India Travel Guide

We all know that India is the best place for wildlife tours in the world. What confuses us is there are more sites to go to for holidays. Every inter corner of India has enticing rich flora and fauna. Vehicles safari explores the under forest merging with the flora and fauna, animals and other natural wealth. Let us see some of the prominent places for wildlife and under forest safari in India.

Kanha National park at Madhya Pradesh: Rudyard Kipling’s- The Jungle Book originated here. When we think of the northern core of India for wild safari, we remind of hectic wild animals like tigers and elephants. The tiger of Kanha roars amidst the natural woods, raising our fear to the extent. Those who visit here for vehicle safari can witness Black Panther, Bear, Python, Elephant and the Bengal Tiger. In the deep green forest, the brave tiger surprises us through its visits and even follows us when it loves us.

Satpura National park - Madhya Pradesh: During the safari, we come across several wild species. But what offers a majestic picturesque view is the Leopard. In this place, people visit to know the daily routine of Leopards always wander among teh forest in search of food. Tourists can learn about how they are what are they by visiting this place. This place offers a beautiful stay to enjoy until the adventure thirst fulfils. It is the house of Spotted dear, Sloth bear, blackbuck, Sambar, Four-horned Antelopes, etc.

Gir National Park- Gujarat: Most people’s wish on vehicle safari in the adventure visit is seeing Lion. None other than Gir National Park can fulfil our wish. It is a treasure trunk of Gujarat that house most Asiatic Lions. They occupy ample space in wildlife tourism in India. The incredible terrain of the site supports the trip and gives us a scary experience. The national park offers accommodation to a large number of endangered species. It holds the pride of the maximum number of visitors to examine the grandeur of Lions.

Ladakh is the storehouse of Safari rides: Every bike rider always dreams of taking a ride in Ladakh. It is the land of high passes that goes the way by quirky passes, snow garnished mountains, and famous for Jeep safari destinations in India. Monastery safari, jungle safari and lake safari are the other types offered here to get a majestic view of India. Terrified hills like Tanglang la and Khardung la is the most lovely places there with natural bounty.

Safari at Uttarkhand: Moonscapes and challenging topography is the natural wealth of Uttarakhand. It is the favourite hub of Jeep safari lovers. It offers a statuesque view of wild animals at Jim Corbett National park in the deep forest. Garhwal gives an adventure expedition amidst the sizzling sound of water. Throughout the safari, one can experience the climatic changes that add to the place’s beauty.

Besides, there are places like Masinagudi, Lahaul, Spiti, Sikkim and Rajasthan that offers fantastic adventure tourism to lovers.