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7 Best California Islands To Visit On Your Vacation

There are many reasons why California is one of the top states to visit in the USA. It has been famous for its lovely shores, awesome music festivals, and wonderful food scene. California brags the best climates, making it an ideal year-round spot.

You will find a set of stunning islands just a few miles off the coast of California if you head off and look for them. There are many reasons to fall in love with California, and this is one of them. Let’s find out about the 7 best California islands to visit in this blog. 

List of the Best California islands to visit 

San Clemente Island

San Clemente Island

Located on the Southern California Coast, San Clemente Island is a rocky island and part of the Channel Islands archipelago. Santa Rosa Island, Anacapa Island, Santa Barbara, San Miguel Island, and San Clemente Island combine the five main isles to make up this park. 

This is one of the best California islands to visit and is home to the largest folks of bald eagles in the continental United States. More than 2,500 nesting pairs have been described by scientists from various institutions around the world since 1988. 

Woodley Island

Woodley Island

It is easy to reach Woodley Island, in Humboldt Bay off the coast of Eureka, via boat or bridge. This island has a large marina for both fun and retail boats. 

Visitors can buy fresh fish and crab from the ships during the open fishing periods. The major part of the island is also a guarded home. There are many species of birds regularly found around the area, especially godwits, pelicans, and egrets. 

Humboats is the only dockside rental place in town offering kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards. On the site, it is also likely to go on several kayaking tours, such as a whale-watching tour and an eco-tour that digs parts of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Naples Island

Naples Island

There is no doubt that Naples Island in California is one of the state’s hidden gems. Made on three small isles in Alamitos Bay, it is famous for its scenic trenches, similar to the canals of Venice.

Many aspects of the city are reminiscent of Naples in Italy, from which it takes its name. Italian names are even given to the majority of streets on the island. 

Naples Isles give travelers a taste of the Mediterranean without going to Italy. If you always crave to visit Italy but have not gotten the option to do so, then visiting Naples Island is a must.

Here you can enjoy a gondola ride down its scenic channels and enjoy the cute Italian-looking homes. Another option to discover one of Cali’s best-kept riddles would be to rent a paddleboard or kayak. That would be another great way to experience the area. 

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

Even though Alcatraz lacks natural beauty compared to the other islands, its history is worth visiting. Known as the federal jail, the Rock was Al Capone’s prison between 1934 and 1963. Audio tours include commentary from former inmates during visits to the island.

 However, the Golden Gate Bridge and the city are visible on clear days from Alcatraz. The waters surrounding Alcatraz, which are just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) off San Francisco’s coast, are known for their coldness and treachery. Fishman’s Wharf is the starting point for ferries to Alcatraz. 

Often, tours sell out weeks in advance, so it is best to reserve as early as possible. A selection of dates is also available where you can pay to sleep in a cell overnight. 

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is one of the best California islands to visit with your family or friends. However, an artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay was made for a Golden Gate international expo in the 1930s. This expo was set to mark the finishing of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.

Military bases were established on the island during World War II and used until the early 1990s. The National Register of Historic Places now lists many structures on the Isle. One of its most famous events is the Treasure Island Music Festival, which features top rap, hip-hop, rock, electronic, and indie singers.

Another famous event on this amazing Treasure Island is the monthly Flea sooq. The bazaar gets people from all over the basin area over two days. It is a famous and open market where tourists can find the best art, antiques, upcycle and recycle items, and various florae.

In addition, you will find numerous food trucks that serve everything from street food to forte foods like Bay Area prawn and crab. It is no miracle it is a famous spot for tourists and locals. 

Balboa Island

Balboa Island

Before touring the Balboa Island Museum, begin your trip to Balboa Island with coffee at Succulent Coffee Roasters. The next step for you is to visit the Balboa Peninsula. You can do many activities here, like snorkeling, indulging in the local frozen banana pudd, and taking the kids to Balboa Fun Zone. 

On your beach vacation, you can visit Balboa Island in Newport Beach, one of the few artificial islands in California. Severing the link between the mainland and the seafloor made an island. Guests can only get to Balboa Island by ferry, car, or foot.

San Nicolas Island

San Nicolas Island

Located in the Channel Islands National Park, San Nicolas Island is part of the California shore. Wildlife lives on the island, including bald eagles, sea lions, and whales. The San Nicolas Island Lighthouse, once used as a directional aid by whaling ships, is also located here. This is among the best California islands to visit with kids and friends.

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