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10 Places In Los Angeles You Must Visit Once In A Lifetime

Whether you live in Los Angeles or are just visiting, there are tons of great places to check out in this city, and they can be found all over the place!

Whether you prefer historical sites or modern entertainment, wild animals or peaceful gardens, natural landscapes, or bustling city streets, there’s bound to be something on this list that will appeal to your interests. Here are 10 places in Los Angeles you have to visit at least once!

1. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Los Angeles.

The park spans over 4,000 acres and offers visitors a variety of activities, including hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking. There are also several historical landmarks within the park, such as the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood Sign.

2. The Getty Center

Located in Brentwood, the Getty Center is home to two museums, a research institute, and stunning gardens.

The center also offers tours, educational programs, and a variety of events throughout the year. If you’re looking for a place to learn about art and culture, the Getty Center is a great option. The Getty Center is open daily from 10 am-5 pm (except Christmas Day). Admission to the museum ranges from $15-$25 and includes access to both the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Villa.

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the most iconic places in Los Angeles. The building was designed by Frank Gehry and completed in 2003. It’s home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and has been featured in many films and TV shows. If you’re a fan of architecture, this is a place you need to see.

Plus, it’s always fun to walk around downtown and check out all the cool shops. Some great ones sell handcrafted goods as well as vintage clothes. There are also some great restaurants with outdoor seating if you want to enjoy your meal outdoors on a nice day!

4. MOCA Grand Avenue

MOCA Grand Avenue is a must-see for art lovers visiting Los Angeles. And even if you’re not an art aficionado, the museum’s stunning architecture is worth the visit.

Located in Downtown LA, MOCA Grand Avenue is easily accessible by public transportation. So there’s no excuse not to go! Musée Mécanique: For those who love arcade games, The Musée Mécanique is a cool spot on Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf. It was originally opened in 1895 and offers visitors over 150 arcade games from different eras of the 20th century – including many that are playable! It also has penny arcades and other mechanical amusements, making it perfect for kids as well as adults.


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western United States, with a collection that spans from ancient times to the present day.

With over 150,000 works of art on display, there’s something for everyone at LACMA. And it’s not just a museum – it’s also a research center, library, and educational institution. To help you get the most out of your visit, they offer guided tours, hands-on workshops, and family programs. For more information about how to plan your visit, check out their website!

6. Queen Mary Long Beach

The Queen Mary is a historic ocean liner that has been permanently docked in Long Beach, California since 1967.

Visitors can tour the ship, stay overnight in one of the staterooms, or visit the on-site restaurants and bars. The Queen Mary is also said to be haunted, so make sure to keep an eye out for ghosts!

7. Velveteria

Velveteria is a museum and shop dedicated to all things velvet. From paintings of Elvis and John Lennon to velvet-covered chandeliers, this place is a must-see for any velvet lover. Plus, they have a great selection of vintage velvets for sale.

8. The Broad Museum of Art

The Broad Museum of Art is one of the newest museums in Los Angeles, and it’s already become a must-see. The museum houses an impressive collection of contemporary art, and the building itself is a work of art. If you’re looking to spend a day surrounded by beautiful things, the Broad Museum is the place for you.

But don’t be fooled – this isn’t just a museum for your eyes only. It also has space dedicated to exploring how technology influences our lives and how art intersects with science. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the artwork on display, using their phones or touch screens to explore.

9. Skirball Cultural Center

The Skirball Cultural Center is one of the most unique places in Los Angeles. It’s a museum, cultural center, and research library all rolled into one. The museum houses collections of art and artifacts from around the world, while the cultural center hosts events and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding.

The research library is a treasure trove of information on the history and culture of LA. If you’re looking for a place to learn about the city and its people, the Skirball is a great choice.

10. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is a great place to learn about the natural world. The museum has exhibits on dinosaurs, animals, plants, and more. Plus, the museum has a research center where you can learn even more about the natural world.

I’ve been a fan of this museum for years because it’s easy to spend hours exploring everything they have here.

Also be sure not to miss the star exhibit: Big Blue. Big Blue is a blue whale skeleton that hangs from the ceiling. I would recommend coming at night so that you can see it lit up with projections!

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