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10 Scenic Spots To Explore In India

Anyone who enjoys traveling knows that the beauty of India lies inside its uniqueness. From the elevated Himalayan mountain range to the desert floor of the countryside to the palm-fringed river systems and coastal areas of the south, few spots, if any, can match the sheer diversity of heritage, international cuisine, natural landscape, and belief systems found within India’s borders. If your itinerary allows, then visit some of these favorite destinations to visit in India as possible.

1. Himachal Pradesh’s Khajjiar

If you’re looking for places to visit in India for your honeymoon, Khajjiar, also renowned as Small Switzerland, is a must-see. This place is heavenly because of the greenery pastures, grandiose Rocky Mountains encased in snow, and dense forests. Trekking, zorbing, jungle safaris, and paragliding are just a few of the activities available.

2. Cherrapunji’s Nohkalikai Falls

The 4th largest waterfall in the world, Nohkalikai Waterfalls, is located about 5 kilometers from Cherrapunjee. This fall, which drops from just an altitude of 1,100 feet, is a popular tourist attraction in Cherrapunjee and thus makes our list of India’s most beautiful places. The pressure of water has engraved out a waterhole that is colored in the cold season and green in the summer. The waterhole’s color changes due to cascading water.

3. Ladakh’s Nubra Valley

To enter this chilly desert valley, located 10,000 feet above ocean height in distant Ladakh, non-locals will need a permission and a trained guide, yet what you’ll see will indeed strike your mind off of things. Nubra’s lunar-like terrain is the consequence of little to no rainfall, thus the absence of flora draws attention to its snow-capped mountain peaks, arid countryside, and a sprinkling of lord Buddha monasteries and little towns draped with supplication flags constructed along the route. A unique “motorable stretch of road” runs through the watershed.

4. The Palace of Mysore

Mysore city is located on India’s southernmost tip. Mysore is well known for having the majestic Mysore Palace, which had been the headquarters of the Wodeyar dynasty. The palace is the height of splendor, with carved rosewood doors, ivory-decorated ceilings, and innumerable paintings adorning the walls. If you’re visiting Mysore, don’t miss the Devaraja Bazaar, an ambient adventure on Dhanvantari Boulevard where you can buy chai tea and then tour vendors selling vegetables and sandalwood carvings.

5. Sikkim’s Yumthang Valley

This valley, one of India’s most secluded and picturesque locations, offers breathtaking vistas of the winter weather Himalayas, lush grasslands, hot springs, and vibrant flowers. At 3700 meters above water elevation, the scene of yaks munching will place anyone in a peaceful mood.

6. Islands of Andaman and Nicobar

This is a peaceful Honeymooners’ Retreat. The Andaman Islands, long renowned for its magnificent beaches, world-class diving, and nature reserve in the midst of beyond, are one of India’s most romantic honeymoon destinations. Its beautiful translucent greenish waters are flanked by ancient rainforests and mangrove forests, as well as bitter cold coastlines that soften under fiery sunsets.

7. Kerala tourist attractions

Kerala is India’s most beautiful state, renowned as “God’s Own Country.” The best of the region may be found in two unique landscapes, one of which being Munnar’s picturesque tea and spice farms. It’s also known for glamping, climbing, and animal viewing. The Tata Tea Gallery is a must-see for tea enthusiasts interested in learning more about the history and manufacturing of tea. Kerala’s hinterlands, a complex of lagoons connected by canals surrounded with coconut palms, arched cottages, and rice terraces, is the state’s other (and probably more famous) region. The great time to enjoy everything is on a houseboat, which floats downriver and provides a truly pleasurable time.

8. Beaches in Goa

One among the foundations for Goa’s prominence is its stunning coastlines. Candolim Beach is the trendiest and most attractive of all, with visitors from all over the world flocking to enjoy the sunshine. Anjuna Beach is substantially less crowded. It’s also a fantastic location for a trek to Chapora Fort, as well as a new perspective on the beach shoreline.

Palolem is regarded as one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, with its natural harbor flanked on all sides by steep headlands. Adventurers adore Goa, and recreational activities abound for those looking to have a good time in the sun.

9. Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiri Hills, a Western Ghats marvel, are located in the western part of the State of Tamil Nadu. These awe-inspiring highlands in the southeast should surely be explored if you’re exploring a few of the country’s most renowned spots. With an elevation of 2637 meters, Doddabetta is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Range. There are far more than 24 mountains that rise above 2,000 meters.

10. Agra’s Taj Mahal

Agra is among India’s most popular tourist destinations. Agra, when the headquarters of the Mughal Emperors, now houses the Taj Mahal, the world’s most famous building. Constructed in the seventeenth century, the white marble tomb is commonly recognized as a love monument. The Taj Mahal, while breathtakingly gorgeous, may be extremely congested. The Agra Palace, which would be virtually identical to the Red Fort in Delhi, is well worth seeing in Agra. This 16th and 17th centuries’ fort may be toured and the decor of its astounding palace explored.


India is a vibrant nation brimming with unexpected variations, wherein historical and contemporary civilizations combine. Now that you’ve reviewed a list of India’s most breathtaking locations. Make careful planning ahead of time enough, so your vacation is both economical and enjoyable.

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