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10 Best Money Saving Tips to Travel in the USA on a Budget

The USA is one of the most visited countries in the world and for good reason. With its beautiful beaches, large cities, exciting nightlife and so much more, who wouldn’t want to visit this country?

The problem, however, lies in the fact that visiting the USA can get very expensive very quickly! If you want to travel to the USA but are on a budget, here are the 10 best money-saving tips to travel in USA on a budget!

1. Accommodation

1. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, hostels are always a good option. They offer dormitory-style rooms with shared bathrooms and usually have a kitchen where you can cook your meals.

2. Another option for budget accommodation is Couchsurfing. This is where you stay with a local who has offered up their spare room or couch for free.

3. Another way to save on accommodation is to camp instead of staying in hotels or hostels.

2. Transportation

When traveling in the USA, one of the best ways to save money is by using public transportation. If you plan on using public transportation, make sure to purchase a map of the transit system ahead of time so you know where you’re going.

Another great way to save money when traveling in the USA is by renting a car. You can also save money on accommodation by staying in hostels or Airbnbs instead of hotels.

3. Tour Packages

Tour packages are the best money-saving tips to travel in USA. By bundling your airfare, hotel, and car rental together, you can often save hundreds of dollars.

Another tip is to look for package deals that include activities or attractions. For example, many hotels offer discounts if you book your stay with them and purchase tickets to a nearby theme park.

4. Gas & Food

Plan your route and make sure to take advantage of rest stops – this will help you avoid wasting gas and money on food. Bring your snacks and drinks with you so you don’t have to buy them while you’re on the road.

Find the cheapest gas stations before you fill up your tank. Use apps like GasBuddy to help you find the best deals on gas. If you’re traveling with others, take turns driving so everyone can share in the cost of gas. Consider staying in hostels or Airbnbs instead of hotels to save money on accommodations.

5. Tours & Activities

There are plenty of free or low-cost attractions in every city – do your research in advance and plan your days accordingly. Instead of shelling out for cabs or Uber, use public transportation, walk, or rent a bike. Save on accommodation costs by staying in hostels, Airbnbs, or Couchsurfing.

6. Entertaining Yourself without Spending too Much

While it is possible to have fun and see the sights without spending too much money, it does take some creativity and effort. Here are tips to help you save money while traveling in the United States:

1. Look for free or discounted admission days at museums, zoos, and other attractions.

2. Plan your route and look for free or cheap camping spots along the way.

3. Bring your food and drinks with you instead of buying them on the road.

4. Take advantage of free or cheap entertainment options like hiking, picnicking, and stargazing.

5. Visit smaller towns and cities instead of major tourist destinations.

6. Use public transportation instead of renting a car whenever possible.

7. Shopping in the US

The United States is home to some of the best shopping in the world. From high-end designer stores to budget-friendly outlet malls, there’s something for everyone. However, if you’re not careful, all that shopping can quickly break the bank.

8. US National Parks & Monuments Vouchers

The National Park Service offers free entry to more than 2,000 national parks and monuments across the United States. Many of these locations offer camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round.

To save money on your next trip, consider purchasing a National Parks & Monuments voucher. These vouchers can be used at any national park or monument, and they never expire. Plus, they’re transferable, so if you know someone who loves to camp or hike, they can use your voucher too!

9. Airfare Fares in Major Cities

Although airfare prices have been rising in recent years, there are still ways to save on travel within the United States. If you plan and are flexible with your travel dates, you can often find good deals on flights. Another way to save is to fly to smaller airports that are serviced by budget airlines.

You can also save money by staying in hostels or Airbnb rentals instead of hotels, and by cooking your meals instead of eating out all the time. By following these tips, you can explore the USA without breaking the bank.

10. New Year (Holidays/Festivals in the US)

If you’re looking to travel to the US on a budget, there are plenty of ways to save money. One way is to plan your trip around holidays or festivals. Many attractions offer discounted rates during these times.

For example, theme parks may offer reduced prices for admission during the off-season. Many hotels and airlines offer discounts when you book your flights and accommodation together. You can also often find deals on car rentals and activities if you book in advance. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of loyalty programs and rewards credit cards, which can help you save money on everything from flights to hotels and more.


If you’re trying to travel to the USA but don’t have the money to splurge on all the delicious food, comfortable hotels, and flight tickets you would love to have, then you must be looking for ways to save money! Here are the 10 best money-saving tips to travel in USA will be helpful for you to save money while traveling in the USA so that you can have all the fun without having to worry about your bank account too much.

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