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A trekker’s guide to the beautiful Chandranahan Lake Trek.

Hiking is a sport of passion. People who A frenzy and fascination towards the mountains frequently embark on trekking journeys. Hiking is not an easy job and requires physical fitness, mental durability and other parameters to fulfil. In this article we will discuss the famous Chandranahan lake trek and cover all the basic information about this trekking details. Chandranahan is the tributary or a branchlet of the Pabbar river. It is a beautiful destination to witness. The lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in India. 

In which state is the Chandranahan lake trek situated?

This trek is based in the beautiful abode of snow Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is a state which is frequented by hiking groups and trekkers as it is surrounded by a panoramic view of mountains. The Chandranahan trek is also located in this state of Himachal Pradesh.

To be precise the trekking trail starts from the city of Shimla located in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is a city covered in clouds and the weather is pleasant throughout the year. In winters the city is covered with snow.

Here is a brief route plan to the Chandranahan winter trek.

First of all you will be picked up from the city of Shimla. You can travel from your home to Shimla by any means of transport be it flights, Airbus, Road or other means of conveyance. Shimla is the starting point of the Chandranahan trek.

From Shimla you will move towards the Janglikh forest route. Junglikh is the base camp of the Chandranahan trek.

After you reach the Junglikh base camp you will move towards the Dayara meadows. The distance between the Junglikh base camp is a trail of forests which is famous for its beauty. You will move through a dense expanse of forest and it will be one of the most amazing adventures that you have ever had. The forest route starting from Janglikh to Dayara is a traceable distance. This is a 3 to 4 hour distance journey.

From Dayara you will move to the Litham Thach. Litham is a patch of land where animals grace and you will be able to see a range of domesticated animals whiling their time away in these meadows. It is a pleasant experience to be lying around in the meadows and relaxing after a long three-hour trek. Chandranahan trek is Some moderate to low difficulty track which can be undertaken by fit adults. However, if you belong to the senior Citizens section of the society then you might require a medical certificate before starting the trek.


The Chandranahan waterfall is one of the most mystical and beautiful waterfalls in the whole world. Hikers have given testimony that the waterfall feels like heaven. The clear water starts flowing from a high end and you can see your own reflection in the clean waters. The Dayara meadows are also famous for its sunset hues.

After completing the Dayara track you will be moving back towards Junglikh which is your base camp and back to Shimla.

We have answered some frequently asked questions which will clear all your doubts?

In which months do I cover the Chandranahan trek?

The best months to cover the Dayara waterfalls and Chandranahan trek are from December to March. You can visit this trekking line anywhere between these months. A hiker can also go on this track during other months but December to March is the best period to visit this place.

What is the maximum height which a tracker has to climb in the Chandranahan lake trek?

The maximum altitude that you might have to climb during this lake trek is 13900 feet.

What is the duration of this trek?

The Chandranahan trek takes about six days to complete.

What are the important things that one should keep in mind during trekking?

First of all it is very important to be physically fit before embarking on a hiking journey.  Physical fitness cannot be achieved in a single day and it takes several months to build up the stamina and fitness. 

Make sure that you are physically fit and medically stable to start this hiking.

Back your items well in advance to make sure that nothing is left behind during your journey. Trekking is not a fun vacation and it can be a situation of critical experience.  Medical Supplies, hiking gear and other equipment should be packed carefully. 

What are the items that should be carried to the chandana hanlak trick?

Trekking equipment is one of the most essential things that should be carried and packed with utmost care. Here is a basic overview of the things that you should be carrying.

First of all you should have a 50 to 90 litre trekking bag which is used for hiking purposes only. You can purchase this bag online or from any retail store near your home.

Secondly you should choose a good pair of hiking boots. Hiking boots can make or break your journey. If the road is slippery or gravel laden then hiking boots can provide a good grip over the ground. You should never wear normal boots to a hiking trip because you can slip on the gravel and cause accidents. To prevent accidents or other calamities make sure that you choose the right pair of boots.

Use a good trekking stick to keep you company. Hiking sticks are made for the purpose of giving support to the hiker. When you are ascending or descending steep slopes then these sticks might prove to be instrumental in providing support so that you do not fall. Make sure that you carry one to remain safe during your journey.

Medicines are life saving elixirs that can be the most important thing that you will carry.

It is Needless to say that medicines are very important to carry during any hiking journey. There are no facilities or shops to sell medicines high up on the mountains thus you should carry your own. If you have any allergies or conditions then all the medicines must be carried by you. Other than that some general medicines like aspirin, paracetamol, painkillers, digestion medicines should be carried at every cost. 

Final words.

The Chandranahan trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India. The lake is a heavenly view and we are sure that you will enjoy each and every bit of the journey. Just be sure to carry enough supplements and all the necessary items required for tricking. Hiking is an enjoyable adventure if proper precautions are taken. Although the process is tiring and cumbersome, the view and the beauty of the lake will definitely make up for it!

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