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Kanha Travel Guide

Kanha being a famous national park in Asia as also the largest national park found in the country. The region is blessed with many shrubs and evergreen forests and it has been ranked as the well-maintained park to date. The park is famous for being the home of Bengal tigers and many tourists from around the globe travel to see the specie. Also, there are more than 22 mammals who live here. The national park covers an area of 940-kilometre square and the entire park is indeed filled with picturesque landscapes.

From the year of 1955 when the park was established to date the park has been saving many endangered species and has contributed in increasing their survival rate too. The National Park was also taken under the Project Tiger Reserve in 1974 and thus has been renowned for the tiger species found here. Blessed with abundant in flora and fauna, the Kanha National Park is also house for deer especially the species of Barasingha which was once at the verge of extinction. Some of other rarely found species found here include Indian Leopard, sloth bear, shoe and many bird species found here. The Kanha National Park is indeed a dreamy park where every wildlife lover can send an amazing time. Also, as the place is blessed with abundant beauty of nature, nature lovers tend to visit the place again and again. Tourists will also get to enjoy the facilities like wildlife safaris and if you want you can take a whole short trip of the sanctuary by just walking and enjoying its gloriousness too.

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  • know about the Kanha National Park

know about the Kanha National Park

No wonder why this wildlife safaris is successful in attracting tourists from all over the world. Some other species which make the park more beautiful are wild dogs, wild cats, foxes, hyenas, langurs, and jackals. Tourists will also find many reptiles which include pythons, krait, and many other species of snakes and lizards are found in this huge national park. The beautiful landscape of the national park includes many meadows and huge wooden strands that makes the dense forest very much suitable for the animals who love here. With the suitable natural habitat, many tourists find it interesting that so many varieties of species live here comfortably. There are many rivers and glittering stream under the bright shinny sun which make the jungle look more majestic for sure. A tour to the entire park and you will many magnificent locations as the park is highly spread covering many lands. The park is also famous for one more thing and that is Bammi Dadar. It is a very renowned sunset point which serves to be an astounding location in the entire national park of Kanha.