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A roster of countries offering VISA On Arrival for Indian Citizens.

Who doesn’t love to travel all around the world? It’s the most fascinating thing in our lives, to explore new vistas, relishing each moment of our stay in a foreign nation or country mingling with their natives and imbibing their culture and tradition for the time they stay. To completely blend in with the people, live a new life, fill our senses with fresh information and feelings. 

And finally, in return, we carry those memories and cherish them long after we have gone from a foreign land to our native country.

One of the vital things among documents to carry for your international stay is thy VISA ( Visitors International Stay Admission ).

The VISA is an important document of identification of an individual traveling or staying in an international country. It is authorized by the International Nation itself.

It contains details such as your Professional Photo, Full name, Country of Birth ( to ascertain your Nationality in short), Sex or gender, USCIS#, category, and finally the operational period of the visa ( includes the date of authorization and the date of its expiry ).

Let’s see the few types of VISA now – 

  1. The Tourist VISA for traveling purposes
  2. Immigration and naturalization Visa for the purpose of staying in a foreign country 
  3. Student Visa for an academic stay in the international country
  4. Business or Work Visa for a professional stay in an international company.

Having a particular visa to cater to your needs is very helpful.

Some of the other variants of VISA can be delineated as : 

  1. VOA – The acronym stands for

Visa On Arrival. It is granted to travelers when they are an entry port to an International country.

  1. E-VISA: When the standard VISA is issued on the internet instead of applying on pen and paper as documents, it is called an E – Visa.

It is also sanctioned by the International Wing of the Country you’re traveling to.

  1. Entry Permit – The entry permit allows non-native to not only enter but stay in an international country for a strict and specific period. It is the same as the E visa but the only point of difference lies in the mode of availing these two types of VISA.
  2. A Dependent Visa allows a person’s family ( wife and children ) to live in an international country.

Steps to get a visa on arrival :

Go to the desired country, complete their application form, pay the minimum fees for issuing the visa. The necessary documents to carry are your passport, a photocopy of it, provide documents of bank statements of the past 3 years and proof of your travel health insurance.

The size of the Visa is – 2 inches x2 inches ( 51mm x 51mm).

The list of Countries which are Offering VISA on Arrival for Indian Citizens.

  • Thailand – Thailand is a very well known tourist destination. Some of the many attractions are the Marble Temple in its capital Bangkok; luxurious shopping stops to buy fancy souvenirs and floating markets, cruising on a long tail boat. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is a must-see when you’re visiting Thailand.

Duration of its visa lasts for 15 days ( 2 weeks +) only.

The cost of Issuing a VOA ranges around rupees 4600.

  • Cambodia- Its famous tourist sites are Angkor Wat, their show in Siem Reap and Kulen waterfall.

The duration of its visa lasts 30 days.

The cost of issuing a VOA ranges from rupees 2800 to rupees 4000. 

  • Maldives: You should visit Sun Island, Banana Reef, Fihalhohi Island, Baros Island.

The duration of its’ VOA lasts 30 days.

The cost of issuing a Voa ranges from 7000 to 10000 rupees.

  • Jordan: The rock city of Petra, the dead sea, its capital Amman with its ancient relics are really a must-see.

The duration of its VOA lasts for two weeks

The cost of issuing a VOA is around rupees 4200.

  • Indonesia: When in Indonesia, one should visit Bali and Jakarta among other main attractions.

The duration of its VOA lasts 30 days.

The cost of issuing a VOA is approximately rupees 2400.

  • Mauritius: The tourist places are Port Louis, Grand Baie and its famous 7 colored sand.

Duration of its VOA lasts for 60 days

Cost of issuing ranges from rupees 2600 to 4000.

  • Nepal:  Here you can visit Kathmandu, Pokhara and go trekking at your will.

Duration of VOA lasts for 150 days 

The cost of issuing voa ranges from rupees 2400 to rupees 4000.

Some of the other countries which offer visas on arrival are Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cape Verde, and Fiji.

With a new destination comes the opportunity of garnering fresh and interesting knowledge about a formerly unfamiliar culture, historical significance, music, and native delicacies of the region. 

Your day-to-day interaction with the locals helps you to be cognizant of their traditional values. 

After all, as Hans Christian Andersen rightly said 

“ To roam the roads of remote lands, to travel is to live.” 

We should all experience the joy of exploring the world around us.


A traveler’s joy at exploring and venturing into lands unknown, listening to tales untold and unfolding mysteries in the sands of a destination is immeasurable. Indisputably one of the favorite forms of relaxing and rejuvenating is by going on a vacation.

From children to adults, who don’t love to go to the beaches with lusty rippling waves, gorges with lush green pastures, a place of the historical significance of the snow-capped mountains inviting you to their virgin peaks.

Now that you know which countries offer a visa on arrival and how to get one, you’re all set to go for your dream vacation!

So, if you want the chance to spend quality time with yourself or others away from the conundrum of routine lifestyle, then pack your bags and get set go! 

All you need to do is book a ticket, a hotel, stash in some money, take your bags and definitely avail your VOA and let the adventure ahead refresh you.

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