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Best Cruise Lines in the World

Cruises are the most loved form of travel expeditions. Over the past decade, cruise lines have evolved unimaginably. These cruise rides have become engaging, fun, and full of enjoyment. Cruise lines are the companies that conduct these exciting, adventurous cruising activities. have increased enormously. Therefore, finding the best cruise lines is a difficult task. But we are here to help you out. We have curated a list of the Best Cruise Lines in the World. These cruise lines will provide your best experiences with their wonderful services, beautiful cruising locations, and many more. So if you want to be a carefree traveler and explore the unlimited waters, cruising is the best, and the best is the wonderful experience you have. 

List of the Best Cruise Lines in the World 

The best Best Cruise Lines in the World are the ones that help you curate the best traveling experience. Below is the list of the top 20 cruise lines around the world. 

1. Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is the best cruise line and the largest one too. It can carry over 6500 passengers, and its length is around 340 m. This cruise is very affordable and beautifully decorated with neon-colored lights. 

2. P&O Cruise Line

P&O Cruise Line is the most famous cruise line and the oldest cruise line too. It can carry over 5206 passengers, and its length is around 344 m. This cruise is based in Southampton, Carnival House, England.

3. P&O Australia Line

P&O Australia is a British and American cine based in New South Wales, Chatswood, Australia. It can carry over 2600 passengers, and its length is around 290 m. It is currently functioning in different ports located in parts of New Zealand and Australia. 

4. Holland America Line

Holland America Line is an American cruise line based in Washington, Seattle, USA. This cruise line operates between the parts of North America and the Netherlands. It can carry over 2666 passengers, and its length is around 299 m.

5. Cunard Line 

Cunard Line is a British-based cruise line based in Southampton in England. It gives you elegant vibes and a luxurious experience. It can carry over 6274 passengers, and its length is around 322 m.

6. Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruise Line is a cruise line based in Seattle in  Washington. It is known for its luxurious experience. It travels around the world and is cozy. It can carry over 604 passengers, and its length is around 210 m.

7. Princess Cruise line

Princess Cruise Line is the second biggest cruise when it comes to net revenue. These are situated in Santa Clarita in California. It can carry over 2214  passengers, and its length is around 294 m. The cruises are built to promote the concept of vacation.

8. Royal Caribbean line

Royal Caribbean line is also known as Royal Caribbean International. It is a live example of innovative and new cruises. It can carry over 6680  passengers, and its length is around 361 m.

9. Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is also termed as Norwegian. It is an American cruise line and is based in Miami. It can carry over 3998  passengers, and its length is around 333 m.

10. MSC Cruise line

MSC Cruise line is based in Italy, Naples, and founded in geneva. The MSC Cruise is a unique combination of traditional, innovative, and mindful design. It can carry over 6334  passengers, and its length is around 331 m.

11. Celebrity Cruise line 

Celebrity Cruise Line is based in Florida, Miami. They are highly spacious and are styled greatly. It can carry over 3405 passengers, and its length is around 306 m.

12. Costa Cruise line

Costa Cruise line is an Italic line of cruises. It is based in Italy, Genoa. It can carry over 6554  passengers, and its length is around 337 m.

13. Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is headed by Walt Disney Company. It is based in Florida, Celebration. These cruise lines come under the name of Magical Cruise Company Limited. It can carry over 4000 passengers, and its length is around 339 m.

14. Viking Cruise line

Viking Cruise line is based in Switzerland, Basel. It offers various kinds of cruises such as the ocean, river, and expeditions. It is headquartered in California, Los Angeles. It can carry over 386 passengers, and its length is around 137  m.

15. Marella Cruise line

Marella Cruise line is also known as Thomson Cruises. It is a British line of cruises. The cruise line cruises around the Caribbean, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and parts of Asia. It can carry over 1814 passengers, and its length is around 248  m.

16. Coral Expeditions

Coral Expeditions are small line cruises that carry a maximum of 50 passengers. They go around the Kimberley region,  Great Barrier Reef, and parts of southern Tasmania. The cruises are filled with adventure, and you can do hiking, kayaking, and many more activities. 

17. Fathom cruise line

Fathom cruise line is one of the latest cruise lines. They are based on voluntourism. The cruising starts from Miami and ends in Cuba or the Dominican Republic. At the halt, people can do volunteering activities in communities and schools. Proper training about the places is given, and all the people are equipped with the necessary knowledge about the destination. 

18. Un-Cruise line

The Un-Cruise line is not a typical or traditional cruise line; rather, it promotes adventure, culture, wilderness, and wildlife. They sail in places like Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Galapagos Islands. Passengers get a chance to get close to real nature. 

19. Hapag-Lloyd line

Hapag-Lloyd line is a German line of cruises. It is stylish and sleek. These cruises carry a maximum of 500 guests and have all the luxurious facilities like sauna, bath tabus, jets, balcony, large cabins, and many more. 

20. Silversea expeditions

This is one of the most luxurious small ship expeditions. It can carry over 100 to 255 passengers. It has spacious, cozy, and comfortable cruises. These cruises sail through less-known destinations such as Micronesia, Polynesia, Galapagos, and many more.

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