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Best Destinations For Couples

India has many romantic or couple-friendly spots to spend some special and precious time. Add spice to your life and explore the amazing hill stations with your partner. From the glorified mountains to heavy greenery, move one step closer to the beautiful destinations. Enjoy recreational and adventure sports to stay at the cliff and explore the undefining beauty of nature. 

Here, we have listed down some of such romantic and peaceful getaways for you and your partner. Just dive into the details and make a choice yourself: 

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1. Manali 

Manali is the place for couples. It is an ideal honeymoon spot with glorious mountains, valleys, waterfalls, snowfalls, etc. Manali is situated in the middle of the forests of Himachal Pradesh. Although there are a lot of other places in Himachal Pradesh to explore yet, Manali has been the most popular choice for all couples. It is one of the places that comes straight to our mind whenever we plan a getaway. The snow-capped mountains at the end of Kullu valley and thick pine trees in the forests with flowers and orchards add life to the place. 

If you are planning to visit Manali for a couple of enjoyment, it could be a great choice as you will be introduced to almost all sorts of spots with the high mountain climbs and hiking as well. The cottages can be easily found with the best views to spend time. Plan a trip to Manali today and enjoy an everlasting experience. 

2. Shimla 

Shimla has been considered the most beautiful and romantic place for couples. The snow-covered mountains and greenery all around provide the best-in-class ambiance for the lovebirds. The place is full of scenic beauties with the sheer calmness and cool breeze. Shimla has many heritage architectures to visit along with a lot of other amazing places to explore. 

Often, the couples prefer to visit both Shimla and Manali together, and it has been a power combo for their mesmerizing views. Enjoy the evening walks and sunset points along with beautiful sunrise from the mountains. There is a lot more to do and explore in Shimla with your partner. 

3. Munnar 

Munnar is famous for the green valleys in the heart of Kerala. The place is very calm and is away from the rush of life. You get to see huge mountains and valleys with greenery all around. The tea plantation is done on a huge scale in Munnar, and this can add peace and quietness to your romance. 

Explore a soothing atmosphere with a lot of places to visit and enjoy each other’s company. Sip a cup of tea with the best-in-class tea production place. Enjoy your chilled mornings and breezy evening. This place will keep you connected with nature and allow you to blend with the places. 

4. Auli 

Auli can be the perfect place for a couple’s getaway. It has everything you would be looking for. The snow-capped mountains are very popular and preferred for various adventures. Try skiing on the huge mountain range and trigger the hidden adrenaline rush in your body and soul. Experience an amazing level of peace and adventure with your partner and add scenic beauties as the background of your picture. 

If you want to stay free and relaxed from day-to-day life and enjoy some precious moments with your partner, Auli is the answer to all. The huge chain of alpine trees adds significant greenery and beauty to the place. The snowfall happens in huge volumes, and all trees or mountains will be covered with the snow. The views just become magical to spend a few days and nights with your partner. 

5. Ooty

Choose this place as your honeymoon spot and experience some chaos-free days of your life. Ooty has a lot of resorts with spectacular views that can make you stay there much longer than you have planned. The valleys and mountains add colors and beauty to the place. It has a huge range of eucalyptus forests along with pine trees. If you are looking for a place with hypnotic surroundings, Ooty is the right choice. 

The tea and coffee plantation is done at a huge rate and scale in Ooty. The pleasant weather and climate situations can simply make your stay romantic and full of life. There is a miniature train that can provide stunning views of the mesmerizing sceneries of nature.  

Bottom Line

That’s it. Although there are many other places that can make it to the list, we have mentioned the best ones and preferred ones to make a choice easier for you. No matter which destination you choose from these romantic places, you will be able to have a spectacular time and enjoy it to the fullest. 

We aim that the above information proves helpful to you.

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