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Art Of Play WONDR Review – The Best Way To Explore Amsterdam

If you’ve never visited Amsterdam and would like to know what activities are available for tourists before deciding whether you want to go or not. You’ve landed in the right place. The city of Amsterdam is a great place for tourists, especially those who love to play.

Amsterdam has a rich history, strong traditions and a vibrant culture—all of which contribute to its residents living a relaxed way of life. Whatever may be the reason, whether you’re visiting Amsterdam with children, friends or as a couple–you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, then make sure that the Art of Play is at the top of your list. Amsterdam offers visitors an array of options when it comes to entertainment.

While there are many ways to experience Amsterdam, taking a tour to Art of play WONDR is certainly one way. Do you know why? Let’s check in detail about the Art of Play WONDR, Amsterdam.

Highlights of The Art of Play WONDR, Amsterdam

  • Spend your day visiting an art museum in Amsterdam, where you can relive the joys of childhood. This attraction offers visitors the opportunity to explore a world of colour.
  • You can take some fun and memorable photos by using props to strike a pose with your friends.
  • Discover all 15 interactive installations of the attraction and take part in a variety of activities.
  • There’s nothing quite like the experience of strolling through an unworldly jungle and taking a selfie in front of its unique settings.
  • Jump into the sea of pink marshmallows and make some memories.
  • Spend your weekend at WONDR, where dance is more than just a form of entertainment.
Art Of Play WONDR -1

Overview of the art of play WONDR, Amsterdam

The newest Amsterdam Museum, WONDR, is unlike any other gallery or museum in the world—so it can be a little difficult to explain what makes it so special.

WONDR Amsterdam is a fantasyland where visitors can marvel at endless creativity and colour. So, it will surely release your inner child into wonderment.

Get away from the hustle and bustle life and make a visit to Amsterdam WONDR with entry tickets, a playground in Noord where you can jump into an adult-sized ball pit or ride a giant swing.

The WONDR is more than just a playground—it’s an experience that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy together. With its collection of art installations, the museum offers visitors a chance to engage with their senses in new ways while learning about Amsterdam’s history.

If you’re looking for something different and want your senses engaged in the dream world experience, then WONDR will be just what you need!

Capture your Art of Play Amsterdam WONDR Experience

For Instagram users, WONDR Amsterdam is an amazing place to take some eye-catching photos.

Giant marshmallows have quickly become a favourite for everyone from international influencers to hobby photographers. And, what better way to remember your trip than by snapping some creative photos of yourself up to your neck in giant fluffy suds?

For photography enthusiasts, Amsterdam offers a range of incredible spots where you can capture memories with picture-perfect snapshots.

Art Of Play WONDR -2

A unique experience, unlike any other Museum – Amsterdam WONDR

WONDR is a hyper-visual realm spanning 1,200 square meters that will engage every sense and immerse you in an experience unlike anywhere else on earth. Fifteen interactive installations from the sublime to the ridiculous will bring together technology and artistry to create totally immersive sensory experiences like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Unlike any other Amsterdam Museum, WONDR is a new concept and the perfect place to spend hours on a rainy Dutch day.

For those looking to celebrate with a special evening out, art of play WONDR offers special packages for birthdays, hen parties, and corporate drinks with a twist.

Where to find WONDR Amsterdam?

WONDR Amsterdam is located on the northern side of the river IJ. It can be reached by public transport in a relatively short time.

If you prefer to travel more quickly, hop on the Noord-Zuid line. And, if you’d rather make your trip a little more eventful, take the ferry across from Amsterdam Central. 

How to reach?

By Car/Cab: It is 9.3 kilometres from Amsterdam’s main city and can be reached by cab or rental car within 15 minutes.

By Train: A train departs Central Station every 8 minutes and takes up to 9 minutes to reach the destination.

By Metro: Metro Line 52 takes you directly to metro station Noorderpark. It is a two-minute ride from Centraal Station. Exit the subway and walk 5 minutes down Meeuwenlaan 88, a pink building on your right with WONDR written in large letters across its facade.

Art Of Play WONDR -3

Things you should know before you visit the Art of Play WONDR Experience

Foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details with the official at the time of arrival and entry.

Only children under the age of 10 are not allowed to participate in the WONDR experience and all above will be charged at the standard price.

WONDR is an art installation designed specifically for adults, so children under the age of 10 are not permitted.

The WONDR experience is partially accessible with a wheelchair. All rooms can be visited, but some activities may require assistance and/or adaptation to accommodate those in wheelchairs.

Luggage or large bags – Luggage or large bags are not permitted in the WONDR experience.

Tripods – Tripods are not permitted inside the WONDR experience. If you have a tripod, please leave them at home or in your car.

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