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Top 7 Best Beaches in Massachusetts for an Epic Summer Getaway

Hey friend! You’re looking for the best beaches in Massachusetts for your upcoming summer vacation, but don’t know where to start. With nearly 1,500 miles of coastline, Massachusetts offers no shortage of scenic shores and classic New England beaches.
Well, I’m here to help. I’ve put together this guide covering my top 7 favorite beaches in Massachusetts for an epic summer beach trip. Trust me, with this list in hand, you’ll be set for an unforgettable beach vacation exploring the best of the Bay State shoreline. Let’s dive in!

1. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod

Beaches in Massachusetts

First up on our list is the one and only Coast Guard Beach, located on the outer edge of gorgeous Cape Cod. This beach is consistently ranked one of the top of the best beaches in Massachusetts for families.

With its pristine sand, dramatic coastal cliffs, and fantastic Atlantic Ocean waves, Coast Guard Beach is a gem. Since it’s part of the protected Cape Cod National Seashore, the beach remains unspoiled without any commercial development in sight.

Talk about paradise! Between sunbathing, swimming, and long walks along the coast, you could spend countless hours here basking in the seaside perfection. One thing you have to keep in mind is that just be sure to arrive early during peak season to secure a parking spot!

2. Crane Beach, Ipswich

Speaking of paradise, Crane Beach in Ipswich also tops my list of public beaches in Massachusetts. We’re talking over 4 miles of sandy barrier beach perfection alongside the Crane Estate.

Moreover, spending a day lounging on Crane Beach honestly feels like you’re on a Caribbean island, not just a half hour from Boston! The calm waters are ideal for swimming and kayaking or just lazing about.

Besides, this is also one of the best beaches in Massachusetts for families. Families will love frolicking in the soft sand and exploring the scenic coastal dunes. Remember to come at low tide for the full experience of Crane Beach’s stunning expanse. The daily parking fee in summer is well worth this beach’s coastal magic.

3. Nantasket Beach, Hull

Nantasket Beach, Hull

Of course, we can’t talk about Massachusetts beaches without hitting up some classics along the Boston Harbor! Nantasket Beach is one of my long-time favorite & best beaches in Massachusetts. There’s just something so nostalgic about the vintage boardwalk and old-school arcades.

Located only 20 miles from the city, Nantasket has a peaceful, remote feeling even though civilization is so close. With gentle waves, clean sands, and easy parking, it’s one of the best beaches in Massachusetts for families. Let the kids splash in the calm waters while you savor the unspoiled natural beauty along this scenic shoreline.

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4. Race Point Beach, Provincetown

Race Point Beach, Provincetown

Now if you’re willing to journey out to the tip of Cape Cod, Race Point Beach simply must be on your itinerary. Part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, this outermost beach has a wild, windswept beauty that will move you. We’re talking sensational sunsets, roaring waves, and secluded stretches of sand for romantic walks.

Between July and mid-September, protected areas open for some gentler beach swimming perfect for families. At low tide, you’ll uncover endless sand flats dotted with tidal pools begging to be explored. Race Point really does feel like the edge of the world in the best possible way.

5. Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

Boasting a spectacular ocean cove setting, Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester is another must-visit. Soft sands, calm turquoise waters, and superb swimming make Good Harbor a total standout. At low tide, fascinating tide pools appear, ripe for discovery. The laid-back on-site restaurant adds to the charm.

Located along the rocky coast north of Boston, Good Harbor has a peaceful ambiance so different from the crowded city beaches. Come watch magical sunsets paint the evening sky in stunning colors and cap off perfect beach days in this special spot.

6. South Beach, Martha’s Vineyard

South Beach, Martha's Vineyard

Of course, a beach trip isn’t complete without hitting up the islands! And Martha’s Vineyard beaches definitely deliver. My personal favorite is South Beach situated right in the heart of Edgartown. The gently lapping waves make it ideal for leisurely swimming and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere.

Rent a beach chair or cabana, and just sink into the good life, island style. The wide sandy beach also allows everyone to spread out and soak up the sun and vibrant ocean vistas. And don’t even get me started on those legendary island sunsets! South Beach truly captures the essence of island paradise.

7. Chapin Beach, Dennis

Chapin Beach, Dennis

Now if you’re looking for great family-friendly beaches in Massachusetts, Chapin Beach on Cape Cod is a superstar. This beach has it all – clean soft sands, a quaint bathhouse, calm shallow waters perfect for little ones, plus snacks and facilities for parents. Located on the quieter north side of the Cape, Chapin has a relaxed neighborhood vibe.

Arrive early to claim your spot on this gem of a beach. After playing on the shore, head to the adjoining Chapin Memorial Park for lunch, tennis, and more fun.

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