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8 Thrilling Adventure Park in Delhi That Will Get Your Heart Racing

Have you ever been to an amazing adventure park with super cool rides, games, and activities? Well, if you live near Delhi, you’re really lucky because there are a bunch of awesome adventure parks to visit. I’m going to tell you all about some of the best adventure park in Delhi. Get ready for thrills.

1. Jurasik Park Inn

urasik Park Inn

Jurasik Park Inn Adventure Park in Delhi is this crazy place in Sonipat, not too far from Delhi. Can you imagine racing go-karts really fast around a track? That’s something you can do there! They also have a huge climbing wall that’s 50 feet tall. Climbing it with safety ropes is like being a real mountain climber. But the most exciting thing at Jurasik Park Inn might be the bungee jumping. You get strapped into a harness and then jump off a platform – how wild is that? Don’t worry, the bungee cords make sure you’ll be safe. If that seems too scary, you can try ziplining across their super-long zipline instead. So fun!

2. Worlds of Wonder

If you’re looking for a true Adventure Park in Delhi, check out Worlds of Wonder in Noida. It’s the biggest water park and amusement park in north India. One part is just for families with little kid rides and the other part is for bigger kids and adults with enormous roller coasters and other thrilling stuff. One of the star attractions is a humongous Ferris wheel that’s 45 meters tall – that’s about as high as a 15-story building! With so many exciting rides and waterslides, you’ll need a whole day just to do everything.

3. Adventure Island in Rohini

Adventure Island in Rohini

Maybe you’ve already been to Adventure Island in Rohini since it’s right in Delhi. That place has some wild rides! Wild Wheels is a roller coaster that whips you around really fast. Then there’s Sky Riders, a crazy swing ride that soars way up in the sky before bringing you back down. But the wettest ride is probably Splash Down where you plummet down a huge slope into a pool of water at the bottom. After drying off, you can go shopping and grab a snack at the Metro Walk area.

4. Drizzling Land

Drizzling Land

For a park with both adventure stuff and water stuff, try Drizzling Land in Ghaziabad. They have an awesome water park with huge slides, a big wave pool, and a lazy river for floating along. But that’s just part of it! Drizzling Land also has this whole section called the Adventure Sports Club where you can do extreme activities. Does rock climbing up a fake mountain wall sound fun? What about rappelling back down while attached to safety ropes? You can even try zip lining across rivers and walk across a crazy commando net obstacle course! Drizzling Land is one wild place.

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5. E-O-D Adventure Park in Delhi

E-O-D Adventure Park in Delhi

Some other cool parks around Delhi include E-O-D Adventure Park in Mayur Vihar and Appu Ghar in Gurgaon. E-O-D has awesome go-kart tracks, big water slides, and a shopping zone. At Appu Ghar, you’ll find insane rides like Skyfall, the tallest ride in the whole country of India! Riding that will really get your heart pounding. Don’t miss the OMG ride either – that one actually drops you straight down from 60 feet high at supersonic speed!

6. Delhi Rides Amusement Park

Delhi Rides Amusement Park

Delhi Rides Adventure Park in Delhi is right next to the Huda City metro station, so it’s easy to get to. The main attraction there is this giant 45-meter Ferris wheel that provides an incredible view of the whole city below. They also have a big water park section and areas for little kids to play.

7. Mojoland Adventure Park in Delhi

Mojoland Adventure Park in Delhi

If you’re a total daredevil, you have to go to Mojoland Adventure Park in Murthal. That place is packed with extreme stunts and activities that’ll get your heart racing. You can go off-roading in ATVs through the trails, soar down ziplines, climb up rock walls, and even fall from high up before landing safely in an airbag! But one of the most terrifying things at Mojoland is the bungee ejection ride. Imagine being launched up into the sky while attached to a bungee cord. Whoa!

8. Fun N Food Village

Fun N Food Village

Last but not least is Fun N Food Village in Kapashera Adventure Park in Delhi. This place literally has over 40 rides and attractions that includes some monster roller coasters and other thrill rides, but also lots of tamer family rides that are perfect for little kids. Of course, they also have a giant water park area that’s perfect for cooling off and splashing around on hot days. After riding all those rides, you can refuel at one of the many tasty restaurants and snack stands. You could easily spend more than one day at Fun N Food Village since there’s so much to do!

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