comes to your mind ? snow? Chilly temperature? Bonfire? Frozen lakes? India is a place of beauty. Every city will offer you one or the other new things. Winters outdoors are always adventurous and memorable experiences; whether you travel solo or with family or friends, winter outdoor vacations will detoxify all your hassle of city life. 

Here is the list of best places to experience winter outdoors in India; let us know if you loved it :

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  • Gulmarg The beautiful town of Kashmir, famous for skinning activities. Early May is the best time to visit this wonderful heaven when the land has a blanket of white snow. It has the longest golf course in India. The town is all about beautiful and rare flower species. You can take advantage of its winters by visiting the most attractive destination in the city, which includes saint mary’s church, Gulmarg biosphere reserve, Gulmarg gondola, shiva temple. The Alpather Lake, Gulmarg, will leave you awestruck with frozen state, snow-covered mountains surrounding the lake. You will fall in love with the beauty of Alpather lake.
  • Auli – Auli is no less than a fairytale during winters in Uttarakhand. Auli looks straight out of a Disney movie, frozen. The snow enveloped place looks like magic during winters. Tourists can experience the encapturing ride on the Auli ropeway. Did you say skiing? Well, Auli skiing is a lifetime experience. The skiing enthusiast can die for this blissful place. The artificial lake in Auli is yet another beautiful destination surrounding layers of mountains/. Going to the mountains and forget about the snow trek? Nah, Not happening- The short Gorson trek will add a new adventure to your trip to Auli.
  • Almora– Almora in Uttarakhand is famous for its alluring views. Winters in Alora are quite an experience with the chilly temperature of -3 degrees celsius. The weather in Almora remains cool all the year but visiting from August to November and February to May is the best time. The site is the magnificent beauty of oak and pine trees. Tourists can discover the rich heritage and unique handicrafts of local communities. Nature walks in snow-covered surroundings can be a blissful experience. Almora is the best place for people who love long walks to relish the winter season.
  • Srinagar– the largest city of Kashmir also known as the queen of hills have temperature drop to -2 degrees to -10 degree celsius. The Kashmiri winter delicacy harissa is a must-try cuisine—however, Kehwa, aloo, Yakhni are some of the famous Kashmiri delicacies. Dal lake, popularly known as the crown of Kashmir, is a must-visit experience on the tour of elegant Shikaras. The lake gets frozen during December, making it a breathtaking sight. The other beautiful attractions in Srinagar include Shankaracharya temple, Nishat bag h near dal lake, the Hari Parbat, Shalimar bagh, Hazrat Bal shrine. Pashmina shawls of Srinagar, one of the beautiful creations on earth, are a must-buy from Srinagar.
  • Leh: Talking about winter outdoor places in India and forget Leh? Nah, not possible. The true meaning of beauty is defined when you experience winters in Leh. The traditional Leh and Ladakh homes, their rich heritage, and culture will leave you awestruck; temperatures in Leh drop from -10 degrees to harsh -35 degrees celsius. Everything from houses to mountains to valleys to roads has a blanket of snow during winters. The authorities close the Srinagar and Leh highway from November to January; the only way to reach Leh is by air. Walking on frozen Zanskar is such a peaceful and loving experience. While exploring local markets, you can discover their beautiful local jewelry, costumes all worth paying.
  • Runn of kutch – White desert in Gujarat is one the happening palace for winter outdoors. The world’s most exciting and lively desert festival happens in a run of kutch. Their special winter delicacies are Dabeli, Kadak, and Bajra roti, khichdi with Chaas; this delicious kutch meal ends with Dhana betel leaf supari, also known as sweet pan. They have different local communities, each of them has a unique identity of making beautiful products. Travelers can shop from a variety of traditional stuff made by localities. Full moon under the open sky with the chilly winter season is such a surreal experience running of kutch. Tourists experience living in tents; they gather at night for bonfires and have a fantastic time. During winters, you can experience its new wildlife and bird species like the flamingo, ducks, etc.
  • Binsar – It is one of the gorgeous destinations in Uttarakhand. The wildlife century and shiva temple are the most attractive destinations in Binsar. Imagine you are sitting in the middle of mountains enveloped in snow during winters with a cup of coffee. Group camps with late-night bonfires in the hills are always unique. Binsar offers you a wide variety of trees. Sitting in the lap of nature away from hectic city life is one hell of an experience to have.
  • Nainital– Winter season in Nainital generally starts from October till February. Tourists can relish the Himalayan beauty in cozy cottages. The all-time favorite tourist’s cable ride to the snow viewpoint is yet another beautiful experience. The peaceful and enchanting environment of Naini lake will be worth your time in Nainital. You came to Nainital in winter and didn’t see their famous winter carnival then you are going to miss it a lot. Their winter carnival is three days long with various cultural activities like dancing, singing, etc.; it’s all about discovering the local cultural heritage of Nainital.
  • Mechuka: Arunachal Pradesh, the northeast state of India, is no less than paradise on earth. Tourists visit in large numbers to enjoy their scenic beauty in winters. October to March is the best time to visit this isolated beauty in Arunachal Pradesh to relish their winters. Yarlung army camp and the Buddhist monastery are fascinating destinations to visit .it is an unexplored beauty in India where you can see the holy cave dedicated to guru Nanak dev Ji. It’s 600 feet above sea level with alluring views. Tourists can spend time with the local communities and taste their unique delicacies.

All the travelers in the world love these places. We hope you will have great winter in India.

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